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Leia smiled up at her newlywed nephew, willingly accepting his outstretched hand and allowing herself to be led out on to the dance floor. They started a slow waltz, and despite herself, she was still surprised by his sure grace. She shook her head slightly. One of these days she would have to give up the habit of thinking of him as the irrepressibly mischievous little child and recognize him for the elegant and reserved young man and Knight he had become.

"Credit for your thoughts, Aunt Leia."

She smiled.
"Oh it's nothing. Just thinking you look so handsome today."

The smirk he'd picked up from her husband flashed upon his lips.
"Does that mean I don't everyday?"

Nope. That kid was still hidden somewhere within him.
Leia punched him playfully on the arm.

His smirk only grew wider and he twirled her around.
"Come on now, you know you were just asking for it, Aunt Leia."

His eyes, his radiant smile. It reminded her with a pang of the identical expression her brother, his father had worn at his own wedding oh, about 35 years ago.

She looked deep into his comfortingly familiar blue gaze, seeing in their depths things hidden from most others.
"You're missing Mom today, aren't you?"

"So much."
He made no effort to hide the deep longing in his voice from her.

She nodded.
"And I miss Anakin and Jacen."

She thought he looked startled for a second, but then he nodded as well.
"Yeah. They ought to have had weddings too."

They regarded each other with the same sad smiles, remembering shared sorrows.
"Oh look at us! A mother without her sons and a son without his mother. This is your wedding day! We shouldn't be talking about such things!"

She felt his hand about her waist stiffen ever so slightly and his smile was shakier than usual.
"It's ok, Aunt Leia. It's good to remember."

Leia glanced over to where her brother was sharing a dance with his new daughter-in-law. She hadn't seen him quite this happy in many, many years. Something in her soul eased at the sight.

"He'll make a good father-in-law, won't he?"
The affection in her nephew's tone was hard to miss.

"He looks almost as happy as he had at his own wedding, dancing with your mom."

Ben's voice was heartbreakingly quiet as he spoke after a brief pause.
"I never had a dance with Mom. I never got the chance."