It was night has two campers heard a noise, one of them got off the tent and grabbed stick he looked around and saw a pair of eyes he tried to scare them off but they just stayed there, while he was trying to scare the wolves another one attacked him from behind mean while has he died another two wolves killed the women in the tent.

In the morning the park rangers found the remains they took the bodys while they were on their way back they heard howlings and saw a black wolf in the middle of the road they tried to scare him with the cars horn but it didn't move so one of them got out of the car and fired a shot into the sky to scare him, what he didn't saw was that two wolves where behind him. They bit his legs and started to drag him into the woods he tried to release him self and kicked one of them and fired against the other killing him, he got back up but was attacked by three wolves. The other ranger got off the car and fired is rifle at them making them retreat he aimed at the black wolf but before he could fire the wolf jumped at him biting his face.

Another group of rangers encountered the bodys brought them back, after the autopsy they found out that they were killed by wolves. During the following months more people died to deal with this two hunters were hired to kill them, they and three rangers went into a cabin located in their territory. They laid some traps and at night one of the hunters stood guard at midnight he heard howling, he went into the woods and looked around till he saw that one of the traps had been activated he got closer and drooped his rifle has he did it the wolves surrounded and killed him.

The rest of the group heard the noise of the fight and ran out of the cabin to investigate just to find the wolves eating him they ran back to the cabin with the wolves following them they got to the cabin but one of the rangers was killed. They locked the door so the wolves couldn't enter but one of them jumped threw a window they panicked one of the rangers grabbed a rifle and fired at the wolf injuring it witch made it more angry so he fired again killing him. The hunter looked out of the window and saw two wolves he aimed his gun but from the darkness the black wolf jumped at him biting his neck one of the rangers saw this and cuted the wolfs face, it ran back into the woods now with a scar.

The one of the rangers tried to stop the bleeding as the other one prepared to fight the wolves in that moment part of the door broke and a wolf tried to get in the ranger saw him grabbed an axe and cut off its head. The other wolf jumped threw the the door and bit his face and neck, after he killed him he charged the other ranger the dying hunter saw him and grabbed his rifle and fired at the wolf penetrating his heart. The ranger grabbed a knife and a flare-gun and exited the cabin, he saw the eyes of the black wolf it charged him and threw him to the floor they started to fight he clawed the ranger and tried to bite him but the ranger stabbed the knife into its back.

The wolf howled in pain and ran into the woods, the ranger got back up and saw the wolfs eyes in the woods and the blade shining he aimed the gun at him the wolf ran at him and jumped the ranger fired the flare into the wolfs mouth he feel and started to burn from the inside. The ranger saw him burning and went back home.