Title: A Godfather's duty

Pairing: Eventual Severusx?, parental snarry

Fandom: Harry Potter

Summary: Lily's dead. Harry's missing. Severus' Magical bond to Harry as a godfather is screaming at him to protect him. Severus is in mourning. How does Severus mourn Lily and follow her wishes when everything is against him? He contemplates what to do with the rest of his life when fate takes a hand. Good Malfoys, Good Dumbledore/Dumbles-bashing,


Severus had when he found out that the Dark Lord was after Lily- well Harry who was his godson but he knew Lily would be as fierce as a mother bear protecting her cubs, he'd begged to see her. He'd told her about the prophecy- what little he knew. He swore that he'd never meant to put her in danger. He told her and James he'd do anything for her. Severus never liked James Potter but he could tell that his best friend was in love. So for Lily's sake he did his best to be pleasant. He even attended their Bonding and Muggle Wedding. He'd been present at Harry's birth, Lily had named him a godfather but James had chosen Sirius Black. A mistake, the man was a complete dunderhead with children.

He heard that one time Sirius had watched his niece, Andromeda's daughter of course, that little Nymphadora got a hold of his broom and tried to fly it. Poor kid ended up with a broken arm and a concussion.

Severus also placed a charm on Lily that would notify him if she were in danger. It went off that night. He apologized to Narcissa and tried to floo to the cottage. It didn't worked, since he was welcome there despite the Fidelius Charm it should have let him in. Lucius caught him in the front parlour; together they'd run out of the house. He'd needed Lucius; his oldest friend in Slytherin calmed him. They'd Apparated to the cottage. They-well he had, Lucius had seen nothing, and he saw a green flash in the nursery window. He'd screamed and ran into the cottage.

Lucius had held onto him and he'd dragged him uncaringly into the Fidelius charmed house.

The front door had been blasted open.

The stench of Dark Magic was poignant. He'd found James, dead in the parlour. There were signs of a powerful duel; the parlour hearth had been destroyed. There was the reason the floo wasn't working. Severus ran past James' dead body and up the stairs.

There were soot marks and other signs of magical destruction on the way upstairs.

The nursery door had been blasted open.

Lily lay sprawled on the ground.

Severus ran to her, gently turning her.

Harry, his godson was screaming fit to wake the dead but it did nothing for Lily. She was already cooling. The nursery window had been destroyed and cool fall wind was blowing inside.

"Severus, give me the child." Lucius asked.

Severus did so and cried rocking Lily.

Then soon after came the shouts.

"James? Lily? Merlin! James! Oh no! What have I done! I never should have! I'm going to kill that rat! Lily? Where are you? Merlin please don't let Harry be hurt!"

Lucius called out, "We're up here Black!."

The sound of running came closer.

"Snivellius? Did you do this?"

Severus was furious, "Hurt James and Lily? Never! You know as well as I do the magic of the Wiccaning wouldn't let me."

"You were a Death Eater!"

"I was a spy! We both were. You know that. Lucius and I were outed by Bellatrix. We've been hiding out in the Manor for weeks. I came because the charm I set on Lily went off. I couldn't floo in."

"Floo's dead." Sirius said woodenly, then he saw Harry, "Give him to me! He's my godson."

Severus' eyes flashed, "He's my godson too, same as Draco. Harry isn't going anywhere until the wills are heard and we know James and Lily's wishes. He's probably equally ours."

"I said get your filthy snake hands off him! Stupefy!"

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