Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Benjamin love? You in?" Eleanor Lovett had spent the past six hours walking aimlessly around London, stopping off here and there for a spot of food whenever she felt hungry. She knew she had been gone longer than Ben had wanted, but she enjoyed observing people going about their day to day lives, she found it fascinating and even slightly amusing.

"Wait there!" Benjamin's voice came from somewhere within her house. She tried to peak through the window but all the curtains appeared to be drawn.

"Why've you got the curtains drawn love?" She called out as she heard footsteps coming quickly towards her from behind the door. She heard the lock click open and a pink cheeked Benjamin poked his head round the door.

"Put this over your eyes!" He said excitedly as he held out the tie he had been wearing earlier.

"Okay…" Eleanor took it from him and tied it around her head.

She felt strong arms tugging her through the door and she heard the lock click behind her.


"Okay take it off now!"

She removed her blindfold. Her shop was covered op to toe in sprigs of holly, long extended wreaths and candles.

"Ben it's-"

"Go into the parlour!" He said, grabbing her hand and pulling her through the hallway, he opened the door and she couldn't believe her eyes. A huge Christmas tree stood in the corner, decked with baubles, candles and ornaments. An angel sat atop it, her golden locks brushing the ceiling as her expressionless eyes gazed over the festive room.

"I did all the rooms, the kitchen he laundry room, the upstairs parlour, both our rooms… I hope you don't mind me going in yours! It took me ages-"

Nellie didn't pay attention to his excited babbling but walked over to the tree, her eyes full of tears. She hadn't celebrated Christmas for so long she had forgotten how perfectly magical it all was.

"It's perfect." She said quietly, ceasing his endless chatter as she reached out a hand and strked the fir arm of the tree.

Benjamin watched her petite frame standing there. He marvelled at how her messy red birds nest only added to her beauty.

The clock chimed making them both jump out of their trances.

Eleanor looked towards the mantelpiece; it was twelve o'clock… officially the month of December.

"I thought I should wait till December to put this up." Benjamin's voice came from behind her.

She turned to see him on the tips of his toes, hanging a bunch of mistletoe above the door.

After it was in place he turned towards her but couldn't look her in the eye.

Kiss him Nellie!

No I can't! It ain't proper!

But you waaaaaant to!

I know but that's beside the point…

No that's very much to do with the point!

It would be awkward! We barely know each other!

Yet he already saved you from the judge, decorated your house and let you pour your heart oout to him in the space of two days.

Two days! That's my point! We've only known each other for two days!

Oh for God's sake just kiss him!

With her mind made up, Eleanor walked over to where he stood underneath the mistletoe, stood up on her tip toes and kissed him softly on the mouth.

His response was immediate, he took her face in his hands and kissed her back deeply. She parted her ruby red lips and he did the same, his tongue finding its way into her mouth his hand finding the back of her head as hers raked through his hair.

After a good while, they broke apart.

Eleanor looked up unsurely, blushing slightly Benjamin looked back down at her.

"Well…" She started.


"Well… that was… unexpected." They both chuckled. "And nice!" Eleanor hastened to add so as not to give him the wrong impression.

"Very nice." Benjamin agreed smiling at her.

"Uh… anyway, it's late I'd better be going to bed." She said, starting to walk towards the door.

"Nellie wait!" Benjamin called from behind her, grabbing her wrist and spinning her round so that she was facing him.

"Good night." He said, kissing her softly again, before letting her walk away.

Eleanor pushes open her bedroom door, closed it behind her and leant against it.

Did we just?…Really? It wasn't exactly modest either.

She giggled to herself. He really was a spectacular kisser she had to admit.

No one can know… He knows that right? Oh well, we can talk tomorrow I suppose.

She smiled and pushed herself off the door, walking over to her vanity and looking at her reflection. She hadn't realised how widely she was smiling… how much would she smile if they slept together? Nellie! She scolded herself. Don't get ahead of yourself, you've only just kissed… And get the image of Benjamin naked out of your head right now!

She giggled again, standing straight, slipping of her dress and reaching behind her to undo her intricately tied up corset. With both on the floor, she slipped off her undergarments, threw a nightgown over herself and climbed under the duvet. Her thoughts still with the man in the room upstairs.

We kissed… we really kissed! She's a great kisser I bet she's even better in the sack… No Benjamin stop it! TWO DAYS you have known each other and you've already kissed! It's so improper! And to top all that off she's a widow in mourning! Urgh if anyone found out… but they won't I mean Nellie isn't stupid, she knows what would happen. We can talk tomorrow if we really need to.

Benjamin was standing in the middle of his room undoing the buttons of his shirt as he thought about what had just happened. Shrugging it off, he draped it over the chair it was followed by his trousers and he climbed into bed in nothing but his underwear. His thoughts still with the woman in the room downstairs.

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