Alright, well, if anyone remembers, I once had a story on my account called "State of Becoming" which was an AU involving the idea that Angelus sired Buffy at the end of "Becoming, Pt. II" instead of having his soul restored. I took that story down because I couldn't really get back into writing it, but since I loved the idea alot, I decided to rewrite it, and this is the first part of that rewrite. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Angel. They belong to Joss Whedon. I'm just playing in his sandbox

Chapter 1

The swords continued to clang against each other as Buffy and Angelus continued to exchange blows with each other, the sound of their battle echoing off of every possible surface within the Mansion. Behind them, the ancient demon Acathla stood silent, the feelings that surrounded the air around it betraying any sense that Angelus' ritual had failed. The demon had laid dormant for centuries, but that was all threatening to change within a single moment.

Ducking away from another one of the vampire's attacks, Buffy quickly brought up her own blade in order to block another slash from her opponent's sword. Trading blows with Angelus for a moment more, she quickly managed to move a few feet away from him, allowing her a few moments to catch her breath before he was on her again, his sword never once letting up in its intensity.

As the sword's blade slammed into the ground in front of the Slayer, sparks momentarily scattered across the floor before they disappeared, the battle that spawned them continuing on nevertheless. Again and again their swords connected, the sounds from the battle filling every inch of the mansion around them.

Her mind focused on only the sword in her hand, Buffy matched Angelus' every movement, making sure that her defense was unbreakable, if only for the moment at least. Still, she knew that eventually he would realize that neither of them were getting anywhere in this stalemate. Sooner or later, one of them would have to give in and try something risky, as dangerous as the move would be to either of them.

As both of them pressed the battle outwards into the abandoned courtyard, their swords never once stopped their deadly passion-filled 'dance'. Twirling around on her heel, Buffy slashed with her blade, barely managing to suppress a smile as her blade made contact with Angelus' shoulder. Still, the small victory was over within seconds as the vampire struggled back onto his feet, his blade once again becoming nothing more than a blur in his hands. Little could stop an enraged vampire, a fact that Buffy was no doubt aware of.

Going in for another attack, Buffy was caught off-guard as Angelus pressed forward with his own, attacking her with enough intensity that she almost left an opening in her defense. The vampire's attack never once stopped for a moment, the intensity pouring off of his concentration showing in the style in which he timed his attacks. Rapidly running out of room to back up into, she nevertheless continued to defend herself, the adrenaline in her system allowing her to almost match her opponent's speed entirely. Almost.

Her mind still focused almost solely on her sword, she didn't see his fist flying towards her until it was too late to dodge it or at least move to soften the blow. As the full force of Angelus' fist slammed into her body, she felt her sword fly out of her hand, the sound of the steel weapon hitting the ground assuring her that she was almost utterly defenseless against her enemy.

As he stood over her, Angelus twirled his sword around in his hand, mocking her with his usual sadistic grin on his face. Backing herself up against the wall behind her, Buffy watched as he continued to walk towards her, his pace almost a casual stroll, his sword never leaving his hand in the process.

"So this is how it ends, no friends, no weapons…no hope." He said, holding the tip of the blade just inches from her face. "Take all that away and what's left?"

"If you're going to kill me, Angelus." She replied, nearly spitting his name. "Then do it. I hate long waits." Looking down at her, he smiled.

"With pleasure." Raising the sword above his head, he began to bring the weapon down towards her head, the blade slashing through the air, and then, it stopped just as suddenly as it had began, his body unable to finish bringing the blade down completely. Come on, come on, what the hell's wrong with me?!

Raising the sword above his head to regain the momentum that he had lost, he again brought the blade down towards the Slayer's head, the blade still stopping only inches away from her skull, the steel of the blade touching a few stray hairs on the girls' scalp. Pushing every inch of his strength into his grip on the sword, he still found himself unable to drop the blade onto the girl's skull, the very idea sending waves of rage coursing through his body. This had to be Soul Boy interfering again, trying to push his way back into control.

Stepping back, he grabbed Buffy's sword off the ground and tossed it to her, the Slayer catching it just as she opened her eyes. Brandishing the weapon as she returned to her feet, Buffy looked back at him, confusion coursing through her eyes.

"You can't do it, can you?" She asked, her tone betraying no single emotion.

"Let's just finish this." He replied, rushing towards her with his sword held at his side as he prepared to attack. Raising her own, Buffy easily dodged his attack, and smiled at her foe before she began her attack.

"With pleasure."

"Te implor, Doamne, nu ignora aceasta rugaminte." (I implore you, Lord, do not ignore this request.) Willow chanted, her head bowed slightly with her eyes wide open as they continued to look straight ahead. Beside her, Cordelia and Oz looked on with a mixed feeling of shock and worry, not knowing exactly what was happening. Putting down the sage that she had been waving earlier, Cordy gently pushed the hair out of Willow's face in order to look into her eyes.

"Will? Snap out of it!" Turning her gaze to Oz as Willow continued chanting in the ancient language of the curse, she had a mixture of fear and shock in her eyes.

"What do we do?" She asked him, genuine fear in her voice, her eyes turned towards the orb that lay in front of Willow.

"Nici mort, nici al fiintei..." (Neither dead, nor of the living...)

"What…what's going on in here?" Someone said, his arrival being met with further looks of shock from Oz and Cordelia. As the doctor called out into the hallway for more medical personnel to come in and join him, Oz was already on his feet as the doctor rushed over to Willow's side, his hand shooting out for the orb situated in front of the red-headed girl. Rushing to her own feet, Cordelia reached over in order to protect the orb from being moved, her shoe bumping into one of the legs of the bed, the action being enough for the orb to fall out of its holder and begin to roll off of the table towards the floor.

"Oz, grab it!" She screamed, reaching out with her own hands in an useless attempt to grab the object, her palms slapping uselessly against the table in the process. Unable to even make an attempt to grab the orb, Oz watched uselessly as it fell to the floor and shattered into thousands of pieces, the faint glow from it spreading out into the air for only a moment before it disappeared. From where she was seated, Willow screamed, her red hair falling out of her eyes before she tumbled backwards onto the bed.

"Both of you get out of here before I call security!" The doctor yelled, his eyes ablaze with both concern for his patient and fear at what he had caught them doing. Even though Sunnydale did in fact sit atop of a Hellmouth, that didn't mean that all matters concerning the supernatural were welcome with everyone in town. Holding up his hands in a false symbol of surrender, Oz made a quick escape from the room with Cordy on his heels.

"Something tells me that Sunnydale's population is about to get a lot thinner." He said, breaking the silence once they entered the otherwise quiet hallway. Turning back to him, Cordy found her mind drawing a blank.

"What do you mean?"

"Well the spell was stopped before Willow could complete it. That means Angel's soul wasn't restored."

"And if Angel is still Angelus…"

"Then Buffy's still in danger."

As she ducked underneath Angelus' blade for the untempt time, Buffy could feel the sweat rolling off of her body, her body almost completely exhausted from the battle. As the vampire unleashed another furious assault against her, his blows were matched in speed and timing by the Slayer. As she countered, she allowed herself to smile as part of her blade connected with Angelus' body, the specific part unknown to her in the confusion of the battle. As the blade cut through flesh, some of the blood that splattered outwards from the wound flew towards Acathla, eventually landing around the demon's mouth with no pattern to the splatters themselves. Gradually, the sensation that had surrounded the demon earlier began to subside, silently signaling that Acathla had been stopped yet again.

Raising himself back to his full height, Angelus gave a moment's notice to the wound before he turned back to the Slayer standing only a few feet away from him, his eyes almost instinctively gathering on her neck. The blood of a Slayer was one of the most purist forms there was, and there wasn't a single vampire that didn't hunger for it at some-point in their undead lives.

"So, how does it feel to bleed for once?" Buffy asked him, holding her sword out in front of her incase he decided to attack her again. As he looked back at her, his face broke out into that sadistic grin that was all-too familiar to her by now.

"I was just going to ask you the same question." He replied, gesturing to the wound on her right arm, a small stream of blood surrounding the cut. Never taking her eyes off of him, Buffy reached over with her free hand and gave a quick look of disgust when the unmistakable color of blood appeared on her fingertips.

"You know, I just want you to know that you're probably the best girl that Soulboy ever had. Not to say that he was very successful in the romance department, but still, it was fun to watch you underneath him."

"Shut up." She replied, holding her sword out in front of her as he started to approach her, his pace slow and unthreatening.

"Oh, what is it? You don't like knowing that I was there the whole time, watching from the back of that pansy's mind? Let me tell you, that's the truth, and it was very entertaining to say the least."

"I said shut up!" She answered, the strength in her voice momentarily breaking as he continued to come closer to her, her sword now only inches from his chest.

"What Slayer, are we a little shy? Don't like the idea of having someone watch your first time?"

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Buffy screamed at him, her voice spreading out through the Mansion. As she raised her sword, Angelus rushed towards her, his hands shooting upwards towards her throat, the tactic catching her off-guard. Her sword falling to the ground, Buffy curled her hands into fists, her blows hitting the vampire's back without doing any real damage. As Angelus slammed her body into the ground, his hands never once loosened their grip on her throat.

"Trust me Buff, I'll be shutting up soon enough." He said to her, the poison in his voice almost sending shivers down her spine as she struggled to breathe. Slowly he inched his face closer towards her neck, Buffy still struggling to try and force him off of her, her efforts doubling when she realized what he intended to do. Even before his fangs broke the skin surrounding her jugular, she could almost feel the pain beginning to course through her body. She was still fighting to push him off of her, but with his full weight ontop of her, it was a useless gesture.

'No, damn it, get off of me! I don't want this!"

"Don't lie to me." He replied, meeting her gaze in the process. "You've wanted this ever since you found out the truth, because a tiny piece of you wants to know what its like to have all the blood drained out of your body."

She cried out for a moment when he finally bit into her, the pain from his fangs breaking into her skin almost unbearable. As she felt the blood begin to drain out of her body, a strange numbness came over her, the entire sensation making her feel somewhat at ease. It was almost as if she could close her eyes and fall into a deep sleep, the world around her meaning nothing.

Angelus continued to drink for a few moments before he stopped, wanting to make sure that he hadn't killed her. The Slayer was almost completely unconscious as he picked her up in his arms, her hair falling around where he had bitten into her. The wound was still bleeding slightly, but not enough to endanger her of completely bleeding out. As he continued looking down at her, he started to chuckle slightly.

Oh, he was truly going to have fun with this.

Walking off towards the slightly ajar sofa that had once adorned the main area of the living room, he carefully set her down on it, the Slayer's eyes were barely open although he knew that she was still watching him. Kneeling down onto his knee, he watched her, her golden blonde hair adorning each side of her face.

"Angelus?" She said, her voice practically nothing more than a whisper.

"Buffy…" The vampire started before Buffy finished her sentence, effectively interrupting him.


"You know, Buff, I feel like being generous today. So you know what? I'm going to save your life, because trust me, I could easily kill you."

"Then…do it.." She whispered, her voice starting to fade with each passing second.

"Oh, but where would be the fun in that? After all, if you were dead, I wouldn't have someone to play with. Besides, this way I could never lose you." The line ran through her mind, her barely conscious mind slowly began to put the pieces together, the realization of what he was going to do sending fear coursing throughout her body. He was going to turn her, the same exact thing that Darla had done to him a century earlier.

She watched as he slowly rolled up the sleeve on his shirt, and taking the sword that was lying by his side into his hand, he cut a thin line through his skin, his blood quickly emerging from the cut he had made. The red liquid started to roll off his arm, a small droplet falling to the floor silently. Moving his hand behind her head, he pushed her mouth towards the thin line of blood.

The Slayer tried to summon the strength to return to her feet, but Angelus had drained too much of her blood, effectively depleting her body of its strength. With one final try, she managed to wiggle her way out of his grip, but he simply just grabbed her head again, once again pushing her mouth towards the cut he had made across his arm. As her lips met the cut that he had made across his arm, she couldn't stop herself from swallowing his cold blood as the liquid flowed down her tongue and into her throat. It made her want to gag, it was positively the most disgusting thing she had ever tasted.

Almost immediately his blood began to burn through hers, infecting and destroying any shred of humanity left in her. She swore that her skin was on fire, and she tried to scream, although she could make no sound escape from her throat. She could feel her entire body beginning to shut down, the warmth that she had felt earlier rapidly evaporating. Angelus was still at her side, holding her even though he had already done what he had intended to do.

That was when he did the unthinkable, and he leaned down to kiss her cheek, the very action repulsing her. Her soul was being ripped from her body, and here he was trying to take advantage of her situation. Closing her eyes, Buffy felt the world fall away from her touch, and everything around her faded to black.

The grave-yard was almost entirely silent as she continued on her patrol, the stake in her hand held with a loose grip. It had been an almost uneventful night, with not even a single vampire electing to show its face . As the moonlight continued to cast its gaze down at her, Buffy sighed and leaned against a nearby tombstone, letting the silence of the entire area wash over her.

"Quiet night." She said silently, tossing the stake up in the air and catching it with her hand. Nothing replied to her statement, with barely even a breeze to keep her company. The night air itself was cold, being that it was almost November now, the nightmare that was Halloween already past, this year having happily lacked the excitment that the last year had held. Going against another demon that held the majority of his power on a holiday had been enough to last a lifetime.

Looking up at the full moon, she held her gaze upon it for a few moments before she turned and headed deeper into the cementary, trying to keep her thoughts on her patrol, even though they continued to constantly drift towards Angel, the vampire that she had, against all odds, found herself falling for. She herself hadn't ignored the irony in the realization. A Vampire Slayer falling in love with a Vampire? Dramatic irony there

Xander had already spoken out against it, which had been no big surprise considering that he still danced in her shadow for her favor, even though he knew that she would never fall for him. A small part of her felt sorry for him, considering how many times he had been burned in the love department.

As she heard a branch snap behind her, all of her thoughts vanished, and she turned on her heel almost immediately, her stake raised and ready in her hand.