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She was on the balcony, her thoughts far away. It has been 9 full moons since she was back in Asgard. 13 full moons ago, Sigyn had gone to Alfheim to learn more magic from the Light Elves. So many things have happened during that time. She had missed Thor's unsuccessful coronation, the events that followed it. By the time she returned, everything that she had left behind took a 360 degree turn.

She tugged her honey blond hair behind her right ear, turned and strode to her room. She glanced at the mahogany dresser at the corner of her room and walked towards it. She picked up a tortoise shell comb and started to thread its fine teeth through her hair.

"Sigyn? Are you here?" Lady Sif's head appeared at the side of the door.

She studied Sigyn's back and when she was certain that her younger sister didn't mind her presence, Sif slipped into the room. Sif was wearing her usual armour, her dark raven hair in a high ponytail. Sigyn didn't turn from the dresser, still absent-mindedly combing her hair.

"Sigyn," Sif pleaded, "I thought you got over him."

She gently placed her hands on her younger sister's shoulders before taking the comb out of her reach.

Sigyn forced herself to meet Sif's dark blue eyes in the mirror, "I have no idea who you are referring to."

"Oh please!" Sif rolled her eyes and squatted beside her. "You're obviously upset!"

Sigyn huffed and shot up; making the chair she was sitting on dragged backwards.

"What do you expect from me?!"

"I expect you to be strong, undeterred and show some respect to your new fiancé, Theoric!"

"Well, I'm sorry for disappointing you!" Sigyn spat. "I'm not like you!"

When Sif opened her mouth to interject Sigyn continued, "Do you really think I am blind to what happened between you and Thor? He chose the mortal over you, Sif! You can't just deny your feelings! Likewise, I can't just pretend to be unaffected when the man I was betrothed to since I was young, is back in Asgard, punished by the Allfather!"

Sif relented. She wasn't betrothed to Thor like Sigyn did with Loki, but she thought her feelings for the golden son was obvious enough for him to take notice. But it wasn't. When Thor was banished to Midgard, he had obviously developed romantic feelings towards the mortal, Jane.

Sif shrugged and backed away, her boots clicking onto the polished floor. She reached the slightly ajar door and was about to walk out.


Sif paused and turned. "Yes?"

"Can I see him please?"

Sif gulped. There was no way the Allfather would allow this. The only person allowed to see him is Thor. She wanted to reason with her sister but decided against it.

"I'll see what I can do."

Thor sighed and put the Mjölnir down on the floor with a heavy thud. He turned away from Sif.

"Sif, there are security measures in the prison! Plus Heimdall and the Allfather would know that she will be down there."

Sif caught Thor by the arms, grasping tightly, "Please, I think she has the right! She was his fiancée!"

"She is no longer bound to him 9 moons ago!"

Sif stamped her foot and threw her hands up in frustration, "Valhalla Thor! She didn't even know that! When she was brought back by another portal because the Bifrost was destroyed, she was almost torn apart. When she found out that Loki had thrown himself into abyss, leaving her behind without a word it just got worse; and now this!"

Thor stared at Sif. She was desperate. He put his large hand through his messy blond hair and took a deep breath.

But he said nothing.

"Thor. Please. Sigyn needs closure. I think we owe her that."

He nodded and made his way slowly to the throne room.

Thor took a long time to coax Odin. But eventually he relented. Sigyn does have a right to find closure. She was with him for centuries, since they were babes. She can visit him but with only one condition – Thor is to escort her into Loki's prison.

Sigyn followed Thor into the dungeons, with his red cape billowing out behind him with the Mjolnir in his grasp. He had not spoken a word to her after she had hugged him tightly, agreeing to follow him. They walked down the winding steps before halting in front of a great marble wall. In the middle of it was an inscription. Magical and complex runes were engraved within the inscription, signifying that there is danger beyond the walls. Sigyn frowned at it, scoffing at the idea of Loki being a danger. But then her conscious reminded her that this was the man who was about to destroy the entire race of Jotuns and brought chaos to Midgard.

Thor held out his Mjolnir to the inscription and the runes started to dance. The wall glowed golden as it started to rumble open. The walls opened wide and Thor remained rooted to the ground.

"I think you will need privacy. I shall be outside if you need anything," he said solemnly, his eyes hooded.

She touched his enormous sculpted arm momentarily to say thanks before entering the dungeon. The walls closed behind her. The dungeon was cold yet grimy. Not much light was able to penetrate through the high ceilinged gap at the corner of it.

"Loki?" Sigyn called out. Her voice echoed through the dungeons as she inched deeper.

Her eyes welled as she saw him huddle against the dreary walls of his cell. His hair was much longer than she remembered it to be, his skin pale and sallow, eyes haunted. Even in this dim-lighted cell, she could see how beautiful his eyes are. She had always admired how they can change colour depending on his mood. This time, it was deep blue. Loki looked up as he heard footsteps.

Sigyn? Is that you?


A heartbeat later – You can hear my thoughts?

"Of course I can!" Sigyn remarked, frowning at him. "You taught me how remember?" she whispered softly, cocking her head to the side. She saw the muzzle upon his mouth and edged closer. There were magical and complex runes on it similar to the ones on the inscription outside. Odin must have thought it would be wise to place complex charms and magic to prevent anymore mischief from his younger son.

Loki watched her as she approached him. She looked exactly like how he had remembered her –beautiful and elegant. Only Heimdall would know what both of them had been through. Ever since they were babes, they had been there for each other. Loki had defended Sigyn when she was teased by Sif and the warriors three for being too girly and weak. She had always refused to spar with them and instead sat by the side, watching them have a go while she weaves baskets. She knew she had to sit by the side. Whenever he was bullied by Thor's companions, she would bring him to the healing rooms when his injuries were too severe for an ordinary healing spell. She had been the one who urged Thor to scour for Loki when he was missing after 'fixing' the problem with the wall builder and witnessed him giving birth to Sleipnir (a traumatic experience for both really).

She knelt down beside him and he instinctively moved away from her. Sigyn frowned slightly and inched closer. Loki scowled at her as if to warn her off.

"Could you stay still? I'm not going anywhere if you are wondering."

Loki sighed and hung his head, defeated. He flicked his eyes onto her porcelain face again, Why are you here?

"To see you," she replied simply. Sigyn reached out to touch the muzzle covering his mouth and as soon as her skin came into contact with the metal, it burnt her fingers. She cried out as blistering pain spreads over her fingers, retracting them away instantly. Loki's eyes widened in horror and grabbed her wrists, inspecting her burnt fingers.

You silly girl! Why did you touch it?! Now you're hurt!

"How am I supposed to know that the Allfather place a burning charm on that thing?!" Sigyn cried, her voice slightly wavering. She pulled her hands away and immediately blew cold air to the sensitive skin, instantly soothing it.

A non-verbal spell Sigyn? Impressive…

"You're not the only one who went to Alfheim to refine your craft," Sigyn chided him.

Even with his mouth hidden behind the muzzle, she could tell Loki was smiling at her. His eyes always twinkle and lines will form around his eyes whenever he smiles genuinely.

Thor's coronation was to be in 2 weeks and she was going to miss it. The Light Elves had decided to accept her into their realm and let her learn magic – to refine her craft with their guidance. Sigyn was sitting in front of her dresser, braiding her honey blond hair when Loki knocked on the door.

Come in, she thought out loud. The door creaked and Loki slipped in. She saw a lazy smile hooking up his lips through her mirror as he crossed the room. He gently placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed the top of her head.

"All set and ready to go?" he asked. She turned towards her bed, where a calfskin bag lay on it –containing her possessions and nodded. Loki gave her an encouraging smile and helped her out of her seat.

"I wish I could have accompanied you," he spoke softly, his cold breath playing on her lips. His breath has always been cold. He had touched his forehead to hers, wrapping his slender but yet strong arms around her waist. Sigyn played with the lapels on his leather costume. She didn't answer.

"Speak to me, my love."

"Will you visit me?" she asked timidly. Loki snickered and tapped her nose, "Whenever I find the time. I promise. But for now, Thor needs me."

"I have no idea why Odin wants him to be King. He's still an oaf."

Loki raised his eyebrows and grinned, "Hush now. I know you have misgivings against him but he is my brother, the firstborn. But I appreciate your thoughts..." Loki kissed her forehead before pulling back, "For I share the same sentiments..."

They both smiled at one another. It had always been them against the rest. And now they have to go separate ways. Loki nuzzled his nose against hers and nudging it, gently tilting her head. He gave a firm, tender kiss on her lips. When he pulled away slightly gasping, his eyes were hooded, his right hand had travelled to the small of Sigyn's back, pressing her tighter against him.

"I love you," he breathed. She kissed his lips softly before replying, "I love you too Loki Odinson."

"Only 3 moons, my love. Only 3."

But none of them expected that within 3 moons, things will go extremely wrong.

She smiled sadly back at him. Although many would say that Loki has never smiled sincerely, with her it was always genuine. No malice, no ulterior motives, just genuine happiness. It has been so long since she heard his voice. Even though she could hear his thoughts, the voice being projected was based on her memory of it. It still wasn't the same. She blew the same cold air onto the muzzle and gingerly touched the muzzle to test its temperature. It was lukewarm but the heat started to notch up as soon as her fingers lingered.

Sigyn, stop trying to take off my muzzle!

Annoyance pinched her features as she wrecked her brain for another spell. Loki frowned at her, unable to read her thoughts. She blocked them from him. An idea came to her and she clapped her hands, excited. Loki was still sceptical. She blew the same cold air onto the muzzle and within a split second she held out her hands to it, using the mist formed on the muzzle she conjured a spell, transforming the mist into ice.

Grinning at her effort, she placed her hands at the side of his muzzle and clicked it open. She tugged on the muzzle but it wouldn't budge.

Loki rolled his eyes. Odin placed other complex runes and charms on the muzzle Sigyn!

Don't mock me! Sigyn thought. Loki's eyes twinkled. Finally, I can hear your thoughts.

She huffed and gave up. No use trying to take it off. My voice is not worthy to be heard.

"Don't say that!" Sigyn cried. "Who said your voice is not worthy?"

Sigyn, everything of mine is not worthy. Or haven't you heard about what I've done?

How could she not? It was widespread, even the Light Elves knew. The almost holocaust of Jotunheim was frightening enough. But she knew the chaos he caused in Midgard was not entirely his fault.

A tear fell upon his pale cheek as he observed her through his lashes. She reached up to wipe away the tear and she gingerly cupped his temple, avoiding the muzzle.

"Loki, you will always be worthy of my love."

But you don't deserve me. Not after what I have done. Not after what I have put you through.

Sigyn could feel tears stinging her eyes, "Whatever do you mean?"

Sigyn… His thought was pleading her, begging her to stop. He recognised her stubborn look and yielded.

I know you would have to conjure up dark magic to come back to Asgard after the Bifrost was destroyed. Dark magic comes with a heavy price Sigyn. I should know that, having dabbled with it myself. I know you were weak and almost lifeless when you appeared on the Bifrost. I know Odin forced you to break the betrothal and your parents had forced an engagement to Theoric on you soon after. I know you do not love him but are still forced to marry him in a few weeks' time. Sigyn, I've caused you hurt. I don't deserve you.

Tears were rolling down his cheeks, and simmered as they came into contact with the muzzle. Sigyn was left speechless.

Her voice cracked, "Don't say that."

Loki's eyes twinkled, but strangely there was only sadness. Oh, my dearest, sweet, little Sigyn, I didn't say it. Technically, I thought about it.

"Always mocking me…" She clicked her tongue but a small smile gently hooked onto her lips.

They sat beside each other in companionable silence. She had laced her fingers through his and started to examine his chains. Sigyn… he thought warningly.

Sigyn feigned innocence, "There are no runes on these!" Loki sighed audibly, as she simply chanted a spell and they clicked open. Despite his misigivings, Loki shot her a grateful look, his eyes changing their shade to dark turquoise and flexed his wrists. Angry red lines had encircled them as he rubbed his wrists, trying to soothe the ache. Sigyn took his wrists and there was a soft golden glow. The angry lines disappeared instantly.

I'm proud of you, Sigyn. You;ve come a long way…

"Do you still love me, Loki?" she whispered, barely audible. Sigyn… Please…

"Answer me!" Loki had turned away from her, abandoning her hand, his face hidden in the shadows.

"Loki Odinson, you owe me that answer!"

You know the answer! Now stop badgering me! And it's Laufeyson. I'm sure Odin told you of my true parentage did he not?

Sigyn flinched, hurt. "I have no care for your parentage. You will always be my Loki."

You stubborn woman.

"You like my stubbornness!" she remarked.

Stop making me love you more Sigyn… As soon as he thought that, he desperately tried to block it but he was too late. Sigyn had heard it and she stared at him, her lips slightly gaping.

Sigyn… We can't. You know that…

She was still staring at him with tear welling up in her eyes, threatening to spill. "But I…" she started, her voice wavering, "I don't want to marry him…"

"I only want you…"

Loki shook his head, You can't Sigyn.

"You and me against them remember?"

Sigyn… Please… The circumstances are different now… We can't…

A heartbeat later, "What if we can?"

Sigyn, this is madness. Sigyn frowned at him. "You've set the 'madness' bar a little too high now for anything to be called madness anymore."

End of Part 1

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