Ch. 10

John drove the car towards a helipad where a helicopter was waiting to take off

"I'm so glad this nightmare's over" said Gumball as he got in the helicopter

The whole family got in the helicopter but john didn't. he looked out in the distance and he could hear the dinosaurs roaring. Nicole came up to him

"Mr. Hammond, it's time for us to go now" said Nicole

"My dream ruined, but now the dinosaurs can live without our presence" said John as he stepped on the chopper

The chopper took off and headed towards the mainland where a normal plane would take them back to Elmore. The kids fell asleep while the adults looked at the island and all the dinosaurs that inhabited it

(A few days later)

Gumball was on a date with penny at the movies. During the movie penny noticed a few bandages on gumballs arm. After the movie she asked him about the bandages

"Gumball are you alright, I noticed you have bandages around your arm" said Penny

"Oh those, I got them while on vacation a couple days ago, a t-rex knocked me into a tree and a car fell on me and my mom" said Gumball

"A t-rex? Where did you go?" asked Penny

"It's a long story" said Gumball

"Come on please, for me?" asked Penny

"Well, okay" said Gumball

Gumball told penny the story about Jurassic park and the big accident. How he almost lost his life to the dinosaurs. And through that entire story, penny believed everything that happened

"Well at least you're safe now" said Penny

"I'm sure glad I'm safe too" said Gumball as he reached penny and gave her a kiss before going to the park to watch the sunset

That's the final chapter of the amazing world of Jurassic park. I'm so glad I finally finished it. It took me a year to make it, so many changes, so much rewrites but it's finally done. Please review and tell me what you think and I'll see you again soon