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Chapter 23:

Cammie's P.O.V:

I slammed open the dorm room to see Sel, Tay, and Lindsay. They saw me crying and immediately got up towards me.

"Cam! What's wrong?" Lindsay rubbed circles on my back soothingly as I chocked over my sobs.

"Za-Zac-" I didn't have to finish the sentence because Sel knew me so well.

"He cheated on you! He is going to be a dead man!" She fumed along with the rest. Taylor's light skin turned into a cherry red color and her eyes became three times bigger. Oh no she's about to unleash her claws. They don't just call her cat eyes because of her cat looking eyes and her love cats, no she comes with claws too.

"Guys! Thanks for the support but its okay. I mean I guess it wasn't meant to be." I was trying to convince myself more than them, but I guess they didn't hear anything because they were already out the door their footprints echoing down the halls.

I was running after them taking sharp turns against the halls. They barged open the door of the boy's room and stormed in. I was right behind them restraining them from moving and attacking Zach, but they were A.A.I.D. agents like me. They wiggled out of my grip and went straight towards Zach. I'm guessing he was just telling them what happened because Grant, Nick, and Jonas were giving me weird looks. I even noticed Grant was concerned like he wanted to communicate with me.

"ZACHARY GOODE! HOW DARE YOU! I SWEAR WHEN I'M DONE YOU'RE GOING TO WISH THAT YOU WERE NEVER ALIVE!" Selena screamed changing her voice when she said 'never'. She did a special A.A.I.D. slap where you put more pressure in different parts of your hand and it burns ten times as much not to mention a redder mark.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?" Grant screamed with a puzzled and irritated look on his face.

"YOUR STUPID FRIEND CHEATED ON YOUR SISTER!" Lindsay yelled back kicking Zach in the place where the sun doesn't shine. I saw him wince really bad then compose himself. Taylor punched him in the chest. Grant got up immediately jumped off the bed. He started throwing punches at him and kicking him everywhere.


"Grant- it's-it's okay." I sobbed. Even Jonas and Nick threw him a punch. He embraced me into a hug and I cried into his chest. Jonas took Zach to the infirmary and I laid down on the bed with Grant. He rocked me back and forth humming the tune that our dad used to hum for me so I would calm down.

In a way I was happy. Grant actually acknowledged me.

"I love you Grant." I mumbled into his shirt.

"I love you too Cam." He whispered into my hair kissing my forehead.

"You know what Grant?" I asked in a statement form.


"I-I though that he might have been the one." I finished my heart aching. I honestly though Zach would be the one. I would be wearing a white dress and he would be wearing a tux waiting for me at the front of the aisle. I imaged having little Goode's in the house and teaching them to be a spy. Now, now my dreams are shattered because of him and stupid Tina!

"To be honest I did too Cam, but that means there is somebody better than Zach out there for you, and I know that he will regret hurting you. Somebody out there is going to realize what a great person you are and they will be the one for you." He finished looking down at me with the same color eyes as me. I buried my head back into his chest and tried finishing my never ending pool of tears.

Chapter 24:

Third P.O.V:

Joe Solomon strolled the manicured lawns of the Gallagher Academy. He reached the grand oak doors that were at the back of the school and he gently opened the door and walked him saying hello to Professor Buckingham. He walked up to the special teachers Sub-Level elevators and clicked three and the doors closed taking him to Sub-Level three.

The doors opened with a 'ding' and he walked out of the elevators walking to his room. He had his special laptop with him and he set it down on the desk. He carefully opened the laptop and turned it on. He waiting patiently and then started hacking into any databases that might have Cammie involved. Frustration shook his body as hours passed. He researched on 5,871 websites, 345 databases, and 675 C.I.A. supervised databases and nothing came up! He ruffled his hand into his hair stressfully and rubbed his temples. Hours and hours passed until finally 5 hours and 32 minutes of hacking brought him into a firewall. He smiled, his gut telling his that he's close to something. He hacked for six hours (Yes he stayed up that long) until he paused to take a break.

The next day he hacked for another six hours until he was finally brought to a link.

"What do we have here?" He muttered to himself as he hovered his mouse icon over the link. He clicked on it and scrolled down.

"A.A.I.D.?" He questioned to himself then read further, "Actors, Actresses, Intelligence, Division." He paused and his mouth broke into a smile.


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