Chapter 1: Anti-social

Scene had finished watching her 8th time watching Nyan Cat for 1 hour, Intern 2 was busy working, Indie was trying on new scarves, Idol was updating every social networking site she had and Hip Hop was sleeping. Metal suddenly burst thought the doors and everyone jumped 'Guys, you didn't tell me we were meant to bring all the equipment!'

'Sure we did, Metal!' Scene smiled.

'I think we did…' Intern 2 looked up. 'Didn't we give you the letter?' He stood up and gave Metal a letter.

'I never got this.' He sighed 'It's like I don't even exist sometimes.' He walked up to this desk and set up the filming equipment. Indie stepped out of his office and shouted. 'Guys. We are allowed to take the rest of the day off as me and my dad has to help young hipster's charity. You have probably never heard of it.' Everyone cheered and started to pack up for the day. Metal groaned 'You guys. Help me at least.'

Techno woke up to the sound of people talking. 'Dubstep, I'll be right back.' He didn't stir. She stepped out of her office and saw everyone leaving. 'Guys were you all going?' she laughed.

'Day off. I'll be going to my TV show audition now, SEEYA!' Idol walked off and left with a skip in her step. Indie stepped in front of Techno and frowned 'You can't go. I need someone to watch this place. You and Dubstep can help, right?' He walked off before she could even say anything. 'Great.' She muttered. Hip-Hop stood up and gave her a weird look. 'Protect this place like it's yo child.' Dubstep suddenly stood in front of Hip-Hop and gave him a weird look back. 'Fine, I'm gone.' Hip-Hop left. 'GUYS, I'm gonna leave now!' Scene skipped out while singing. Suddenly she came back and screamed 'DON'T FORGET TO LOCK UPP!' And she skipped off.

It was only twenty minutes before everyone was gone when Techno got the keys and locked up. No party tonight as it was really short notice. 'Jeez, this is going to be a long night.' She walked up to see everyone's desk and sighed. Why could she ever have a day off? Techno sat down on the steps on the office. She thought for a moment and walked into meeting room. She was still in her pajamas and didn't get a chance to change. Techno was too busy with working, she laughed as Indie thought she was working but she was really sleeping. She was still tired but she needed to say awake. She heard the door open and she swung around. 'Dubstep, you scared me.' She laughed, as he sat next to her. 'Why was everyone leaving?' Dubstep smiled. 'I heard, day off. But we have to, like, watch this place.' He frowned. 'Man, we never get a day off.'

'I know right!' She shouted. Techno got some glow sticks out and bent them. 'What should we do now?'

'I dunno. Dance?' He looked at her with a smile. 'Nah that was a stupid idea.' He stood up and stepped out of the office. 'Oh, lemme change.' He smiled and walked down stairs. Techno followed him and started to clean their office. A few moments later Dubstep stepped out with only some trousers on and a t-shirt in his hand. 'Have you seen a clean t-shirt?' Techno blushed as she saw his bare chest and span round. 'D-D-D-Dubstep!' Her face was red and she was breathing hard. Her eyes drifted to him again but she saw him smiling. 'What is it Techno?' He was coming closer and closer until she heard his breathing on the back of her neck. 'Dubstep! Could you like put a t-shirt on?' She blushed harder and she felt his hand link into hers and he swung her around. Her hands were in his hands but she didn't want to let go. He smiled as their eyes met. Their faces were close and he kissed her on the lips. Both of them smiled and laughed. 'Come on, let's party.' He kissed her again and started to dance with her. Techno smiled while they span around.

The music came to an end but they still just danced. Techno still didn't want to let go of Dubstep's hands but looked up as he took her hands and placed them on his chest. He kissed her forehead but he put his hands around her waist. Suddenly they heard a knocking on the front door. 'Come on, let's open the door.' Techno pulled her self away from Dubstep and when to open the door. She unlocked the front door and opened it. It was a delivery man with a box full of glow sticks. 'Thank you.' She took the box and closed the door. 'Man...' Her face was red and she was slightly shaking. She breathed hard and started to walk towards the office. Dubstep was lying on the sofa and was drinking some soda. 'Hey Techno. You wanna get changed into day clothes?' She smiled and walked into the office. 'I don't wanna.' She joined him on the sofa and cuddled into him. 'This is really gonna be a long night.' He turned around and kissed her forehead. 'You didn't put a t-shirt on.' He laughed. 'I don't wanna.' He grabbed her hands and pulled them around his neck. 'What time is it?' he asked. 'I don't know.' As Techno said this, she took her hands off this neck.

'Boy, you're really anti-social today.'

'I'm not!' Techno frowned. 'Let's go to sleep.'