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***And if you haven't read Tikal, the first part of this installment, this one might be confusing. Not that I'm discouraging you from reading this (by no means am I!), but ye be warned. :)***

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"Steady now, lads!" the bo'sun shouts as the men clumsily lower the last chest into the ground without falling in themselves. Somehow, they manage it and climb back onto the ledge and begin covering everything in the space with dirt and rocks. The captain watches them carefully, stroking the white cat in her arms.

A twig snaps, alarming her. She sighs when she sees it's only a bird fluttering away. False alarm. Though, they shouldn't be wasting time. There's no telling what sort of beast could be nearby..

"Pick up the pace!" she orders as Zephyrus jumps from her arms rubs himself against her legs affectionately.

The men oblige obediently. They know well that she didn't earn her title as the Siren of the Seas by just bossing people about.

She looks around again, checking for any torchlight in the distant. If he finds them, it's all over…

Of course, that was highly unlikely, but she couldn't help but be paranoid. This was her island; no one else could find it without the map. And even if someone did manage to get a hold of that, Zeus help them if they came here. It wasn't called Isle Moros for nothing.

"What 'bout that piece, Cap?" says one of the crew, motioning to the trinket in her palm.

She studies the treasure she's currently holding carefully. "I've got another spot in mind for this one, lads."

"Lead the way! No worries, Cap'n! We won't tell no one."

There's only one way to make sure of that she thinks to herself. She tosses and catches the last piece of treasure in her hand. This isn't just any treasure; this piece deserves it's very own hiding place. She worked far too hard to obtain it just to toss it in the ground.

She slips it in her pouch, reaches to both of the holsters at her thighs and takes out her pistols, one for each hand.

"No, you won't."

Systematically, she eliminates all the witnesses.

After all, dead men tell no tales.