Day one of Seblaine Week! Yay! So if any of you have read any of my fics before or you follow me on tumblr, you know I LOVE Seblaine! They are perfect. Anyway, the prompts for this week are Day 1- Dalton, Day 2- Family, Day 3- kink, Day 4- AU/Crossover, Day 5- Occasions, Day 6- Angst, Day 7- Fluff! So this entry if for Day 1- Dalton! I hope you all enjoy :)

Blaine adjusted his tie as he padded down the hallways on his very first day at Dalton Academy. He wasn't entirely sure where he was going so he clutched a map of the school in one hand, looking like a true freshman. To be honest, Blaine felt like a nerd. He was new, he had tons of hair gel in his hair and he knew almost no one. In fact, he only knew one person. His best friend in the entire world. Speaking of the devil, he headed towards Blaine and draped his arm around Blaine's neck, emphasizing the height difference between the two.

"Sebastian, I am not your arm rest," Blaine said, shrugging off Sebastian's arm. Blaine had always been jealous of Sebastian. He always seemed so at ease and relaxed. Blaine envied that and wished he could be more like him instead if the ball of nerves he was right now. And it seemed that everyone paid more attention to Sebastian than Blaine. All the boys and all the girls either wanted to date him or be like him. And sometimes that would get to Blaine but then he was reminded of how he's the only one who knows the real Sebastian. The only one who gets to talk to him late at night as they lay down on Blaine's living room floor talking about anything and everything. And Blaine will never forget the moment when Sebastian told Blaine he was jealous of him.

"You're so lucky man, I mean, you're so comfortable with who you are. I wish I could be like that. I'm always nervous about saying the wrong thing or messing up. You're in total control of yourself and it's awesome. I'm so jealous," Sebastian told him. Blaine smiled and from that moment on, had self confidence that he never had before.

"But you're the perfect height," Sebastian said with a smirk. Blaine gave him a glare earning a smile from Sebastian but he did remove his arm. "Having trouble finding your next class?" Sebastian asks.

"Not now that I found you. We have English together now and you already know this place like the back of your hand," Blaine replied. Sebastian smiled and took Blaine by the hand.

"It's this way," Sebastian says, turning down into an empty corridor. Blaine looked down at his schedule and around to all the room numbers they were passing.

"No it's not. This is the opposite direction of where we're supposed to be going," Blaine informed his best friend. Sebastian rolled his eyes and kept pulling Blaine in the same direction.

"We're ditching this period. I want to show you something," Sebastian said as he pulled Blaine into a little alcove hidden in the side of the hallway. Blaine's eyes widened for two reasons. One, he couldn't believe that Sebastian wanted to skip class on the first day. Two, the alcove was the cutest, coziest spot that Blaine couldn't wait to grab a book and curl up in.

"Sebastian, do you want to get suspended on our first day?!" Blaine asked in a loud whisper.

"Oh shush. Everyone will just think it's our free period. Now come sit here with me," Sebastian instructed and Blaine did as he was told and sat down next to Sebastian on a cushioned seat built into the wall. Sebastian leaned back and brought Blaine down to lie on his chest. This is how they normally sat together. It just felt right and comfortable for the both of them. Sebastian began to softly rub Blaine's side and Blaine let his eyes drift closed.

"This is nice," Blaine said after a few more moments of silence.

"Much better than learning the difference between adverbs and proverbs, right?" Sebastian said, making Blaine chuckle.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Blaine answered. Sebastian smiled and sat up straight, forcing Blaine to do the same since he was leaning on Sebastian. Blaine looked up at Sebastian and smiled. Sebastian looked back into Blaine's eyes with an expression that Blaine couldn't read.

"Blaine..." Sebastian said softly before he pressed his lips to Blaine's in a tender kiss. Blaine was taken by surprise but kissed back at once, feeling immediately right at home with the action. It was exciting and new as well as safe because he knew the boy so well and had already mapped out the boys lips with his eyes many times before. Blaine has always wanted this but was never sure if Sebastian returned the wanting so he decided to keep his mouth shut, both literally and figuratively. The kiss lasted for a few blissful moments before Blaine was forced to pull away for air. That was the best minute of Blaine's life. Blaine was sure he had a dopey smile on his face as Sebastian gazed adoringly down at him.

"I didn't know you...felt like that," Blaine managed to get out. Sebastian chuckled and rolled his eyes.

"Blaine, seriously? What did you think of all those times I held your hand and kissed your cheek? Or how I sneak over to your house every single night just to sleep in the same bed as you? None of that tipped you off?" Sebastian questioned. Blaine sat there as he replayed all of those moments in his mind. Now it all makes sense.

"Wow, I really am clueless," Blaine said, making Sebastian chuckle and kiss Blaine quickly on the lips again.

"And that is one of the reasons I adore you," Sebastian whispers in Blaine's ear. Blaine blushed and leaned into Sebastian. He could definitely get used to this.

"How long have you liked me?" Blaine asked nervously, hoping this wasn't just a spur of the moment thing Sebastian decided to try.

"Well, remember that day that I was walking around on the first day of middle school and I was carrying so many books that I couldn't even see where I was going and I bumped into you? Well, that was the day," Sebastian told him. Blaine looked up into Sebastian's eyes.

"Seb, that's the day we met," Blaine said. Sebastian smiled and pecked Blaine's lips.

"Yeah, I know," Sebastian answered, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy. Blaine blushed and leaned into Sebastian.

"I remember you had the most adorable glasses on," Blaine said as he leaned his head against Sebastian's chest. Sebastian groaned.

"Ugh, I hated those. I looked like such a nerd," Sebastian complained and Blaine giggled.

"You did not, you looked adorable. I like when you wear them still," Blaine told him.

"I only wear them around you. No one else sees me in them," Sebastian says, looking down at Blaine to gauge his reaction. Blaine smiles and looks up into Sebastian's eyes.

"I know. And I feel very honored," Blaine tells him, placing a soft kiss on his lips. Sebastian smiles and cups Blaine's chin in his hand and kisses him tenderly for a few more moments.

"So, Blaine Michael Anderson…" Sebastian said, pulling away from Blaine and getting down on one knee in front of him and taking his hand. "Will you do me the honor of being my boyfriend?"

Blaine's smile couldn't be wider as his best friend, and crush, of three and a half years finally asked him out.

"Yes, I will be your boyfriend Sebastian Gregory Smythe!" Blaine said and Sebastian wasted no time standing up and swooping Blaine up into his arms and began peppering kisses all over his face making Blaine blush and giggle like a thirteen year old girl. Sebastian sets Blaine down and takes his hand. Blaine looks up into his new boyfriend's eyes and knows that the matching goofy grins that are on both of their faces won't be going away for a while.

"What should we do now, honey?" Sebastian asks, putting emphasis on the last word, giving his boyfriend his signature smirk.

"Oh, I don't know, sweetie. What would you like to do?" Blaine asks in return, putting emphasis on the endearment just as Sebastian had done. Sebastian smiles lovingly at Blaine.

"We could just sit here until our next class? It's better than going back to English. Especially late," Sebastian says. Blaine nods in agreement and sits down next to his new boyfriend. Sebastian pulls Blaine into his laps and wraps his arms around Blaine's waist.

"You think I'm pretty without any makeup on…" Blaine begins to sing softly and then turns around to face his boyfriend. Sebastian looks at Blaine with a raised eyebrow as if to say 'really?'. Blaine blushes.

"What? You know I sing when I'm happy. And the song seemed fitting," Blaine says with a shrug. Sebastian smiled and pressed his lips against Blaine's hairline and began to softly sing back to him.

"You think I'm funny when I tell the punch line wrong…" Sebastian sings. Blaine smiles wide and stands up, pulling his boyfriend up with him. Blaine was always ready to give an impromptu performance even if there wasn't an audience.

"I know you get me so I let my walls come down!" Blaine belts out.

"Let's go all the way tonight, no regrets, just love!" Sebastian sang, matching Blaine's volume.

"We can dance until we die you and I…" Blaine sang, dancing and twirling around Sebastian in the middle of the empty hallway. Sebastian began to dance along with Blaine, showing off his expert moves.

"We'll be young forever!" Sebastian rang out.

"You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream!" both boys sang together, holding hands as they danced and skipped all around the hallway. They were so caught up in each other and the performance that they didn't even notice a tall, slightly older looking Asian boy walking up behind them. As they finished the song and wound down, looking at each other with lovey dovey eyes, they heard someone clear their throat behind them, finally realizing there was someone there with them.

"Ahem," Wes said. Both boys looked up in horror when they realized someone was there watching them. "I'm Wes," Wes introduced himself. "I heard you two singing and I was wondering if you've ever done any performing? Besides in empty hallways."

Blaine blushes and looked up to Sebastian.

"No, not really. Why?" Blaine answers.

"Because I think you two would make wonderful additions to the acapella show choir we have here. The Warblers. Auditions are Wednesday after school in the choir room in the senior commons if you're interested," Wes said with a kind smile before walking down the hall and around a corner. Sebastian turned to look at Blaine.

"What do you think, Sebby? Should we do it?" Blaine asked, taking the taller boy's hand and squeezing it. Sebastian smiles and nods.

"Yeah, that sounds like fun. It's worth a shot," Sebastian says. Blaine smiles and kisses his boyfriend's cheek. Sebastian smiles and begins to walk down the hall, hand in hand with Blaine.

"Who knows?" Sebastian asks. "Maybe we'll be Warblers."

My Seblaine! I hope you all enjoyed! Day 2- Family to come tomorrow! :D