Chapter 1:

Cammie's P.O.V:

I left on a journey eight months ago, a journey of which to get answers. I found my answers and squashed the Circles butt, but I didn't go back to Gallagher. It's a long story and I'll explain later, but I couldn't go back. Not after what I figured out and done. I set off for a new life. A life of a celebrity. I found out that 37% of actors are undercover spies, so know I am one too. Actors/actresses like Jennifer Lawerance, Liam Hemsworth, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig (I know both actors that played James Bond were really undercover millionaire spies.), Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Chris Hemsworth, Gemma Ward, Mel Gibson, Indiana Evans, Cariba Heine, and so much more. Now including Cameron Ann Morgan (I couldn't change my appearance or name.) work for a secret branch call the A.A.I.D. A.A.I.D stands for the Actors/Actress Intelligence Division. We go on secret missions to stop people destroy or take down the C.I.A, MI6, A.S.I.O, NSA, and more. You could say that we are a pretty secret and much bigger company than those other government branches. Only certain people know about us, not even the people who work for the C.I.A know about us. Since I'm the Chameleon, they gladly excepted me after I figured out what the A.A.I.D is when I found some documents about them when I was about to bomb a circle base. They also took me in since they've been wanted to take the Circle down and they figured out a 17 year- old girl did it. Some of the members who worked for the A.A.I.D started getting used to all the money and celebrity life that they would get drunk or have drugs all the time. So, they got kicked off the field and got brainwashed so they wouldn't tell anybody about us. I'm guessing that I shouldn't get on their bad side. I mean some of our covers are supposed to be snobby and all, but not mental and miserable. Can you imagine doing a mission like that.

"Cammie darling! Come here dear so we can get your makeup down." Matilda, the girl who controls and watches me in this movie pointed towards Ella. Ella is my makeup artist. She also works for the A.A.I.D too. She's part of the disguise apartment. She winked at me and started creating fake blood, gashes, scratches, burns, and more. You see the movie is about a teenage spy (me, I know they said I would be perfect for the part.) who works for a teenage spy organization that stops bad people, etc. You get the point. The movie has action, suspense, drama, and a touch of romance. I went to go get dressed into my costume. They did a great job too. My black converse are stained with blood (Fake of course.) and has dirt stains on them. Parts of the shoes are ripped and have cuts on them. My white shirt is stained with (both fake) fresh blood and old blood stains that are now brown spots on the T-Shirt. There are rips and dirt marks around the white T-Shirt too. My green cargo pants are the same. My face as a dirt mark on my left cheek and I have a scar on the side of my lip. Gashes and burns are all over my arms and neck. My hair is up in a messy ponytail with strands here and there. I walk over to the set and we shot an interrogation scene where I'm strapped to a pole and in a small room. I start acting and then I do my big escape.

"Cut! That was perfect. Take 5 people!" The director announced. I went to get some water when the director came up to me and said something that was so unexpected.

"Cameron guess what? We are shooting in the Roseville Mall next! You see, the FFA (The bad people in the movie.) base is under the mall! We're going to closing part of the mall to do it." He explained. I spit my water out.


Chapter 2:

Cammie's P.O.V:

Today's the day that we are shooting in the Roseville Mall. Yay! (Please note the sarcasm.) The base was under a restaurant that is attached to the mall. All I have to do is escape the guards and smash a window grab a gun and started running and fake shooting around the mall. Not to mention I have to swear a couple times and do these fancy moves.

"Okay everybody. Take 1 and ACTION!" The director announced. I start to run and grab a gun that's on a counter. I run to the elevator and press the 'escape' button. Could they make more obvious? An alarm starts to fill the "base" as I run into the elevator. I make it up to the restaurant where Taylor Lautner meets me. (Yep he's in the movie. Did I tell you he's hotter in person.) He's character is Mark Evans, a guy/teenager that helps me do the mission and escape. He's basically my partner.

(My characters name is Avery Valcam.)

"Avery hurry up lets go!" Mark drags me to a door that's blocked. We turn our heads towards the window and ran to. We kicked the window and started gliding down on the floor of the mall. Glass shattered all around Mark and I. We stood up and started to run. "Goons" ran after us as Mark was pulling me around the mall. Our extras in the movie, who where civilians around the mall started running towards the exits. I would occasionally shoot at the goons. As we were running I caught a glimpse of something or should I say some people. It was the whole senior class of Gallagher Academy and Blackthorne. They must have merged this year. I saw Mr. Solomon, so they must be here on a Cover Op assignment. I saw some shocked and angry faces, but I turned my attention back to my character and the set.

"Avery hide!" Mark yelled. I ran to the side of a store and hid there. I loaded more bullets into my gun and turned off the safety switch. (There not real bullets.) I take a deep breath and stand still as one of the "goons" walks past me. Once he pasts me I look over at Mark who's on the other side. He signals the all -clear sign so I could run to him. I start running towards him when "gun shots" are being shot at me. I arrive to Mark.

"What part of 'all clear' don't you get!" I hissed.

"Dammit (A/N: I don't cuss, it's just to go with the movie.)Avery. I love you but be quiet!" He put his hand over my mouth. I gave him an eye roll. The goons started running the other way because Mark threw something there to make a sound so it will distract them. He let go of my mouth slowly.

"You okay?" He asked. A cocked an eyebrow.

"What kind of questions that?" I whispered back to him.

"Nope, your fine." He smiled. I just ignored him grabbed my gun.

"CUT! That was amazing! Take 20 everybody!" The director announced. Taylor and I stood up and gave each other a high five and laughed. Soon makeup artists came to touch up on our make up.

"Okay everyone! I know I said to take a twenty minute break but lets get this last scene over with!" He yelled in enthusiasm. (Remember they don't always shoot scenes in order.) We got in our positions.

"Okay and ACTION!" He yelled into the megaphone.

"Mark you have to call the agency so they can come help us and pick us up!" I whispered/yelled. He nodded and grabbed his untraceable phone out that he got in the beginning of the movie. He called and answered some questions.

"They should be here soon." He whispered. Sure enough people in black with our agency's logo jumped out from the windows by the ceiling. The goons started attacking and we helped our agents fight them. The leader of the opposing team grabbed Mark.

"MARK!" I yelled. It was too late. The leader pointed the gun to Marks head and held onto him.

"One more move and he's dead!" The leader announced as he pushed the gun to his temple harder.

"Very good." The leader started. "You can have your top agent which is Ms. Avery Valcom if I can keep Mark as my personal slave." The leader explained.(Note: this is the middle of the film so yea.)

"NO! TAKE ME INSTEAD!" I shouted. (So original I know.)

"Avery shut up and go!" Mark hissed. Our agency agreed because we all knew that if not they would attack us and we don't have enough agents left. Not to mention we all knew we could get Mark back. Our agency agreed and they started pulling we away towards the door where a helicopter would be waiting for me.

"NOOOO!" I Screamed/cried. I started fake crying (Which not to brag but is very good.) and started saying Mark's name. I saw Mark whisper to one of the goons and they let go of him. He ran to me and cupped my cheek. We were now right in the middle of the mall and there were cameras everywhere getting every angle of video.

"Avery I love you okay. Don't ever forget that. I will live for you and I know you'll get me back." Mark kissed my forehead and then the goons started pulling him away.

"Mark!" I cried.

"I love you!" I sobbed heavily while being dragged away.

"I love you too!" He shouted to me. I turned my head back towards the door as some of the agents opened the doors for me. A chopper was waiting for me. The wind, made my hair get in my face as I turned back one more time to Mark. He did the same thing. He mouthed, 'I love you' and turned back around. I stepped into the chopper and we flew away. Then we came back down since the scene was over.

"Cut! That's a wrap! We finished the movie!" the director screamed.

"WE'RE DONE FINALLY!" I yelled as I cheered with the rest of the cast and crew. I ran to Taylor and he spun me around. He's like an older brother to me. Soon they put on some music and we started dancing around with the rest of the cast and crew.

"OKAY FOR ALL YOU FANS, TAYLOR AND CAMERON WILL NOW BE DOING AUTOGRAPHS!" Somebody from the crew announced through the megaphone. I grabbed a pen and started signing notepads and shirts.

"Cameron can we have your autograph?" Someone asked so kindly that it actually sounded bitter. I turned around to see the Blackthorne Boys and Gallagher Girls along with Mr. Solomon. Oh gosh.

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