I decided to turn this story into a kind of a drabble fic composed of the oneshots I'm writing based on the different scenarios including John and Ronon.

This is an alternate scenario set in Season 3 Episode 16, "The Ark".

John Sheppard watched Ronon pacing back and forth inside the small room.

"I'm not good at this."


"Waiting to die."

"Don't think about it."

"I don't like small spaces," Ronon exclaimed.

"Could be worse."

"Personally, I'd rather go down fighting."

"I'd rather not die."

Ronon looked at Sheppard and gritted his teeth.

"I'm just saying."

"Okay, look. If this rock burns up into the atmosphere, I'll fight you 'til the death myself. Deal?"

Ronon smiled and looked amused as he sat down on a bench a bit from Sheppard.

"You're on."

The room went quiet for a few minutes before Ronon spoke again.

"It is a good thing that you're here with me. I'm not sure what I would have done if I had been trapped here alone."

Sheppard eyed Ronon, his mouth sporting the trademark crooked smile, and stood up.

"Well, taking into consideration that stunt you pulled with your arm there…" he said and made a motion with his head towards Ronon's shoulder. "I wouldn't want to see you trying to hurt yourself if that were you making yourself better."

The big ex-runner smiled widely and laughed a deep, wholehearted laugh.

"When you're a runner, you have to learn to take care of yourself. Fixing a dislocated shoulder is nothing compared to other stuff I've had to deal with myself." He motioned towards his back, to the place where the tracking device had been. "I spent a long time without a doctor so I wasn't about to wait for Carson. Also, if we're going to fight to the death, I can't have a dislocated shoulder slowing me down." The last sentence made both men smile.

Ronan patted the empty space next to him.

"Sit. We should make the most out of the time we have left."

John looked at the man seated on the bench and felt shivers go up and down his spine. There was something very alluring about the man, something primal and raw. Ronon kept all of his emotions very close to the surface and neither anger nor laughter was far away. That made for a very passionate man, a superb fighter and an excellent member of his team. John had lost time of how many times the Satedan had rescued his life and vice versa. That kind of trust ran very deep and affected two people in a very profound way, and John couldn't help feeling drawn to the man. John walked over to Ronon and sat down next to him, stretching his legs. The air between them was somehow thick, and not exclusively because of the almost certain death facing them.

Ronon rolled his shoulders to check on the dislocation. It didn't feel too bad and hopefully the movement in the limb wouldn't be impacted even if he didn't get to a doctor soon. The ex-runner looked to his left at Sheppard, who was sitting with his arms crossed over his chest, eyes closed. Ronon felt his stomach churning, almost nervously. He felt great admiration for his Commanding Officer and trusted the man with his life. After the betrayal on his own home world he had started distrusting everything and everyone. Also, it wasn't like he had had any time to trust anyone while he had been chased by the Wraith. Colonel John Sheppard had been the first person in a long time he trusted. Ronon cleared his throat.

"I'm glad it's you, Sheppard."

"Hmm?" John turned slightly towards the bigger man, cracking one eye open.

Ronon looked up into the ceiling and cleared his throat again.

"I am glad I get to spend my last hours with you." He continued to watch the ceiling. This feeling spreading throughout his body, emanating from his chest… What was it? Nervousness? He couldn't really place it, so he tried to shrug it off, without succeeding.

"Are you going soft on me, Chewie?"

Ronon flinched, the words cutting deeper that he would like to admit even to himself. He shook his head and made a motion to stand when John's hand on his arm stopped him. Ronon almost jumped from the contact and the electricity that seemed to flow from John's fingers. John sensed the other man recoil and let go of his arm, his hand hovering just above Ronon's skin.

"I'm sorry big man; I didn't mean it like that."

Ronon gave John a long look before relaxing and leaning back against the wall again. He felt heat radiating from Sheppard's hand even though it wasn't even touching him. Sheppard shifted and Ronon got painfully aware of the fact that their thighs were now touching. The room fell silent again and when the silence was broken, it was Sheppard who spoke.

"I'm glad it's you as well, Ronon."

Ronon smiled widely, tilting his head to the side to look at his Commanding Officer.

"Are you going soft on me, Sheppard?" he said, mirroring what John had said earlier. John lifted his hands into the air in surrender and feigned a sad face.

"Okay, okay, I get it. I'm sorry."

The men looked at each other for a second before they both started laughing. It felt good to laugh. It took the edge off the situation and the weird tension between them seemed to ease for a moment.
All of a sudden, a voice crackled to life on Sheppard's intercom, barely heard over the static.


John leaned forward, staring intently into the wall as he moved his hand to his ear.


The voice at the other end kept breaking up because of the static.

"I… not sure… fixing it… don't know…"

"McKay? You're breaking up, I can't hear you."

Ronon looked at his CO as he spoke into the intercom. The concentration was visible on John's face. It was a look that Ronon had grown to like. When there was a task at hand, John's hazel eyes changed and the leader in him took over. Ronon respected few people and John Sheppard was the one that he respected the most.

"McKay? I can't hear you. Dammit!"

Ronon watched cautiously as John swore and rubbed his eyes with his fingers in a frustrated motion.

"Not going well?" the Satedan asked flatly, crossing his arms over his chest.

John turned back around to look at Ronon, shaking his head and looking frustrated.

"There's so much static I can't hear him properly. I only get bits and pieces, and it doesn't make any sense. I guess there's no choice but to wait."

Ronon growled impatiently.

"I hate to wait."

John smiled crookedly and leaned back again, patting the bigger man's thigh.

"I know big guy, I know."

Ronon had to force himself not to show how he reacted physically to the touch. It felt the same way as when they had touched before; as if heat was seeping from the other man's fingers, straight through the clothing and into his body. It felt like blood rushed to the spot where they were touching, and; oh. Ronon felt blood rushing towards his nether regions as well. He shifted uncomfortably and John removed his hand, raking them through his own hair, eyes darting away to look at the wall in front of them. John sighed, cursing himself. He wasn't sure what he was doing; he just felt so incredibly drawn to the man next to him. He had never felt like this before, this urgent need he felt right now. Then, he had never been trapped inside a small space with Ronon before, facing almost certain death. He could feel adrenaline pumping throughout his body, making him restless.

Ronon felt the change in the air between them. He couldn't deny it, not even to himself: something strange was happening here. Whenever he was in a life or death-situation he got very… excited, for a lack of a better word. Whenever he was in such a situation it used to be out on the battlefield, wraith hunting them down, not stuck inside, waiting. It frustrated him, because his body reacted in the same way as if he had an enemy to fight. Right now, he had no way to channel the adrenaline, the anger and the need to kill something. He was greatly grateful that John was there with him, because if he had been alone he would probably manage to injure himself trying to kick down a door or something. A silence fell over them again. They sat there for a long time, just waiting. After a while, John made a frustrated sound and stood up. He paced back and forth, trying to get into contact with McKay again. Ronon stood up as well, looking intently at John, stopping him in his tracks. John let his hand fall to his side and just looked at the man towering above him. The air between them was heavy and the emotions between them were tangible.

Both men lunged at each other at the same time. It was like the impending doom made them desperate for human contact and for each other. John's both hands found their way into Ronon's hair and grabbed the thick dread locks while one large hand was placed behind John's neck. Ronon's other hand went around Sheppard's back, pulling him in close. Their tongues meshed together almost desperately, moans escaping their lips. Ronon drew John's lower lip into his mouth and sucked on it gently as his hand found its way under the Colonel's shirt, enjoying the naked skin beneath.

Shivers went down Sheppard's body. His hands fell down from the other man's hair and rested instead on the man's broad shoulders. With a groan, as if it physically hurt him, Ronon tore his mouth away from Sheppard's delicious lips and tilted his head downwards, kissing the flushed skin of the other's neck. A small sound slipped out from between Sheppard's lips and he dug his fingers into Ronon's shoulder as impossibly hot lips and an ever hotter tongue tortured the spot right below his ear. A thought about the US Air Force fraternization rules flew through his mind, but as Ronon moved backwards, sat down on the bench and pulled John down with him into his lap, he tossed those thoughts out of the window. They were about to die anyways, so it didn't matter. He might just as well give in to this temptation.

Ronon hoisted John's legs around his waist and let his hands rest on John's thighs, massaging them slowly as he kissed his CO hotly. He felt John's fingers run down his neck, shoulders and arms before those hot digits slipped just inside the hem of his shirt. Ronon squeezed John's thighs and John tilted backwards, visibly flustered, hazel eyes dark with lust.

"Shirt off?" Ronan asked, his eyes reflecting the emotions he saw in his companion's eyes. Sheppard nodded, a decisive, small nod.

"Shirt off." Ronon grinned at the commander's statement and bit down on John's lower lip seductively before reluctantly letting go of his thighs. He grabbed the end of his sleeveless leather shirt and pulled it up and off before discarding of the clothing onto the floor. Something that sounded like a tiny mewl escaped Sheppard's throat when he saw all of the tanned, gorgeous skin before him. He let his hands explore the newly exposed flesh and Ronon let him do it. John's touch set his skin ablaze in ways he had never experienced before. Their lips met again and Sheppard sucked gently on Ronon's tongue while the former runner tried to peel off John's jacket with little success. He growled impatiently and the sound made flashes of lust go straight to the Colonel's groin.

"Shirt off," Ronon growled. It wasn't a question – it was an order. Sheppard's eyes flashed with something dark, lust that swirled. He didn't object though, and leaned forward to shrug off his jacket.
"Ooooh…" He only got halfway through the motion before he stopped because of the jolts of electric lust shooting throughout his body. Ronon moaned deeply, the lust wrecking his body as well. When Sheppard had leaned forward he had caused their crotches to rub together and all of a sudden their actions became stressed, wanting, needing. John shed his jacket but didn't get to shed any further article of clothing before Ronon framed his slim face with his big hands, brushing his thumbs over his slightly unshaven cheeks. Then, both of them rolled their hips. Ronon growled deep in his throat and Sheppard closed his eyes. The layers of fabric between them were torture. They lost track of time and lost themselves in pure bliss, rocking against each other.

Shepard felt himself approaching the edge and he tore his mouth away from Ronon's. He didn't want to release into his pants so he ceased the movement of his hips.

"Ronon, I-" He hissed, as even though he had ceased the movement of his hips, Ronon hadn't, so their bulges were still rolling against each other. John's eyes slid close and he froze, enjoying the sweet torture for a few more seconds before he grabbed ahold of one of Ronon's dreadlocks, using the other hand to push at the bigger man's shoulder.

"Ronon, stop! Stopstopstop..!"

Ronon stopped moving his hips and John let out a relieved gasp. The Satedan's dark eyes looked at him with a mix of lust, curiosity and worry.

"Should we stop, Sheppard?" he asked in that flat voice again. John gritted his teeth and shook his head, taking a deep breath.

"Don't ask me that, I might change my mind and I'd rather not do that."

Ronon smiled and rolled his hips a little while letting his hand travel down to the zipper in John's pants.
John moaned deeply yet again and Ronon let his mouth explore the Colonel's neck and throat while he worked on the zipper. He pulled it down and with a growl that was answered by a sound in Sheppard's throat, he pulled the other's erection out of its confinements and wrapped his fingers around it. He smirked into the side of John's neck as he stroked the cock in his hand a few times, drawing delicious sounds from John, before he let it go to untie his own pants. Ronon freed his own erection from its restrains and pulled John's head down for a quick, hot kiss before wrapping his hand around both of their cocks, pushing them against each other. He also let the hand that was resting at John's lower back slip down into his pants, into his underwear, allowing one of the cheeks to settle into his big hand. He used his middle finger to find the puckered opening, applying the tiniest amount of pressure. He could feel John tense up, so he gave the other man a hot, raw kiss and started stroking their erections together. The shorter man moaned into his mouth as their tongues coiled against each other and while distracting him elsewhere, he pushed his finger into the other man up until the first knuckle. John shifted rather uncomfortably despite the other assaults on his body, but Ronon kept stroking their erections and mumbled something inaudible into John's mouth.

John gasped into Ronon's mouth as the former runner performed a particularly long, slow stroke.

"What did you say?" John finally managed to murmur into the other man's mouth. Ronon kissed him once more before replying.

"The strange sensations will pass" he simply mumbled back before claiming John's lips in another fierce kiss, slowly starting to move the tip of his finger in and out of John. He felt the Colonel tense again, but he simply kept up his onslaught and soon he could move the tip of his finger freely inside of the other man. He quickly realized that some kind of lubrication would be needed and he slipped his hand out of John's pants and moved it to his mouth. John gave a gasping sound at the loss, which broke the frenzied kiss that was going on and let Ronon put two fingers in his own mouth, coating them with saliva. John looked at him with dark eyes, licking his lips. The act made Ronon shiver. He removed his fingers from his mouth, letting them follow the outline of John's lower lip before settling his hand back into John's pants where it had been before. The other man's ass fit perfectly into his hand and now when his fingers where lubricated, he teased the ring of muscle a slight second before he pushed the digit inside until the second knuckle. Letting John get used to the intrusion, he stayed still, instead focusing on assaulting the man's neck again.

John was slowly getting used to the intrusion. It didn't feel unpleasant, it just felt unusual. He couldn't really say anything negative about it, since the attacks on the other pleasure zones his body made his nerve ends extremely sensitive, making this a very pleasurable experience. He felt the finger inside of him twist and turn, as if looking for somethi-


Waves of pleasure crashed into John as Ronon touched a spot inside of him that made his sight disappear for a moment. He surged forwards, not at all prepared for the intense pleasure Ronon had caused him. The calloused hand pressed his erection tightly against the Satedan's at the same time he felt the other strong hand squeezing his butt cheek, flicking that spot inside of him over and over again. He could feel Ronon's chest vibrating as the man hummed with content. He wrapped one arm around the Satedan's neck, the other one grabbing the bigger man's bicep, holding himself upright. He felt a strong arm wind itself around his lower back, pulling him closer. Ronon dipped his head down again and pressed hot, openmouthed kisses over his adam's apple and down towards his chest.

Soon, Ronon had kissed his way down to the point where the delicious skin was covered up by the snug fitting tee John was wearing. He growled again, a rumbling sound originating from his chest. The raw emotions that filled his chest and body wanted to rip the Colonel's clothes off, so the shirt irritated him beyond words. He stroke their erections one more time before letting them go. He now had two fingers working in and out of Sheppard in a scissoring motion, and he was losing his patience. He soon couldn't take it anymore; he was craving to be inside his CO. Judging from John's state, he was ready as well.
"Hang on tight" he husked deeply into John's ear a mere second before standing up and walking to the wall in front of them. He pressed John up against the wall, using his weight to hold him in place. His actions were rushed as he let Sheppard's left leg slid to the floor. Still using his leg muscles and his weight to pin John against the cold wall he ripped the man's pants off. When they were off he hoisted the Colonel's leg back up, not caring that they were still stuck halfway down the other thigh. They were not in the way anymore, so therefore not a problem. His own pants were pooled around his thighs as he moved to nestle his erection between John's cheeks. He just let it be there as he took ahold of one of John's arms, pinning it above his head, getting rewarded with a low moan as he did so. Then, he slowed to look at Sheppard.

Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard looked fucking amazing. His lips were red and swollen and oh so kissable. His mouth was slightly open and he was breathing heavily, his chest heaving. His face was flushed and his neck started to sport bruises that would be there for a long time, assuming they would come out of this alive. But his eyes, his eyes were what affected Ronon the most. They were filled with lust and defiance all at once, defiance very typical for Sheppard. The eyes were challenging him, a "come and get it"-attitude that Sheppard used to tackle any obstacle thrown his way. Ronon leaned in slowly, meeting those swollen lips with his own, sneaking his tongue inside. John strained against him, trying to get his hand free from the Satedan's grip, but Ronon tightened his hold on the hand pinned to the wall. The kiss became hard and needy and left them both gasping for breath when they had to break apart. Ronon leaned back a little and looked at John for a little while before spitting into his hand, trying to gather as much saliva as possible. He used his hand to coat his erection before once again grabbing an ass cheek, and using his fingers he spread the opening as wide as he could. He blindly guided his erection towards the opening and got it right on the first try. Catching John's lower lip into his mouth he bit down a little bit too hard to distract the other man, redirecting his focus while pushing the head of his cock inside. John's whole body immediately tensed up and the man groaned in pain. Ronon moved his mouth to John's ear, his whole front pinning John to the wall.

"Relax John," he husked before pressing a kiss to the ear he had just spoken into.

John nodded and Ronon could feel the muscles in his jaw working. John put his free arm around his shoulder, and his whole weight now being fully supported by Ronon, he forced himself to relax. Ronon could feel him relax, so burying the face in the nape of the other man's neck he started to push his cock inside the tight channel.

Slowly, slowly, John was being filled. It hurt; it truly did, but was a good hurt as well. Feeling the big man, smelling him, feeling his harsh breathing in his ear, made the most of the pain go away. Soon, when John was about to protest about it being too much, Ronon stopped. He felt Ronon bite down onto his earlobe and he heard a deep, rumbling moan in his ear which made him understand that Ronon was fully inside of him. They stayed absolutely still for what felt both like an eternity and only a few seconds at the same time before Ronon started moving. John gasped as he felt the member inside of him slide outwards and he placed his free hand on Ronon's stomach for support, feeling muscles flex beneath the skin. After about halfway outside Ronon started to push himself into John again, setting an almost painfully slow pace.

Goosebumps were forming all over Ronon's body when Sheppard's tight channel gripped him tightly. He had to force himself not to go too fast, not to be too rough, to not hurt John. He used his hips to perform long, slow strokes; John's involuntarily clenching almost driving him insane.

John was starting to get used to the intrusion and feelings of pleasure started to flow throughout his body again, overpowering any lingering pain. He let his head fall back on the wall he was being completely pinned against. He looked at Ronon through heavy lidded eyes, letting every emotion and sensation come flooding over him. Another long stroke was just about to start and John's fingers convulsed against Ronon's abdomen as the bigger man pulled out almost completely before burying himself to the hilt again. Ronon uttered a long moan as he completed the motion. Again, he pulled out and when starting to push in, he shifted slightly. He grinned through the lust when John let out something that sounded like a strangled scream, knowing he had found just the right spot. His grin soon melted away into a facial expression of pure lust as the tight channel around him started convulsing, driving him closer to the edge. He picked up the pace, starting to thrust into the other man at an even pace.

John was experiencing things he had never felt before. He almost forgot to hang onto Ronon, the white hot lust wrecking his body as the Satedan nailed the spot deep inside of him over and over again. When he felt the big hand let go of his to the wall pinned wrist and felt calloused fingers wrap around his weeping erection once more, he thought that he would come right then and there. That didn't happen however, and he wrapped his now free arm around the other's broad, naked shoulders. Using the muscles in his arms he pulled himself flat against Ronon and pulled the man into a hot, feverish kiss. He felt the hand wrapped around him speed up to the same pace as the thrusting and could feel the release building up inside of him.

"Ah, I'm going to come-!" he gasped into the kiss and Ronon grunted as answer, quickening his strokes.

"Fuck-!" John swore as Ronon thrust inside of him one last time, nailing the sweet spot inside of him and sending him over the age. Again, his vision disappeared as his orgasm hit and he started convulsing in Ronon's hand, his seed shooting in between the two men, staining Ronon's naked stomach and his own clothed chest. He sensed more than felt how Ronon's thrusts grew frantic, and a few more thrusts later he could feel the man's whole body tighten. The Satedan's muscles became rigid and John felt the cock inside him twitch as Ronon's own climax hit. A low, deep moan rumbled from Ronon's chest as he released into John. John felt Ronon slump slightly forward, their chests meeting when the most powerful wave of the orgasm left Ronon's body and he relaxed his muscles. The taller man leant his forehead against the wall next to John's face, puffs of air bouncing of the wall and hitting John's ear and the side of his neck, sending shivers throughout his body. A particularly strong shiver made him shudder and he felt the other man turn slightly.

"You okay?" Hot breath caressed his ear and lips grazed the outer shell of his ear as Ronon spoke. John swallowed and nodded, not trusting his own voice at the moment.

"Good." John felt Ronon move his hips back and away, pulling out. He clung to Ronon's shoulders and hissed through gritted teeth as the feeling of being full disappeared. With a sound Ronon pulled all the way out and John was left feeling empty.

Ronon sucked in air through his nose as he left the tight warmness and the cold air of the room enveloped his slightly damp member. He let his hand slide over John's thighs to the back of them, gently unlocking them from his waist and putting them down. John groaned as his legs straightened, blood rushing quickly to the muscles that had been stuck in position for a long time. Ronon felt how Sheppard's legs were shaking so he put his arms around the shorter man's waist, still holding up all of his weight. For a long time they just stood there, collecting themselves, getting their bearings and letting their pulses settle. After a while though, John straightened and loosened his grip around Ronon's neck. Ronon looked at him with worry in his eyes.

"Can you stand?"

John smiled weakly and nodded, using his hands to push at Ronon's shoulders.

"I'm fine," he croaked. "I think I'll manage."

"Okay," Ronon simply said and let go of John, taking half a step backwards, careful not to trip over his own pants. Ronon then bent down and pulled his pants up from around his ankles, tying a knot in the front. He then walked over to the bench and picked up the shirt he had shed there, passing John on the way over there. Neither of them spoke a word, not sure what to say or what to do. As Ronon started to put on his shirt John was, not entirely without pain, pulling his pants back on. A dull pain in his backside was forming, spreading up his back. Eventually John got his pants back on and pulled the zipper up, looking for his jacket. Ronon held it out to him in a silent gesture. John took it and put it on, looking Ronon in the eyes during the whole time. They were standing a few feet apart, just looking at each other. Swallowing a few times, John mustered up the courage to speak and was just about to-

"Colonel Sheppard?" Doctor Weir's voice suddenly jumped to life in his ear. He froze, stopping in his tracks. His eyes met Ronon's and they were impossible to read.

"Do you read me?"

John made a decision just then and there. He took the two steps up to Ronon, took ahold of the front of the man's shirt and kissed him fiercely. Ronon stood still for a split second before he framed John's face and kissed him back with equal hunger. They kissed hungrily for a few seconds. Then, John let go and answered the intercom.


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