Brendan thudded up the stairs to Chez Chez, the green light shining through the array of bottles like a welcoming beacon. It was empty now, closed for the night although he could see Joel at the bar.

"Hey," he called to the youth, slipping off his jacket. "I was gone longer than I expected, but the Wednesday crowd are never any trouble anyway." Joel didn't reply.

"Joel." Brendan said sharply, only just noticing the boy's tense stance. Joel's hands were gripping the edge of the bar, as if he couldn't support his own weight.

"Uh..." Joel said, although the syllable sounded pained. Brendan instantly was suspicious, so he quickly came over, the bar an obstacle between them.

"Brendan, don't- ahh…" Joel hissed, biting his lip. Brendan was transfixed by the sharp teeth driving into the soft flesh, but he roughly captured Brendan's wrist. "Hey, Joel, look at me. Are you ok? Are you hurt?"

Joel gave a piteous little laugh at that, turning his head to avoid Brendan's piercing gaze. "Nooo, I'm, just go Brendan, please." He gave another gasp, his whole body lurching forward drunkenly, and Brendan had had enough. He vaulted over the bar to inspect the damage. And stopped short.

Joel wasn't in pain. Far from it. Although one could forgive Brendan for his initial assumption. Yes, Joel was tense, making involuntary noises and trying not to move, but that's because Simon Walker was staring up at him from the floor, his lips wrapped around the younger man's cock.

"Jesus," Brendan murmured. Walker didn't seem as bothered as Joel, he even managed to give Brendan a quick salute, then used that hand to lightly massage Joel's balls. Joel whimpered, he was almost bent double over the bar. At first, Brendan thought Walker was on his knees, but then he bnoted that the man was in fact on his ahunches, meaning that he couldn't take the whole length of Joel's dick inot his mouth. Brednan watched impassively, comparing the twom men's texhniques. Where Joel was quick and eager, Walker seemed slow and languid, licking at Joel's prick like he was savouring an ice cream on a summer's day. He was blatantly the more talebted of the tow, he knew to fondle the balls and stroke what his lips and tongue couldn't reach, until Joel was moaning helplessly.

Walker drew back, pre-come and saliva dripping from his lips into a string that ran down his chin. "Do you want to fuck my mouth, Son?" he asked Joel. The Scottish boy's face was beetroot-red as he nodded.

"You want me to make you come, Joel?"

Joel nodded again, quicker this time.

"Tell me." Walker said flatly, effortlessly shifting from a crouch into a praying position, on his knees. The Englishman looked up at Joel, the older man's face cast in shadow while Joel's face was bathed in the eerie green light from the bar. Brendan thought they looked beautiful, in that one moment.

"Don't prolong it, Walker," Brendan drawled, slipping a hand under his own waistband. He was painfully hard. "Scottish Foxy wants you."

"I wanna hear him say it!" Walker declared, his eyes sparkling.

"Oh God, please, please, Walker let me come, please-" Joel was babbling, pre-come oozing from his cock to splatter heavily to the floor. Brendan tutted. He wasn't going to be the one to clear that up.

"Joel," Brendan said quickly, his eyes fixed on Walker's generous lips. "Why did he agree to go down on you?"

"He works for us, I own half the club too," Joel said hurriedly, his eyes pleading at the man kneeling in front of him.

"And I thank you for this work opportunity." Walker said to him, before taking Joel's prick into his mouth as far as he could. In the new position, he wa sable to take even more of the boy into his mouth, so it only took a few sucks to reduce Joel to a quivering mess, clutching at the bar and Brendan's arm as he came. Brendan watched, touching himself as he did so, using his own pre-come as lubricant as he ran a hand up and down his shaft. And then he was leaning against the bar too, legs spread, the drinks counter digging into his back as he worked at himself, coming in his trousers with a groan.

Walker stood up as soon as he'd finished swallowing Joel's seed, brushing down his clothes in an airy, matter-of-fact way. Brendan watched him lazily, seeing the way the light shone on the residue of the semen, smeared along the lower lip. Brendan pulled Walker closer, licking the last of Joel's sperm from Walker's lips, before realising where he was, and quickly fastening his trousers.

"We should do this again sometime, boys." Brendan said carelessly, heading for the door.

The two men at the bar looked at each other considering. Brendan did have some good ideas, occasionally and that one was a perfect example.