The Amazing world of Jurassic Park

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Ch. 1

Our story begins in the Watterson household on a nice, sunny morning. It is the first day of summer, and Gumball and Darwin are trying to figure out what they were going to do over the next few months. They were watching TV when Nicole came in.

"Gumball, sweetie can you please get the mail?" asked Nicole

"Yes mom" said Gumball

Gumball went to get the mail and there was only one thing in the mailbox, a letter addressed to him

"Hey, I got a letter" said Gumball

"Really, who's it from?" asked Richard

"I don't know it doesn't say" said Gumball

"Well what does the letter say?" asked Darwin

Gumball opened the envelope and read the letter. It said:

Dear Gumball Watterson,

Congratulations, you and your family have won a free trip to my new theme park over the summer. My park hasn't opened yet and I want you and your family to be the first ones to try it out. This will be an experience your family will never forget. The private jet to take you to my park will be waiting for you at Elmore international airport on Saturday at 9:30 am sharp, a guy will be waiting for you at 9:00 am to escort you to the plane, so don't be late, and we hope that you enjoy my new park. But until then,


John Hammond

Ceo of INGEN

"Wow, I can't believe I won us a free vacation." Said Gumball

"I don't remember you entering any contest Gumball" said Nicole

"I entered this contest about a year ago to go to this theme park and I totally forgot about it, the flyer said the contest would go on for a while" said Gumball

"Okay, so when did the guy say we'd be leaving?" asked Nicole

"The letter said on Saturday at 9:30 am and a guy would be waiting for us at 9 am" said Gumball

"Okay so we have until tomorrow to pack and plan, I want you all to go start packing" said Nicole

"Yes mom" said Gumball, Darwin and Anais

"Yes honey" said Richard

That's the end of chapter 1

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