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Kim's POV:

"SIMON,RAVEN,AMELIA!" We yell. Jack and I break apart and stare at them.

"We can explain." Jack starts. He chuckles nervously and ruffles his hair.

"Okay Explain then Jack." Simon says.

" Kim was bit by a poisonous snake on the lip and I was sucking the poison out." Jack replies. Really Jack that's the best you can come up with. I notice that behind Amelia is Raven containing her squealing. I smile and ask Amelia what she is doing here.

"I was doing the laundry when I met Raven and Simon they needed some help folding clothes." She replies looking me up and down.

"Anyway how long has this been going on?" Simon asks.

"About 4 1/2 months." Jack replies not looking at Simon. Raven steps in between and Simon and Amelia and says.

"Haha I knew it pay up losers." She says and Simon and Amelia pull out 30 bucks and hand it to her. Raven counts the cash and sticks it in her bra.

"What you guys knew?" I ask. How did they find out. We made sure to cover tracks.

"Sweetie I am a master at these kind of things." Raven announces.

"Raven." Jack gives her a look.

"Okay fine I saw you two kiss 4 months ago." Raven confesses.

"How did they find out then?" I ask.

"Well after I screamed Eeekkkk and made a complete fool of myself I ran to Simon and Amelia and told them." Raven tells us.

"Really Raven." Jack tells her.

"In my defense I had to say it or I would go Crazy and I shipped Kick from the beginning." Raven defends herself.

"Oh not you too." I start.

"What's kick?" Jack asks.

"Its Kim and yours names combined together." Amelia says. All of us look at her. Amelia holds her hands in the air and says " What I was young once. What don't give me that look."

"Aside from that Kim I thought you were dating George." Raven tell me.

"I am but I love Jack." I say. Jack grabs my hand and smiles.

"Aww it's like Romeo and Juliet with another guy." Raven gushes. Amelia looks at her then punches her in the arm. She clutches her arm.

"Ow what it's true." Raven replies

"Kim I'm surprised at you but I can see you two love each other so I won't tell your mother." Amelia smiles at us with a loving.

"Us too." Simon and Raven reply. Jack and I smile and thank them. Amelia brushes her uniform off and tells us "Well I got to go almost time for my programs."

"What programs?" Raven asks.

"Underneath the surface." (A/N don't think this is a real show.)Amelia answers. At this Raven lights up.

" I love that program come on" Raven announces and pulls Amelia away. "Simon are you coming?"

"Be there soon. Jack you and I need to talk." Simon declares. I look at Jack and he looks horrified. Simon comes up to Jack and drags him to the living room.

Jack's POV:

Oh no. Simon grabs me by the arm and drags me to the living room. This is not going to be good.

"Is this why you asked about the Crawfords?" Simon asks.

"Yes I need to know the truth." I declare.

"Jack the Crawfords and the Andersons have a had a feud since they were teenagers." He announces.

"Wait since they were teenagers does that mean that they used to be friends before that?" I ask.

"Ah whaaat ok yes they were friends before that." Simon gives up. Now I'm confused. Like JERRY confused. If Kim's and mine parents were friends what happened. How can people go from friends to hating each other. I ask Simon this.

"That your parents have to tell you."

"Ok fine but thanks Simon." I thank him.

" So Jack on serious matters I know you and Kim love each other. And your teenagers. And when your teenagers you get these URGES. That can control you but you need to be safe." He said. What is he talking about? Urge- Oh My God. EW EW EW EW EW!

"Lalala can't hear you. And this is uncomfortable to talk about with you."

" Oh come Jack it's a Mano a Mano talk." Simon pleas.

"No I'm going out with Kim." I tell him and go to the kitchen to get Kim. Before I can head out Simon stops me.

" Ok fine be back soon. And Jack Be Safe." He says with a laugh. I punch him in the arm and get Kim.

"You ok?" She asks me.

"Yes Simon's just being an ass." I reply. Kim giggles. She thinks its funny when I swear. I grab her hand and we head outside.

Kim's POV:

Jack grabs my hand and brings me outside. Outside has a moonlight effect. Like the moon is hovering over Jack's house. The moon hits Jack in an extremely attractive way that makes his eyes sparkle. Jack keeps looking at me so I was caught staring. I blush and look down. Jack grabs my chin so I look up at him. He smiles and presses our lips together. Our lips move in

synchronization. When he bites my bottom lip I gasp. At this chance my tongue and his battle for dominance. I break off the kiss - much to his displeasure- and ask him where we are going?

"That my sweet Kimmy is a surprise."

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