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The party stopped. All the Bears looked at the direction of the announcer.

"The rap battle is starting!" many bears whispered out.

Partied so much that the Party God gave him credit, holler for Jake The Dog!

Partied so much that its principles were fully mastered, holler for Party Pat!


Excuse me, Party Pat, but the Lich's cave is over there,

You cover up your stomach picture so it's official you don't care,

I show you how it's done, with this swag, no need for bravada,

You suck so much, so get down my belly and swallow my lava!

Your posse's a pain in the a**, for realsies coz' my brother's right,

My raps are like lasers, pointing at you but not the gentle type,

Meanwhile, please tell me who and where the actual Chief is,

I hang impostors like streamers, like this dog's usual business!

Party Pat:

You can't reach this party lord, even if you stretch door to door,

Instead of walking your tiny dog, you impregnated a whore,

This battle is a stretch, yet I know you still have your limit,

I have cards up my sleeve, this is war with the party spirits!

Begs the question: would he let Finn date the girl even if the world ends?

What kind of dog pretends to be Cinnamon Bun's girlfriend?

My subconscious tells me you're going down just like that fallen witch,

You'll never win in this rap game, so just wish for a sandwich!


I'll eat you up, turn you to stuff but won't cry over your grave,

In reply, what bear wants to be inside a monster's gut and form a rave?

Baron of the Grasslands here, diagnosing, you've got poo-brain too!

No need for me to lure some snakes to lethally poison you!

You'll never reach my level coz' I add bacon to my pancakes,

Bad biscuits make the baker broke, so for old time's sake,

Get ready Party Pat, because now I'll fling the perfect throw,

Your mind's eye's fake, that's why you'll never be dope!

Party Pat:

While this "hero" sleeps in a closet, I sleep in a blood waterbed,

You don't know how to rap, so sing cause' yo mama, yo mama said,

Class is for men, so just jam ice cream to toasters for some luck,

While I'm making raps that will scare the filling out of your doughnut!

Your constant harassment of the female gender makes me sick,

What kind of powers are that! You can't even stretch your d***,

This Party Pat will kick you aside because you're just a sidekick, bro

You think you'll win in this battle? You're dreaming, but you still don't know!

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