Annie Cartwright-Tyler, A Career

Author Note: OK first off, this is the first story I've written that isn't a Harry Potter fic. It's Life on Mars instead, because I'm a devoted fan of the series and it needs more attention on . The story in question is a poem on Annie Cartwright-Tyler. Think of it as a cohesive acrostic about her thoughts as the series went on.

At first I was just a WPC, chipping into the ocassional police investigation.

No-one could really be bothered to pay me much attention.

Nevertheless, I got my opportunities, psycho superior officer or not.

I always wondered about Sam, he always seemed like he'd lost the plot.

Every time he came to me, we bonded, but he was still on top of me at work.

Confusion flooded both of us, it looked like we were both beserk.

Ah, but it was for different reasons, especially for me.

Right at the office was this enigma of a man, looking lost at sea.

Then there was me, a woman with jumbled desires, falling for him.

What was I to do but be his friend and listen, hide the want to taste his lips on whim.

Rolling in thoughts of being a couple with my DI, a scandalous thought.

I could only resort to girl talk with Phyllis while Sam and the guv fought.

Giddy feelings warmed me when my heart-throb flashed his smile.

Hyde couldn't have him back, he belonged with us, by miles.

Thoughts like this always pondered through my brain dominantly.

Trembling whenever I thought of my love was a bad idea - would he see?

'Yes!' I was screaming mentally, when Sam had said 'please shag me I'm in a coma'.

Love tugged at my heart, my reflex was to bite back and fight his musky aroma.

Ecstasy pounded through my body, hoping my DI would like me and keep me warm.

Reckless, both Sam and me, in policework though all weathers, riders on the storm.

AN: It veered off-course from the original premise, I'll admit - it wasn't meant to be THAT much about Annie's relationship with Sam - but as a big Life on Mars fan, stuff flowed. The line 'he was still on top of me' wasn't actually written as a double entendre, but thinking like that afterwards has inspired me to write a Sam/Annie story concerning rather steamy matters.