He likes watching her like this. When she's unguarded, radiant smile running loose and spilling the happiness into her eyes. She's much more- Softer, loveable, he thinks.

That's when she turns to him, and he's absorbed by the way her hair washes over her shoulders, the way her eyes twinkle in the early morning sunrise.

"Hi." She whispers, because speaking too loud would break this small little bubble of their own that they've built.

Danny grins in reply, dumbstruck and unable to think of the words to tell her how much he loves her, how much he needs her with every breath of his once heaving lungs, how his once heavy heart drums in the pattern of her name, how he doesn't know what he'd do without her. Sometimes he thinks that she knows exactly how much she means to him, how much he wants and needs her for every day of forever and more, and that's enough for him. The words can remain unspoken forever, they don't need them.

Slowly, his feet carry him towards her, as natural as breathing. He always wants to be near her, or just hold her, breathe her in, remind himself she's really here and she's real and not just some perfect dream that's run away from him. Alice is here, she's real, and she loves him. It's so surreal.

When he's beside her, his hand reaches out to rest on the small of her back, watches carefully as she sighs happily, lets her head fall to his shoulder.

Perfect, he thinks.

Infinitely perfect.

"Sometimes I don't believe it myself." Alice confesses quietly, as if she's been reading his mind all along.


She curls her body into his, pulls him into a fierce hug. "Yeah, Danny. Almost every minute. But this is enough to remind it's real."

Is she crying? Pulling away slightly, he looks down to see her chin resting against his chest, staring up at him with wonder-filled, awed eyes glittering with tears. They spill over the edges of her eyes, running away from her down her cheek, slide softly against the soft smile she wears on her face.

"You make me so happy." She tells him, raw and real and right.

Danny ducks down, presses a kiss to a stray tear, feeling the salty happiness on the tip of his tongue. Alice shivers softly, pulling him closer, captures his mouth with hers. It's languid, lips moving softly in a rhythm they've known for years now, and so tender he feels he might explode.

When they pull apart, barely, foreheads still touching and her breath washing over the tip of his tongue, he murmurs: "I love you, Alice."

Words. Words so many people say, every day, honestly or falsely. And they're not enough. Not enough to describe this intense burning he has deep in his heart for her, that he feels fizzing through his veins from head to toe. Never enough. But he can show her, always tries to prove it, always trying to show her he means it- even if she already knows.

Alice sighs, lifts on her toes to bury her face into his neck as his hands wrap around her waist tightly.

"In all the ways, Danny. All the ways."

Goodbye, Danice.