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Kim's POV

"Kim get ready. The Browns will be here in 45 minutes!" My Dad yelled from the kitchen. Something tells me he is more excited to see George's family than I am. George Brown is my boyfriend that my father thinks is picture perfect for me. We have been dating for a 5 we are going to have the Browns over for dinner. So I have to look my best for the Browns to approve of me. So I hop in to the shower and change into and purple spaghetti strap dress that flows up knee high. With a gold belt and sequin buttons at my chest.(Dress she wore for Ricky Weaver.) With gold high heels. The only good thing about tonight is he will come. It's been a while since he came.

"Dad I'm ready!" I yell at him.

"Hurry up sweetie. They'll be here in 5 minutes." My mom tells me.

I hurry down the stairs to have Moms & Dad's approval. When they give me a thumbs up I know I got it right.

Ding Dong! Wow what a surprise they are right on time. Hint on the sarcasm. I sway down the ruffles on my dress while my parents open the door.

"Jillian, Charlie, George it's a pleasure to see you again." My dad tells them while shaking their hands. "Matt,Ashley the pleasures all ours." Charlie announces. Ugh can't wait for this to be over.

"Well come in dinner is ready." My mom announces.

-At the dinner table-

"And I told James (her dog-sitter) that I don't won't Molly (dog) playing near that Dojo." Charles says.

"I know all the fighting and sweating no thank you. Plus the students have no manners and their teacher is basically just a man-child." Jillian states.

On this I have to hold my tongue. Those people have been my best friends and treated me like the rest. While George's Parents make me eat with elegance and grace. Like a young lady. I mean how dare they.

"Kim Dear are you excited for the winter masquerade ball?" Dad asked

"Yes I am Father." I reply politely as I can manage.

"It's a shame George won't be there. With them going to Prouge for the week" Mother replies sadly.

"Yes but I have spent many months planning it. So I will go with my friend Grace." I explain. I have been working on it but only because he volunteer to work on it to spend time with me. Sweet I know right.

"Ah Grace Holt I like her so polite and sweet." My dad says.

"She sure is." George replies. Wow I've been so caught up in my thoughts I forget he was here. He looks great. With his Dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is wearing black dress pants with a black blazer and purple under shirt with a silver tie.(imagine Justin bieber)

"Well enough chit chat. Let's have dinner."Mom exclaims. Throughout Dinner my parents and George's hit it off. I only contribute to the conversation when needed. But I can just blame that on being nervous. Although I can tell his parents are impressed with my academics and extracurriculars.

-After Dinner-

"Well that was lovely Ashley"Jillian praised my mom.

"Thank you Jillian would you like to have the recipe?" My mom asked.

"I would very much. Charles get the car." She responded.

"Will do Jill" He announced and went outside.

"Hey Kim I left my phone in your room."

"Oh ok come up to find it." I know what your thinking Kim and a boy in her room. We didn't do that all we do is hold hands and kiss on the cheek and kiss a little. We never make out. Thank God.

-Up in Kim's room-

"I found it." George announces picking his phone from my bookshelf.

"Ok Great!" I fake enthusiasm

"George we are leaving." Jillian announces from the kitchen.

"Coming Mom." He yells.

"Well bye" I tell him.

"Bye Kim." George says and kisses my cheek . I smile by force of course.

As he runs down the stairs I let out a sigh of relief. And flop to my bed. I over hear my parents still talking and asking where I am. Crap. Luckily George says I'm tired. Thank god. I lock my door and make sure no one is coming when I hear my bedside window tapping like someone was tapping on it. I smile and open it when. He comes in.

"Wow you look beautiful" He says

I blush and say "thanks you do to." He does with his leather jacket with a blue shirt undernearth that says SWAG.

"Where is George."

"Downstairs kissing my parents ass."

"wow the Kim Crawford swore. Preciosa" (Spanish for cute)

"Oh haha"

"Did you lock the door?" He asks.

"Yes." I reply.

"Good I've been waiting to do this all day." He says while he cups my face and kisses me. I let out a moan when his tongue battles me for dominance. He smiles into the kiss and pulls away when he hears my parents coming up the stairs.

"Well that's my cue to leave." He says.

"I'll see you at school." I tell him.

He hops onto the branch near my window. I come close to the window and give him one last peck.

"I love you Kim."

"I love you too Jack."

HAHAHA How many of you thought it was Jerry. With the SWAG shirt and Spanish. Be honest. But things you should know. I love KICK (Kim & Jack). I ship Jerry with - oops not going to tell you. For that answering you have to keep reading.