The Tale

The great Phoebe Artemis of the Hunt, the Wild and the Moon was well-known throughout the universe as one of the three virgin goddesses of the Olympic pantheon. She was very protective of her virginity and swore to always remain chaste. It was a promise she made to herself and a promise she was determined to keep.

However, that did not stop her from falling in love.

The cause of her foreign affections was a handsome and jolly hunter that went by the name of Orion. He was the only one to have captured her heart, and she was the only one to have captured his. As a result, they promised themselves to each other.

But most unfortunately, it was a love that ended before it could truly begin.

This is the tragic tale of the doom of Artemis' first love, all at the hands of her younger twin brother, Apollo.

This is a tale of promises broken and promises kept.

Author's Note:

To all those who have guessed correctly in my last fanfic (In Remembrance); yes, this would be an Artemis fanfic about her relationship with Orion. This is only the prologue. First chapter will come out tomorrow.

It's my first time trying to write a romance tragedy (my Hades and Persephone ones don't really count as tragedy) so I hope that I'll be good at it. Leave me some reviews on what you think of each chapter, alright?

Anyway, one important thing to tell you all about. Most of you know me as the writer that updates her stories everyday. Unfortunately, I won't be able to update this fanfic everyday. But fortunately, I would be able to update it very frequently, let's say maybe about once or twice a week. I might even set up an official 'update day'. What do you guys think?

Stay tuned for the first chapter!

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