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It was about 2 a.m. in the morning when Tony walked drunkenly towards Loki's room. He just had another argument with Pepper about the 'right' way of dealing with his official business. He was bored and he was irritated. When he stood in front of Loki's room, he slurred, "Jarvis, open the door will ya, and then initiate sound proof."

"Yes, sir", Jarvis replied as the door to Loki's room hissed open. Tony stumbled into the room.

Loki, who was already asleep, awoken when he heard noises from his door. When he realized who it was that disturbed his sleep, he rubbed his eyes sleepily and asked, "Tony? What are you doing?"

Tony stumbled towards Loki's voice but after a few misses, he said, "Jarvis, lights at 50 percent."

When dimmed lights came alive, Tony purred as he stumbled towards Loki's bed, "Lokiiiiiiiii, baby, were you asleep? Awww... s'okay, come play with uncle Tony, yeah?"

Tony took off his clothes and by the time he was at Loki's bedside, he was already naked.

Loki tried to reasoned with the drunken millionaire as he straddled the prince, "Tony, you're drunk. Why don't we just go to sleep tonight, alright?"

But Tony was already rubbing himself on the still-clothed young god. He sucked and bit the prince on the neck before he moved his lips to Loki's ear and whispered, "I saw you last night, you know. You and Cap. You wanted him. YOU were gonna kiss him. Are you sleeping with him? Is that his baby that you're carrying, hmm? Or perhaps, it's mine?"

Loki gasped as Tony bit his earlobe and then moaned as Tony nibbled on his nipples over his night shirt. When he caught his breath, he shook his head and frantically said, "No, no, I was only joking. I swear, I was I only joking."

Without warning, Tony shot his hand up, cupped Loki's jaw and hissed angrily, "What makes you think you can tease him, huh? I do not share, Loki. The great Tony Stark do not share." And he gave Loki light slaps on his cheek before he kissed the prince hungrily.

Tony kept on rubbing his erection on Loki's crotch as he lowered his head besides Loki's and whispered again, "Do you think Steve would like to hear you moan? Should we invite him over for a threesome? You would like that, wouldn't you, my princeling?"

Loki whimpered and shook his head fervently with his eyes tightly shut.

Tony gripped Loki's jaws and continued to whisper, "Or I should deactivate the sound proof, hmm? Maybe if you scream loud enough, he can hear you."

Tony gave Loki another hungry kiss and then commanded, "Strip and then lie on your front." Loki sat up obediently and then took his night shirt and sweatpants off with shaky hands. He threw his clothes on the floor and then laid on his front, on the bed.

Tony straddled him from behind and whispered against Loki's ear again, "I think, I think I'm gonna ride you bare back today, bayyy-by. And I brought some toys with me, baby." Tony grabbed two handcuffs from his trousers and then cuffed Loki's hands to the metal bed frame.

When he was done, Tony ran his fingers on Loki's back, right down until he reached his buttocks. He gave Loki's soft cheeks a few caresses and then followed by a few more hard slaps. Loki hissed at the unexpected pain of Tony's unkind spanks.

Tony snarled at the noise, "Shut up! I don't want to hear you make a sound, do you hear me?" And when he heard Loki whimpered, Tony leaned down on Loki and shushed him as he stroke his raven crown, "Shhh... it's okay. You be good and I'm gonna take good care of you, okay, my baby?"

Loki nodded slowly as Tony gave him a kiss on his cheek and caressed the side of his head.

Tony then licked a finger and pressed it into Loki's hole. Loki stiffened and held his breath at the intrusion. Tony then added another finger and Loki started to whimper at the pain.

At the sound, Tony gave him a few more hard slaps on his buttocks again and yelled, "I said shut up." And Loki did.

But Tony was impatient, "Ah, fuck this!" He took out his fingers and then he aligned his thick shaft with Loki's hole and with one thrust, impaled himself into Loki.

Loki howled in pain and he kept pulling on his restraints to try to get out from under the drunken engineer. Tony leaned forward and kept a firm hold on Loki's wrists to keep him down as he continued his thrusts into the young god. There was nothing that Loki could have done except to wait for Tony to finish with him.

Fortunately, Tony was more drunk than usual and his stamina diminished quickly; he came within the first 15 minutes. After he had spilled his seeds into Loki, Tony slumped forward and rolled to Loki's side and then fell asleep. Loki then fell into a restless sleep with his hands still cuffed to the bed frame.

It was morning when the engineer awakened and he was his usual post-rough-sex apologetic self with Loki and promised the young god that he would be better with him next time. He took the cuffs off and cuddled with the young prince, making more sweet promises and praises. He also showered him with hungry kisses and then kissed on Loki's much bruised wrists before he asked the young prince to give him a blow job to deal with his morning wood; and after that was done, he left the young prince to clean up after himself.

As he stood under the hot shower, Loki pondered, 'Is Tony the father of my child?' Then he shook his head at the impossibility of the thought. It had only been a few days since Tony first took him to bed. 'But if it was made possible with magic, then it would possible, wouldn't it?' And the logical sense of Loki's brain countered, 'But you don't even have your magic now, do you?' Right. 'So, does that mean that I cheated on my lover with Tony?' Loki cringed at the thought and felt something tugged at his heart. He then briefly wondered if that was what a broken heart felt like.

Loki and Steve were seated at the balcony for their breakfast. Steve had the brilliant idea that fresh air was good for mom-to-bes. He wasn't sure if Loki would appreciate him calling the young prince a pregnant lady.

As he ate his breakfast porridge (another one of Steve's healthy idea), he asked conversationally, "So, have you ever thought of having children of your own?"

Steve shrugged and replied, "Sure, before the ice though. I thought of having a family. Three kids, two boys and a girl, makes a family of 5."

Loki took another spoonful of his (horrible) porridge and asked again, "So, what about now? What's stopping you now?"

Steve shrugged and then sighed, "Well, to be honest, I did think about it. But this job, you know, being an Avenger, is quite demanding. I don't even have time to find a nice lady to settle down with. And then there's that problem with the mortality rate of being an employee of SHIELD (no, Steve will never refer to himself as a super hero, thank you very much). I think most ladies would have a problem with that."

Loki frowned as he ate the last spoonful of his porridge (good riddance!) and asked, "So, why not release yourself from their service? Why must you continue with this 'thing' if it's stopping you from getting a family?"

Steve smiled regretfully and answered, "It's not that easy, Loki. My life belonged to the people of the United States of America. I have sworn to protect them. And I take my responsibility seriously."

Loki gave him another confused frown, "But what if you found a family? Found a woman and wanted to marry her and have children with her. Would you then give up this life for them?"

Steve pondered on his answer and after a few short moments said, "Perhaps. Maybe. If I found the right person, perhaps I'll consider making the sacrifices for her."

At his answer, Loki bit his lip and kept his frown. Steve noticed his confusion and asked, "What's with the twenty questions?"

To which Loki looked at him quizzically and asked, "That was only a few questions. Hardly twenty. You miscalculated."

Steve gave a bellowed laughed and when he saw Loki's even more confused look, he said, "Never mind. I meant, what's with all the questions?"

Loki bit his lip again and at Steve's nudge of encouragement, he blurted out, "I don't know what to do with my baby."

Steve stared at Loki with a slightly opened mouth and when it was clear that the prince would not offer further explanation, he asked, "What do you mean, you don't know what to do with your baby? Are you saying that you don't want it?"

Loki sighed and said, "Noo... I mean, I don't know."

Steve leaned forward and said softly, "It's okay, Loki. Take your time. Why don't you tell me what's bothering you?"

Loki gave another sigh and said, "I'm pregnant, Steve. I am a male and I am pregnant! And I am living in exile. I don't know who is the father of my baby and I don't even know if the father of my baby wanted this or am I only a jilted lover when he discovered that I am pregnant? What if everyone is ashamed of my condition and that was why I was left here, on Midgard, alone! Do I want this baby, Steve? Should I keep this baby? And if I live here in exile, what am I to do with my baby after he or she is born? How are we to survive? I can't- I can't breath." By then, Loki was breathing heavily as he kept his palm to his chest.

"Hey, hey, it's okay. Deep breaths, that's it, deep breaths," Steve instructed as he rubbed Loki's back, not unlike when the young god threw up on him.

When it was obvious that the young prince was better, Steve said, "It's okay to worry about these things, Loki. It just meant that you wanted to do the right thing for your baby. I don't know about the circumstances of your pregnancy, but I do know that you are not alone. Thor will come for you, and hopefully he can give you a better understanding of what happened before you got to Earth. Plus, you have me. And Tony and Bruce. We're here. Do you think that we were gonna chased you out to the streets after you had your baby?" And he nudged Loki with his shoulder.

The young prince gave him a small smile and said, "I suppose you are right."

Steve beamed and then said with a soft smile, "Of course I'm right. You are my friend and if you need me to, I promise to bring home the bacon, for you and for your child."

Loki looked at Steve with another look of confusion, "Umm, you should know that I do not always fancy bacon. Also, I do not intend to feed my child bacon until he is significantly older. You Midgardians have very weird diet."

Steve gave him another bellowed laugh and then choked out, "No, that's not what it means. Aww, never mind."

Loki had another faraway look in his eyes and then softly asked, "Do you think I will make a good father?"

And then Steve took Loki's long-sleeved covered arms in his and said reassuringly, "You'll be a great father, Loki."

To his surprise, Loki hissed in pain at his action and he let go of the prince's hands almost immediately.

Steve asked in a panic voice, "What is it? Are you hurt? Was my grip too strong? I'm sorry, I forgot myself sometimes."

Loki pulled his sleeves over his wrists and then protested, "No, no, you just caught me by surprise, is all."

Steve narrowed his eyes at the blatant lie and said, "Let me see your hands, Loki."

When Loki shook his head and refused to meet his gaze, he reached out towards the prince and a trembling Loki allowed him to take his hands.

With utmost care, Steve rolled the sleeves up and that was when he saw the bruises. Hand-shaped purple and green bruises on Loki's arms and red, angry marks on his wrists.

And Loki shrunk back as Steve bristled, "Loki! What happened?! Who did this to you, Loki?"

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