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First off thanks for reading, reviewing, following, favoriting and everything, awesome readers are awesome. Truthfully I enjoyed writing this, because dropping descriptions felt so light and easy, I wouldn't have the commitment to finish this multiple chapter story if I did those.

Also, if you're interested (I forgot to point out at Chapter 14, the phone call with Sabo), Beringia Bridge is inspired from the bridge they're making at Tequila Wolf (the Beringia bridge is an ancient land bridge, sunken by higher tide in the modern day, which connects North America with Asia. Is believed to be a reason of ethnic migration too?) and the Lumeria is obviously the Void Century (Lumeria is a lost continent, as per Atlantis and Mu, despite their advanced technology without the requirement of electricity as a power source, these three continents disappeared - or sunken into the ocean - after a century of high glory, a mystery just like the Void Century itself, the Lost History). I'm sorry, Robin made me a history geek :p And the Lumeria idea is my boyfriend's idea. He likes to relate OP details with real life details, oh well.

Chapter Seventeen
Because I've Burned

Zoro was a little pissed off. Definitely pissed off. What seemed to be a serious dinner ended up with all the angry kind of silence. Food doesn't taste good anymore towards the end, and his wine tasted bitter. When they returned to their suite, Zoro contemplated on getting a separate suite for tonight on the following night, or either, pack his bags and go home immediately. But they've both bought tickets for a bus on Sunday afternoon. Well, he could get a taxi, if he could. He just wanted to not see Robin, nor talk to her, nor hear her voice, nor smell her scent. He wanted to just be alone, but how could he?

The outside looked like a cross between Tokyo city and Switzerland at night when he went down – immediately – for a walk, supposedly to relax himself. Robin was still taking a bubble bath, a very long one, when he left the room. She seemed tensed, but he couldn't care less. He was angry. He would rather sit on this wooden bench and watch little kids pass by with their parents, carrying balloons and cotton candies and dressed in their fancy clothes. If it weren't for the sound of Ferris wheels and bumper cars and carnival music, he would've thought he lost himself all the way to Chinatown.

His mobile phone rang as he was about to drift to a long stream of thoughts and down memory lane. He picked it up. "Oh, Nami. What's up?"

"Where are you? Sounds fun in the background there. Are you guys at a carnival? Ooohhh. Where's Robin? I'm not disturbing you right?"

"Nah, I'm alone. She's still in the hotel."

"Why are you alone? You'll get your ass lost around… wherever you are."

"I just wanna be alone, that's all, quite your yappin'. What's up?"

"Don't you have something to tell me about your friend, Annett?"

"What about it?"

"Don't you have something to elaborate to all of us about your dear friend, Annett?"

"Get to the point, Nami. Not in the mood for some guessing game."

"She's in my living room now, thankfully being amused at Usopp's stories, and Franky lifted her up when she arrived he thought she was Robin."

Gulp. "She's there?!"

"Yeah. You and Robin better get your asses home right now because I don't know what to do with her! She's lovely but how do I entertain her? Until you guys return?"

"Ugh. Nami, she's just like Robin. Treat her like you treat Robin. Ask her to stay over at your place. I don't mind, I'll pay you anything!"


"Yeah. Name the amount. But don't rip me off, you witch."

"I'll be glad to have her over. But, Zoro, seriously?"

"Seriously what?"

"She's just like Robin?"

"Yeah. She likes books and flowers and picnics and stuff Robin likes. You'll find her easy to entertain."

"Are you really serious?!"

"Oi, how many times do I have to tell you-"

"You've got plenty of German chicks to pick as a good companion there and you pick someone who is just like Robin?! Seriously? Zoro?!"

"Oi, can we stop talking about Robin now?"

"-if I'm right there with you right now I swear I'm gonna slap you so hard to your senses-"

"I don't want to hear you yapping, stop it! Just take care of Annett for me, will ya?"

"Fine. But I'm not taking orders unless money is in discussion, you know that. And when you're home, I'm going to kick some senses into you, you listen to me?"

"Yeah, fine, whatever. Okay."

"By the way, when will you be back?"

"Tomorrow or Sunday. I don't know. Sooner I hope."

"Why? Wait, are you having issues with Robin? You're having issues with Robin!"

"Shut up, I don't wanna talk about it."

"Yeah, yeah. When you two are back, I'm going to give you both full time therapy."

"Nami, stop meddling in, will ya?!"

"No, sorry. I'll stay out if you pay me."

"I'm not paying you a cent!"

"Fine, fine. Do whatever you want. Look, I have to go entertain your girlfriend. You better come home soon, really soon!"

"Yeah, yeah."

Annett's here. What's next? Zoro could only pray that there's a little remote control in his pocket that could fast forward time, but that's the most lunatic idea he could think of.