Fanfiction:the divine love


this is my first fanfiction ever and english isn't my langage of birth

summarie:keima and ayumi daylife after their wedding(chapter187)and goddesses first arc

takahara house 10,22am

-and so this is ,he is my husband,heh,heh.

As ayumi finish this phrase she could see the huge shock in her parents eyes,sitting at the otherside of the table,the same table where a few days ago she was getting married.

Beside her was keima katsuragi,AKA the capturing god,emperor of the 2-d world.

Himself was a litlle in shock when he heard those words but his hands grabbed his wife.

-what the hell!so the last night wasn't a dream ?

-well,no father.

-you shut up i gonna kill you !

-dear,calm down,let's them explain.

-what?calm down,how can i possibly calm down when i just heard than my daughter who is only 17 got married with someone i don't even know ?

-actually we met a few night ago.

-you really want than i kill the worst is than you stole our child first time.


-what ?

-he got my first not what you think.

The heroine parents seem to calm down a bit but wrath was still on the male adult.

-dear(ayumi's mom looked at her husband)can i talk to you in the kitchen in private please ?

He looked at his wife,the at his daughter and the at the teenager and finnally at his wife.


The get up and go inside the kitchen but before leaving he says:don't you dare to runaway.

End of the first chapter.

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