Age of Demons

Written by Jameygamer

Concept aided by Eduard Kassel

Betaed by Zim'smostloyalservant and YAXON

Been working on this for a long while, but I have decided to go ahead and post this opening prologue just for the heck of it. This is still a working story, but I want to finish it, so reviews are much appreciated.

This takes place in an AU where Jade does NOT escape the changes from the Book of Ages. This will be fun. Enjoy!

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A great battle raged inside the courtyard of Grand Emperor Shendu's palace, as the Great Dragon fought against a revolting Emperor who wished to dethrone him and take his place as ruler of Earth. He breathed a blast of fire the rebel's way, only for it to be deflected by a shield of gravity magic. When the smoke cleared, all Shendu could see was the enraged face of his older brother.

Tso Lan, the Moon Emperor.

The elder Emperor spoke, "I have had enough of serving you. You successfully rewrite the Book of Ages and give us all back our empires, and then you force your way above us like you did when you escaped the Void!"

Tso Lan was referring to the original timeline of the world.

Once, eight demon sorcerers, Bai Tsa the Water Demon, Dai Gui the Earth Demon, Po Kong the Mountain Demon, Tchang Zu the Thunder Demon, Hsi Wu the Sky Demon, Xiao Fung the Wind Demon, Tso Lan the Moon Demon, and Shendu the Fire Demon, terrorized the world with the intention of making it their own. Their wars with the world and each other ended abruptly when a group of deities known as the Eight Immortals were able to defeat them and imprison them in a realm known as the Demon Netherworld, a non-place that was essentially a void of nothing except floating rocks.

After a couple hundred years, Shendu was able to escape from the Netherworld. He abandoned his fellow demons, who referred to each other as siblings, and took control of the territory around his demon portal, the door between the Earth realm and the Netherworld. That territory was China, which was the primary warring zone between the demons before they set off to find their own empires, with Shendu remaining in China.

His rule over China did not last too long, though, as a warrior known as Lo Pei eventually revolted against him and defeated him. Instead of sending him back to the Demon Netherworld, Lo Pei imprisoned him in a statue, sapping the powers of the Noble Animals, which he stole during his rule, and turning them into Talismans. Lo Pei then proceeded to scatter the Talismans across the world.

Shendu would remain in his stone prison for nine hundred years before being set free by a crime syndicate known as the Dark Hand. The leader of the gang, Valmont, accomplished this by putting the recovered Talismans back in Shendu, breaking the curse and restoring him to his full power.

He immediately left and returned to his palace in China with the intention of releasing his Dragon Minions so they would destroy China in retribution for defying him centuries back. Before he could do so, an archaeologist named Jackie Chan, and his niece, Jade, defeated him and returned him to stone. Jade then proceeded to use the Dragon, one of the Talismans, to blast Shendu in his statue form, which destroyed him. His spirit lived on, but returned to the Netherworld as a result of the destruction, much to the joy and pleasure of his siblings.

In order to avoid being punished for leaving them behind, Shendu agreed to find the other seven portals and unleash them on the world once more. Since the Immortals would not come back down from their little piece of nirvana to lend a hand this time, the demons would have no resistance to finally claiming the world and enslaving humanity just as they wanted.

They cast a spell on Shendu, which would bind him to whatever human he possessed, who he intended to be Chan, and then he departed to Earth to find his target. He ended up possessing Valmont by accident, and was forced to work with the Dark Hand again to open the portals.

In the end, he failed, thanks to Chan and his elderly Uncle, and the portals were resealed, this time for good. Shendu himself was exorcised from Valmont's body and returned to the Netherworld.

With absolutely no chance of conquering the humans, who had become intelligent enough to deal with any magic threats, Shendu finally suggested the Book of Ages be rewritten and history be altered to give the demons the Earth they deserved. He then returned to the Earth realm once again and managed to properly take Chan's body this time. He was ultimately successful in rewriting the Book and resetting time, and the demons regained their empires. They had been ruling them with iron fists ever since.

It looked like it was all perfect. The family of demons had escaped from their imprisonment in the Netherworld and finally crafted the human world into their own twisted image, ushering in the Age of the Eight Emperors, but Shendu had a talent for finding loopholes. When they sent Shendu after the Book, no agreement was made on how the world would be handled, and the Fire Emperor, being aware of the existence of eight Japanese Oni masks along with the one he owned, wrote in the Book that not only did he own such masks, but that he also was known as the Grand Emperor, an Emperor to preside over all others. In the first few weeks of the world he created, Shendu laid low, observing the new behaviors of his siblings now that they had empires to rule over. Then, he hit them with the reality that he had placed himself above all of them. He forced all of his brethren, including Tso Lan, to bow down before him in submission. The other demons retained their empires, but Shendu became much more involved in their dealings.

That was how it had been for the past thirteen years.

During the years of his rule, Shendu's siblings began strategizing ways to overthrow him, but cooperation would ultimately be an impossibility. Once he was gone, one of them would have to take his place as Grand Emperor, and it was not in a demon's nature to negotiate. Why make an alliance when you then have to fight them at the banquet table?

Granted, Tso Lan couldn't really blame his younger brother for wanting to rule the world without having to worry about the competition of his brethren. The reality was, if it had been him or anyone else except the "pacifist" Wind Emperor Xiao Fung who had escaped in place of Shendu, they would have done the exact same thing. Contentment and wanting to share was not what demons were known for. Sin and malevolence were what drove the Eight Emperors, and they would do anything to fulfill their ends. But being forced to submit to one of their own was unacceptable, especially since that one was the youngest of them all. Tso Lan could not trust his fellow Emperors to be able to come up with any way to defeat Shendu, and he finally lost his patience and decided to deal with him himself.

Shendu broke the stare-down with his Heat Beam Eyes, blasting Tso Lan into the wall of the palace. The Moon Emperor recovered from the blast and patted down his robes, ridding them of the dust they had collected. He then said to Shendu, "How dare you lie to us about that book. You will suffer for deceiving us once again!"

Shendu replied, "Need I remind you, Brother Tso, that if it weren't for me coming up with the idea of messing with that book, you and the rest of us would still be withering away in Limbo. You could have escaped the Void in my place and had the glory of ruling China all by yourself, but you instead chose to sit and meditate for no good reason other than it was something to do. Tell me, why should YOU deserve the title of Grand Emperor?"

Tso Lan replied back, "Because I am the eldest, and you are the youngest. And you couldn't hold a stick to that warrior that turned you into a wall ornament because you got greedy and stole powers that he ended up using against you. He would not have stood a chance against me, because I don't rely on such powers. I rely on what I have inherited from the Moon itself. Now behold my mastery of gravity!"

Tso Lan charged up a spell and shot it directly at Shendu, who used the Levitation Talisman to rise up and out of the way of the blast. Tso Lan remarked, "You use your pathetic Talismans to give you your extra powers, including the ability to defy the boundary of gravity itself. Without them, you would be nothing more than an oversized fire-breathing lizard that can walk on two feet."

Shendu was enraged at his brother's insult. If there was one thing Shendu could not take being called, it was a lizard. He immediately used the Rabbit Talisman to zoom over and grab Tso Lan before the elder Emperor could react, saying to him, "Don't you dare call me a lizard!"

He then tossed Tso Lan into the wall, and then started laying it on with his powers and claws.

When he finally relented, Tso Lan was completely beat up and unable to fight back. Shendu then grabbed his brother and said to him, "You think you're the smartest being in existence, and you're so proud of it, but for demons, even pride is fleeting. We have no ethics, and I was not satisfied with what I had alone, so I moved heaven and earth to gain the Masks of the ShadowKhan as well as the Talismans of the Chinese Zodiac and build my power beyond your wildest imagination."

"Since you are not grateful for my blessings, brother, you shall return to the Netherworld and rot there alone for all eternity."

He then chanted some strange spell that only he knew, and a fiery circle-shaped portal appeared behind Tso Lan. Shendu then effortlessly tossed the former Emperor into the portal, which closed behind him.

After Tso Lan disappeared, Shendu yelled, "Do you not think I don't notice your presence? Show yourselves!"

The other six Emperors, who were using very sophisticated and rare invisibility spells in an attempt to ambush Shendu while he was fighting Tso Lan, dropped their disguises and revealed themselves at his orders. They had been caught in the act.

Bai Tsa, the Water Empress, stunningly asked, "You defeated and imprisoned Brother Tso?"

"Why, yes, dear sister, and I can see you were thinking about betraying me as well."

They all gulped. If Shendu knew of a spell to send them all back to the Netherworld in one shot, then how were they supposed to fight him?

Shendu then continued, "Thankfully, I am in a good mood from winning a brutal battle and defeating a traitor that I will let you all off the hook this time. But if even one of you defies me again, you will all be seeing Tso Lan in the Void as a result. Now get out of my sight!"

The demons all withdrew, and Shendu then ordered a squad of ShadowKhan to go to Tso Lan's territory of the world and annihilate it. He then returned to the palace, triumphant in his victory, confident that his rule over the world was now solidified…

Prologue Done