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It had started raining. I was cold, but I didn't care.
''Lucy! Run!'', Gray shouted to me.
Erza and Natsu were unconscious. Only Gray and I had left.

''No! What will you do?'', I asked him.
I had the feeling that something bad would happen.
''Lucy, you have to save yours-…gyah!''
Blood. His shirt was full in blood. This is a nightmare. Why did we accept that request? That monster was…..too strong…..
The strongest team had failed, for first time.
''Gray!'', I shouted worried.
''I am fine'', he gasped,''…..don't worry''
He was lying. I knew that he was in pain. All this blood.
The monster moved closer to me. What could my keys do? I couldn't beat this thing.
''Lucy, you have to g…'', a thunder was heard, ''Please run, I promise that I will be following you!'', he told me.
''Do you promise?'', I asked.
Gray came close me and hug me. Nowhere was more safe than his hug.
''You have to know that I love you more than everything'', he whispered to my ear.
I felt a tear on my cheek. That can't be the end!
After a while he pushed me away.
''Run!'', he shouted.
I had twisted my ankle but I followed his order. I was running with all my might.
I heard some screams. But I continued. I couldn't look behind me.
''I am….following you'', Gray shouted. He was sounded weak.
I could clearly hear my breath.
I didn't know where I would go. The only thing I knew was how to run.
I ended up to where Natsu and Erza was hurt. Their eyes were closed. It was like they were sleeping.
''Everything is going to be okay'', I whispered to myself, ''Gray is going to win and in a few days we will be in Fairy Tail having fun like always''
I lied in the ground and closed my eyes in the thought that when I would wake up everything would be fine….

The next day, I woke up in a bed.
I didn't know where I was or why I was here.
Then last night came to my mind.
It had to be a nightmare.
''Lucy,you woke up!'', Natsu said.
He came into my room with Erza following him. He had a bandage in his forehead but he looked fine. Erza had some scratches.
''You are fine!'', I said, more happy than ever.
Both of them come and hug me. They had a sad smile on their faces.
''How is Gray?'', I asked.
They looked away. I thought, I saw a tear in Erza's cheek.
''Is he seriously hurt?'', I asked.
They didn't answer. Erza took my hand into her.
''That can't be!'' I shouted.
''He didn't manage it…'', Natsu said with a soft voice.

No! That's not right. Gray is alive. I am sure of it!
''He is dead, Lucy'', Erza managed to say.

Dead. He is dead. Gray is dead…..His heart stopped to beat….

I woke up.
I was sweaty and I could clearly hear my heartbeat.
I had get used in this dream or better memory. I have been seeing it since he died.
I can't forget the word dead. Such a small word can bring so much pain. The worst thing in losing someone is the thought of him not being with you anymore.
It was 10 o'clock. I got dressed and made breakfast. Natsu wasn't living with me yet. We had discussed that we would living together after our marriage. We didn't even do the things couple did. He had never kissed me. I mean on the lips. Only some soft lips on my forehead. I just couldn't kiss him. Maybe it's time. 19 days have left. Almost everything is ready. I have to buy a wedding dress. Erza and Levy-chan would help to decide one. Also Natsu and me have to buy our wedding rings.
''Lucy!'', Natsu shouted, opening the door.
I am sure, I had locked the door!
''You…have to…..come to Fairy Tail…!'', he gasped.
''Eh? Why?'', I asked worried.
Natsu took my hand.
''You will see'', he said.
He was sounded happy.
''I am not in the mood'', I said.
''Lucy!'', he shouted.
''Please...I don't feel ok'', I explained.
''Fine'', Natsu said and sighed, ''I don't have another choice'', he complete and suddenly he graded me and took me in his arms ''bridal-style''.
''Natsu, put me down!'', I shouted, ''What are you doing?''
''But Lucy, you wouldn't come with me and it's important!'', he explained.
He kissed me on my forehead. The result? I blushed.
''You won't regret it'', he told me with a big smile and with me still in his arms started running.
It must was really stupid seeing a boy carry a girl who was shouting to stop. Yeah…..I can imagine that.
In a few minutes or better seconds, we had arrived at Fairy Tail.
It was weirdly quiet. Something was going on. I am sure of it.
Natsu broke the door with a kick. That isn't unusual.
''I brought her'', he shouted.
Was he talking about me? Ok, something suspicious is happening. If it's another childish trick, I am not sure about what I will do.
Everyone was talking about something. When, they saw me, their faces was like, they had seen a ghost.
Natsu let me stood in my legs.
''Is something wrong?'', I asked.
I didn't know if I should be scared or happy.
''Tell me!'', I said louder.
Everyone knew that I didn't like surprises.
Suddenly, they smiled. It was a soft smile.
Without noticing someone hugged from behind. I couldn't see his face but I knew this scent.
I must was dreaming. That couldn't be true. Another imagination. No, no, no that can't be.
''Lucy'', he said my name so only I could hear it.
That can't be happening. He can't be here. He can't be back. Th-that's impossible.

I turned to face him. I was wrong. He wasn't a memory. He was alive. He was with me. His heart was beating.
''G-Gray..'', I managed to say while I felt a tear run from my eye.
I was dreaming this moment for so long time. I thought that it would never happen, that it was just a hopeless dream. I can't believe it.
''Tadaima'', he said with a smile that I always loved.
I was speechless. Gray
''Okaeri'', I said as hugged him bursting into tears.

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