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Odin was sitting on his throne, Gungnir in his right hand as she walked sombrely in. Frigga was to his right, donned her golden ceremonial gown, a silver crown intertwining with her golden hair atop of her head.

"Lady Sigyn…" Odin acknowledged her. Sigyn placed a fist to her heart and curtsied to the Allfather. She was still weak and pale and her head was pounding from the potions she was fed with when she was in the healing rooms. Her eyes flicked to him, anticipating his words. She was tempted to read his mind but decided against it. Reading one's mind can be taxing and this if the Allfather – he won't be susceptible.

"In the light of recent events, I regret informing you that you will no longer be bound to Prince Loki," he said, expressionless. "I will be breaking the betrothal from herein."

When the words started to sink in, Sigyn could feel her eyes burning with tears. "He's not dead," she stated matter-of-factly despite her wavering voice.

"Even if he is not, I shall break this betrothal off. My son is not worthy of a lady like yourself," Odin maintained.

"He is out there! Shouldn't you be trying to find him, instead of telling me what is not true?!" Sigyn cried.

Odin heaved a sigh and glanced at his queen. Frigga nodded at him before approaching Sigyn. She instinctively backed away. Frigga reached out to her, stroking her hair and wiped her tears away.

"My child…" she whispered, "I know it's hard to accept the fact that he's no longer with us…" Frigga's eyes glistened as she thought about Loki – he had always been the one for mischief but he has always been her favourite.

More tears rolled down Sigyn's face, "No… I can feel him… He's not dead… Please don't do this to me… Please…" she begged, clutching onto Frigga's hands, shaking her head.

"Please dear… We can't let you continue on this way… He's not coming back… Even if he does come back, my child, we can't possibly let you marry him. He has caused mayhem between the realms. You're a lady of stature, Sigyn; it is not fair to you…"

"Enough!" Odin thundered impatiently. Frigga tightened her grip on her as she struggled, her eyes pleading the queen not to let this happen. Frigga could only look away dejectedly.

"Lady Sigyn, you are no longer bound to Prince Loki Odinson of Asgard!"

"I don't understand why I am not allowed to visit him!" Thor's voice boomed across the Throne room. The Mjolnir slipped off his fingers and fell to a reverberating thud onto the cold marble floor.

"If Lady Sigyn is allowed to visit him, I should to! Even more so since he is my brother!"

"He is a prisoner. And you have more important things in Asgard to care for other than a prisoner," Odin spoke softly. Thor had always hated how composed Odin is when faced with a conflict. It gave him an uneasy feeling. He had told Lady Sif and the warriors three that he was the only one allowed to visit Loki. He didn't want them to think that Loki was pathetic.

"Lady Sigyn was given visiting privileges due to her history with him."

Thor opened his mouth to argue but he caught sight of Frigga shooting him a warning look. He relented and turned away.

Sigyn had been visiting Loki in his cell for the past four days. She kept trying to take off his muzzle. She searched high and low for clues and spells with regards to the runes on the muzzle. The runes were complex; indefensible and they even stripped Loki's ability to wield any magic. The only magic he has is mind-reading and even that is exhausting.

Every time Thor escorted her, they walked in silence. The expression on his face was always unreadable but his thoughts were loud and clear: he worries for Loki.

"Thor?" Sigyn spoke, breaking the silence between them as they were walking down the winding steps leading to Loki's cell.

Thor whipped his head back, sending his blonde locks swinging. "Yes, Lady Sigyn?" his voice boomed, despite trying to be gentle.

Sigyn offered him a small smile before continuing, "I know you worry about Loki…" Her voice was barely audible. Thor frowned before hesitating. "Of course I do," his deep voice echoed through the stairwell.

"He will always be my little brother. It pains me to see him being punished."

Sigyn nodded. Even though they have always been competitive with one another she knew the only who loved Loki more than herself would probably be Thor.

"Why do you always stand outside the walls when we come down here?" she asked, curious. Thor had never stepped foot into the cell, always opting to wait for her outside, giving the reason that he did not want to disturb them.

"If you must know Lady Sigyn, the Allfather forbid me to visit him. And all of us know what happens when one defies the express command of his king…"

He sounded miserable. Then it hit her. He wasn't allowed to visit Loki because his Mjolnir is the key to taking off Loki's muzzle! The Mjolnir caused the runes to dance and unlock the prison cell and the same runes were placed on Loki's muzzle to prevent him from using his magic! Oh why haven't she figured it out before?!

It was only then did Sigyn notice the dark circles that had formed around Thor's eyes. His blue eyes no longer hold that aloof twinkle. He smiled feebly at her (which had never happened, for Thor was always one who beams smugly at everyone) and held his Mjolnir to the inscription. The walls rumbled open and Sigyn stepped inside, leaving Thor behind.

Ever since the day Sigyn had unshackled him, Loki had been free to roam around his cell. Today he was sitting against the high ceilinged wall that has the small window. Without his magic, Loki had been bored.

"Bored?" Sigyn's voice rang through the cell. Loki looked up, his eyes twinkling. He was obviously grinning behind his muzzle.

As usual…

"I just spoke to Thor…" she started and instantly Loki's cheerful demeanour melted away. His eyes flashed green as he rolled his eyes. "Loki…" she warned, sitting beside him, lacing her fingers around his.

"Did you know Odin forbid him to visit you?"

No… I did not…

"Is that why you're angry when I mention his name? You wanted him to visit you?"

Loki looked away, avoiding her gaze. He blocked his thoughts from her. He snatched his hands away and pushed himself off the wall.

"You can't just deny your feelings Loki! Thor loves you as much as I do!"

You don't know how it feels like… when she heard his thought; it was as if he was growling in her ear.

You don't know how it feels like to be betrayed! To be thrown into an abyss, thrown away by my own father! Taken in by Odin until he has some use of me! And then to have him reject me! You have no idea what betrayal means!

Sigyn strike Loki across his face hard.

"Don't you dare say that!" she spat with tears welling up. "I conjured dark magic to come back to my home! I was so convinced that you were alive still! I never thought you were dead."

Loki stared at her, his eyes changing its shade to dark blue.

"But have you ever considered about me?! Have you?! I mourned for you. But at the same time I was angry. And do you know why I'm angry at you, Loki?!" Sigyn cried, throwing her hands up, "It's because you promised to wait for me and yet you did the things you've done, causing everything to fall apart! You abandoned me without a word!"

Loki's face was expressionless. A lock of hair had fallen across his forehead as he stared at the cold, hard floor.

"You say that you've been betrayed? Oh Loki, this is what's frustrating about you. You never see the good side of things. Odin may have taken you for some purpose but he and Frigga took care of you for more than a millennium despite you being the offspring of their enemy! Thor may have been an oaf and an occasional brute but he loves you more than you know! And what did you do Loki? You broke their hearts! You betrayed them after all they have done for you."

Sigyn paused, curling up her fists. "So, don't you dare talk about betrayal with me Loki, because you're the biggest betrayer of them all," she spat, enunciating her words.

Loki snapped his head up to see her tear-streaked face; his eyes glistened, with one eyebrow cocked up slightly. Loki froze as her words started sinking in, wrapping themselves around him like needles pressing onto his skin. She turned away from him and marched towards the door.

And yet you still love me…

She was about to thump her fist on the wall and paused when she heard his thoughts. They stared at one another. For a split second, Loki anticipated her to come back but she turned away and slammed her palm against the wall, yelling "Open this door Thor!"

Sigyn… Please… Please let me make it up to you…

"No, Loki," she whispered, "If you want to make things right, you should forgive yourself first and start seeing the light."

1 week later

Sigyn had stopped visiting him ever since that fateful day, and today she's getting married. He didn't know what had happened but Thor had been visiting him for a couple of days. Most of the time Loki didn't communicate much for Thor has never mastered the art of thought reading. It was always Thor talking. When the walls had rumbled open, Loki had anticipated Sigyn to walk out of the shadows, all ready to forgive him. But to his surprise it was his blonde brother.

During the first few days, Thor rambled about what was happening around Asgard – council meetings, funny events that happened around the palace and also Frigga. When Thor mentioned Frigga and told him she missed him, Loki could not hide his sadness. He had gathered some dust on the floor and wrote through it that he missed her too.

Throughout their years together, Thor only knew two sides of Loki – mischievous and loving. He only saw the latter with only three people – Frigga, Sigyn and himself. It had been such a long time since he saw this side of Loki. He barely recognised his brother in Midgard much less the chaos he had created. To see him vulnerable just breaks his heart.

"Brother…" his booming voice resonated through the cell, "I must tell you something…"

Thor hesitated. He knew this news was going to break his little brother's heart. Loki hadn't attempted to read his brother's mind. His mind was complex, thoughts and memories intertwining one another forming a labyrinthine and he knew he was behind it all.

Loki looked expectantly at Thor.

"Brother… Sigyn is getting married today…"

Loki knew this would happen soon... He had secretly hoped Sigyn would find a way to remove his muzzle, allowing him to use his magic and elope with her. The thought of where they would go did not concern him at that point of time. The main concern was to just get away from Asgard. He knew she wanted the same thing as well. But as usual, he just had to ruin everything.

He furrowed his brows, his eyes coated with moisture, threatening to tear if he ever blinks. The sight of his brother desperate and disappointed almost tore him to pieces.

"I'm so sorry brother…" He held out his enormous hand and Loki crumpled against him. He wrapped his other hand, holding his Mjolnir around Loki; bringing the hammer close to Loki's muzzle. There was a tiny click and muzzle fell off.

Both brothers were stunned.

So this is why I was forbidden to visit...

They stared at the muzzle laying on the floor before dragging their eyes back to one another. There was a strange malevolent glint in Loki's eyes – that same glint he had seen when they were at Midgard. Loki felt stronger, feeling his fingertips buzzing with all of the energy that was being kept at bay by the muzzle.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, his voice hoarse from disuse. He shimmered. Immediately Thor knew what he was up to, he instinctively swung his Mjolnir at Loki but his little brother was gone.

"Loki… No..."

Somewhere deep inside the kingdom, throngs and throngs of people were shuffling their way to the large courtyard beyond. Colourful flowers and streamers were decorated around the courtyard, at the head of it a humble dais had been set up, with flowers flowing over its crown, creating a soft yet elegant look.

People were filling up the courtyard, buzzing with excitement. Theoric, the groom stood on the dais together with Var, the goddess of marriage oaths. She smiled kindly at him, "You will be fine dear…"

Theoric grinned at her and nodded. The music started playing as Aegir hooked his arm and held out to his daughter, urging her to take it. Sigyn hesitated. Under the veil, no one could see how wet her eyes were. Aegir clicked his tongue, "Sigyn please…" he pleaded under his breath. She placed her hand through his hooked arm and they walked down the aisle.

Every single pair of eyes was glued on Sigyn and especially her dress. It had intricate details all over the bodice and its skirt flowed behind her, with a long train. The crowd oohed admiring how the dress moved as father and daughter walked towards the dais.

"You look beautiful," whispered Theoric to her as she faced him.

Appearance wise, he was the exact opposite of Loki – while Loki was pale and had jet black hair, Theoric was tanned and blonde. He was handsome, with high cheekbones and sculpted jaw. Every goddess in Asgard would swoon over him but sadly enough his future wife to be wasn't.

Var started the to do the vows, "Do you Theoric Honirson, take thee Lady Sigyn, daughter of Aegir, as your lawfully wedded wife, to love her and keep her and forsaking all other and remain true to her as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

"Do you Lady Sigyn, daughter of Aegir, take this man before you, as your lawfully wedded husband, to love him and keep him and forsaking all other and remain true to him as long as you both shall live?"

Sigyn didn't answer immediately. A strange glint in Theoric's eyes caught her eye. Her heart skipped a beat for a moment. Did they just change colour to green?

"Sigyn? Do you?" Sigyn snapped out of her thoughts and focussed back to Var. She focused back to Theoric's eyes.

It was bright green… Impossible…

She gulped for a moment and looked at Theoric. He was frowning, his face urging her to say her vows. The whole room was buzzing with tension, holding their breaths for her reaction.

"I… do." Her eyes still transfixed on Theoric's.

"And with the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!"

The courtyard cheered, flowers and rice were thrown to celebrate as Theoric lifted up the veil and leaned forward for the kiss. His lips hovered over hers and whispered, with his breath playing on her lips, "It's us against them remember?" and he placed a firm kiss on them.

When they pulled apart, Sigyn stared at him dumbfounded but her eyes were shining.

Loki? She thought out loud.

Yes my love?


No time for explanations my love. First we must flee before I am exposed... Agreed? He sounded uncertain, almost afraid to hear her answer.

Agreed. It's us against the realm now.

Indeed it is.

Loki wrapped his arms around her, eyes never leaving hers and thought, Are you ready, my love?

Sigyn took in a deep cleansing breath, steadying herself, I'm ready.

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