This story takes place after the ending of Avengers, Loki has been sent back to Asgard to face Odin's punishment.


WARNING : DUB-CON/NON-CON in this chapter.

Loki had expected his punishment to be something severe. Something painful and something naive that Odin would think of to teach him humility. He had expected pain or torture. He had expected banishment. Maybe even isolation. But never in a million ways would he expected this to be his punishment.

~ A few hours before ~

"Loki Laufeyson, do you admit to your wrong doings to everyone in this hall?" Odin's voice boomed across the hall.

Loki's hands were bound behind him and he was made knelt on both knees in the center of the hall. Loki sneered at Odin and said," I do not regret my decisions. I only regret that I did not execute my plans better."

Odin pursed his lips, he tried to reign in his anger,"Very well then. So be it. Your lack of regret will be weighed with my decision."

Loki was ready for his punishment. What he would give to not be in this hall, to suffer the tears of Frigga and the sympathy looks from Thor, not to mention the contempt on the faces of the Warrior Three and Sif, and the jeers from the rest of the crowd in the hall.

Odin continued,"You need to learn humility. You need to be controlled. To be taught respect. I release you to the custody of Hogun. He shall be your minder from now on. You will have no contact with Thor or Frigga, I will not have them corrupted by you. Hogun shall decide if you get to see other visitors. Perhaps one day, we will release you from your bond if you have proved to have changed from your evil ways."

Loki's eye widen as Odin read out his punishment. 'No, this can't be happening.' Loki knew what control, humility and respect meant when these words were dished out in a punishment.

"You magic will be suppressed and may be returned once I have deemed you deserving of it." At the end of that sentence, Loki felt a big part of his life force left him. He felt weak, vulnerable and exposed as Odin drained his magic.

"Serve Hogun well, Loki. I hope he will change your arrogant ways and show you that your evil schemes will never be better than us. Guards, bring him to Hogun's quarters."

With that, he let the guards dragged him away from the hall. He was too shocked at Odin's punishment that he missed Frigga's breakdown or Thor's futile attempt to reason with his father.

It was all too late now.

~ End of Flashback

The guards left him in Hogun's quarters, as ordered by Odin. They left him sitting on the bed, his hands still bound behind him. And then the guards stood guard outside of the room.

It was a cruel punishment, to be given to a warrior like a whore. Loki knew where he stood in this equation. They expect him to submit to Hogun, to have Hogun break his will. Without his magic, he would not be able to escape. He was strong, but Hogun was stronger. They have sparred against each other many times before, and Loki had only won a few of those rounds.

Loki sighed. He knew he would not be able to escape his fate today. But he could always wait for a good time to execute a plan to escape. But what plan? He did not have one just then, but he would. He had confidence in his intelligence. He would think of something.

As he was lost in his thoughts, the door suddenly opened and Loki looked up to see Hogun entered the room. Neither acknowledged the other. Wordlessly, Hogun walked towards Loki and took a knife off his belt. Loki reacted and tried to backed away but Hogun reached out and gripped his shoulder to still him.

"Get your hands off me," Loki hissed at the bigger Asgardian. But Hogun ignored him and pulled him forward, and then Loki felt the binds to his hands loosen. Hogun had sliced the binds free.

Loki moved his hands to the front and rubbed his sore wrists and narrowed his eyes at Hogun who stood in front of him.

"Strip," a one word command from Hogun.

"I will not! I do not bow to you," Loki retorted.

"Do it, or I will get help from the guards outside to restrain you while I strip you. Your choice," Hogun replied calmly.

Loki was furious but he knew he had lost this round. Reluctantly, Loki began to strip down to his leggings. That was his final piece of clothing and he did not want to part with it. "The leggings too, or would you rather I do it?" Hogun asked.

And so, Loki took off his leggings and stood in front of Hogun. Loki wanted to feel anger but all he felt then was just shame. Ashamed that he had be reduced to nothing. And scared. Scared of what was to come. Especially when Hogun took off all of his own clothes after Loki did.

Even though they had shared many communal baths with Thor and the rest of the warriors, Loki could not bring himself to look at Hogun.

Then, without a word, Hogun pushed Loki onto the bed and climbed in after him. He straddled Loki and pressed kisses to Loki's neck. The kisses moved to Loki's mouth but Loki clamped his mouth shut. Hogun's right hand sought for Loki's nipple and it found it's target, it gave the nipple a hard twist. Loki gasped in pain and Hogun took that as an invite to further attack Loki's deliciously pink and supple lips. And then Hogun moved his lips to nibble on Loki's earlobe and then he trailed more kisses on Loki's long neck while he grind his crotch on Loki's reluctant arousal.

"Please, Hogun. Please don't do this. You are Thor's friend, you were my friend," Loki pleaded with Hogun, "Please stop this."

"The Allfather gave you to me. To break your will. I must do this," Hogun replied softly as he caressed Loki's tear-stained cheek. Then, without any warning, Hogun grabbed Loki by his hip and gave a merciless hard thrust. In one swift motion, the warrior's member was wholly sheathed inside Loki. Loki screamed as he was breached and continued to scream in pain as Hogun continued to pound into him. It was painful and Loki knew he had bled as he felt his blood trickled down his thighs. As Hogun found his quick-paced rhythm, Loki was reduced to painful whimpers.

After what felt like an eternity to Loki, Hogun came in him. The warrior pulled out of the prince and Loki could feel Hogun's spilt seeds inside of him. Loki curled into himself and started to silently cry. He was in pain and he felt used. As he cried his silent tears, he felt Hogun laid beside him and embraced him from behind and trailed kisses on his back.

Then he turned Loki to face him and said," You belong to me now. You are now mine to break. My body is what you will serve and you will do well to remember that." And then Hogun gave Loki a fierce and possessive kiss before he continued," Sleep. You will need to rest if I were to take you again later."

There was nothing Loki could do then except to sleep off his pain and his exhaustion and not to mention his shame. He decided that he would plan his escape tomorrow. And Hogun's eventual demise for shaming him.

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