The setting is about two weeks after the battle against vintage.

The Takahara house 10,22am

In the living room of the Takahara house, an unexpected scene was happening, a scene concerning the 17 years high school girl named Ayumi…A scene concerning her and her…Husband

"And so this is, he is my husband, heh,heh. " Ayumi made out a giggle from stress after finishing her sentence, after all what she just said wasn't something small and she already had an idea of how her parent would react this wonderful new…

And so she could totally see the huge shock in her parents' eyes, sitting at the other side of the table, the same table where a few days ago she told them that she was going to be a bride.

Beside her was Keima Katsuragi, AKA the capturing god, the almighty emperor of the 2-d world.

Himself was a little in shock when he heard those words but he knew that it was a forced passage and he choose to grab his wife's hand.

"What the hell! So what happened that night wasn't a dream?" Shouted Ayumi's father Kawada.

"Well, no daddy…What?!"So the both of you didn't spoke of what happened that night to me because you thought it was a dream?" Now she could understand why he parents never bothered her on Keima after that night, after all the event in itself was big enough to think that it was all dreamed.

"A dream? Try a nightmare. Because if having your 17 years old daughters coming home into the middle of the night with a boy and saying that she is going to marry him is not a nightmare then I don't know what it is!"Ayumi shivered to the angry tone used by her dad, seeing this Keima thought it was finally time to help.

"Well you see mister-" But the god of conquest never could finish his sentence as his beloved father ordered him to not to.

"You!Just shut up, I'm going to tear you apart!" He said whiles point angrily to the teenager, but luckily for him Ayumi mother intervened in his favor.

"Dear, please calm down a little, at least let them explain."The mother of Ayumi,althought that she too was angry at the young couple knew better that to let their emotions win on them.

"What? Calm down! How can I possibly calm down when i just heard than my daughter who is only 17 got married with someone I don't even know?"

"Hum actually sir, we have met a few weeks ago."

"You do really want than I kill you, YOU! And the worst is than you stole our only child first time." At this point he was ready to grab the table and smash the younger man with it but…He actually said something that could save his life.


"What?" Unsure of having well heard, Ayumi mother , Noriko asked him to repeat himself.

"It's true that I did take your daughter first time, but-"This time again Katsuragi was stopped in his sentence, but by the fist of Ayumi in his face this time.

"Stop turning around you're only making things worse…-"She turned around and continued for her Parents"-Well Kasruragi did take my first kiss, and the second one but nothing else so you don't have to worry about it.

"I do really hope that they will stop asking embarrassing things."

The parents of the heroine seemed to calm down a little bit but wrath was still running throught the male adult.

"Dear- Noriko looked at her husband- can I talk with you into the kitchen in private please?"

He looked at his wife, then at his daughter and the teen boy and finally again at his wife.


The got up and got inside the kitchen but before leaving he says:" Don't you dare to run away."

End of the first chapter.