This is what I get for starting the story before the movie came out XD

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Jack can't help but squirm against the restraints that pressed against his wrists and ankles. Though it didn't do much because every time he actually moved the dark sand would mold tighter against his limbs. He wasn't getting out of this unless Pitch decided to let him go and he highly doubted anything of the sort would happen. He was stuck in the realm of nightmares, a place nobody wants to be.

This certainly was not part of the plan, Pitch wasn't supposed to capture him; he wasn't supposed to be abandoned by the other Guardians. He wasn't supposed to be tormented by nightmares for days. That wasn't even the worst of it though; Jack knew Pitch would use his greatest fears against him in the form of nightmares, it was expected, him being the Boogeyman and all. But he never imagined Pitch physically hurting him. Oh how wrong he was.

He couldn't help but wince at the bruises and cuts that were littered across his small frame. His blue hoodie was tattered and torn from all the abuse, now looking more similar to his pants. Crimson coated his otherwise snow-white hair. He could feel the wounds still oozing where Pitch had decided to bite him. Yes, bite him. He never noticed he had sharp teeth until then. They felt like razors digging into his flesh and left circular wounds oozing with blood around his neck and collarbone.

Jack prayed it would end there, that he had his sadistic fun and would let him go. There was no way for Pitch to put him out of his misery; all Guardians are immortal. There was still a faint hope that the other Guardians would find him and help him escape, a hope that was dwindling fast.

All these thoughts were occupying his mind until they were abruptly interrupted.

"You seem troubled Jackā€¦"

Jack felt a chill go down his spine and weary blue eyes found their way to the source of the voice.


"What kind of look is that Jack? Not happy to see me?"

There he was, dressed in his long black robes, flashing his sharp uneven teeth at him, looking as if he absolutely relished the fact that Jack was so beaten and weak. It made Jack's stomach turn.

"N-no one is h-h-happy to s-see you, you b-bastard." Jack rasped out; his voice was nearly gone from the screaming he'd done the past few days. He had even screamed in his sleep from the nightmares Pitch cast upon him.

Pitch moved a few paces closer towards where Jack was hanging from his restraints, his feet making padded noises as they touched the black tile beneath them. Jack immediately strained away from him, though he had nowhere to go. He was pressed fully against the black sand that formed his prison.

"Ah ah Jack, you should know better by now..." Pitch said as he reached out towards Jack. Long black fingers with pointed black nails found their way around Jack's pale cheeks. His head was then forced forward and Jack immediately closed his eyes, not wanting to look at Pitch. He hated him, he never thought he could truly hate someone as much as he hated Pitch, but nothing like this had every happened to him.

"You will look at me Jack..."

"Fat c-chance." Jack hissed at him.

Pain emerged again as the fingers cupping his face began to dig into his flesh, the pointed black nails drew blood from underneath his pale skin. Much to Jack's dismay he let a small whimper escape him.

Did he never tire of hurting him? Hasn't he done enough damage already? Jack wasn't sure he'd ever be the same when he got out of this, or if he got out of this. How was he supposed to go back to being a Guardian of the children now? He wasn't pure anymore.

"Look at me Jack...or I'll find that boy you find yourself so attached to and bring him here and then you can suffer together."

His eyes immediately opened, not because he wanted them to but because he was shocked Pitch was threatening Jamie. "Y-you w-wouldn't" Jack choked out. Not able to finish his sentence before he was interrupted.

"Oh but I think I would" Pitch growled, letting go of Jack's face. "After what you and big four did to me last year I'm much more open minded about my methods. I made sure to keep tabs on you; it's quite adorable how close you've gotten to that boy. Who would of thought a child would actually become more attached to you then all the other Guardians." Pitch said as he let out a slow chuckle. "Still struggling to find more believers though eh Jack?"

"You stay away from him! He's done n-nothing!" Jack was shouting at Pitch now. It was one thing to threaten children with nightmares; it was another thing entirely to threaten one with torture.

"Then you better start being a good little prisoner."

Jack lifted his head; narrowed his eyes at Pitch and with shear dread in his gut replied,


"Good boy," Pitch cooed patting Jack's cheek, smirking as he winced again.

"What do you w-want from me Pitch? Y-you've had me for days. Tell me what t-to do and I'll do it." Jack couldn't help but asked this madman what it was that he wanted.
Pitch stopped mid-stride and turned towards the small-trapped form. A smile played its way onto his lips before he gave Jack his answer, an answer that would haunt him forever.

"I want you to keep doing exactly what you are doing Jack. Keep screaming for me. Squirm in your sleep as my nightmares plague your dreams. Fuel me with the power of fear. I'm going to make an example of you Jack. I'm going to make the other Guardians wish they never opposed me in the first place. When they do show up to find you, and believe me they will. I want them to find not the over-confident and mischievous Jack Frost, I want them to find a boy so broken from fear that they never question my powers again."

Jack stared back at him wide-eyed. Tears began to form at the bottom of his eyes. He wanted to say something, anything to change this madman's mind; he literally felt fear consuming him. "P-please don't," him whimpered out. It was even more pitiful as he said it then it sounded in his head.

"Now, now, Jack, you've done this to yourself. You should have stayed out of my way, but you let North's enthusiasm get the best of you." Pitch replied.

The tears fell now, panic had set in. Jack wasn't afraid of death. He actually wished he could die, but he wouldn't no matter how much he wanted to. This very thought made his fear grow uncontrollably.

His breath quickened and he began to fight his restraints again, pulling and prying, arching his back, gritting his teeth. This continued for what felt like an eternity before something struck him. His head shot to the side and his body fell limp in its still intact restraints. His head fell to his chest and he continued to let his tears fall silently.

"That's quite enough of that Jack." Pitch growled as his lowered the hand that backhanded the boy's face. "I think it's time for you to take a nap, you're a bit too fussy right now."

As soon as the words left Pitch's lips the black sand began to move.

"N-no" Jack whispered as the black sand engulfed him, forcing him to fall into a fitful sleep, filled with darkness and nightmares.