Title: A Godfather's duty

Pairing: N/A

Fandom: Harry Potter

Summary: Lily's dead, Severus is in mourning. He contemplates what to do with the rest of his life when fate takes a hand.

Chapter 15

Between their Auror training and Ian being a lycan, they were quite skilled at tracking and portkey creation. They had both not only visited but they had also run-ins with the Jersey Authorities

Ian also had keen ears and a nose.

The orphanages were thankfully in the local phonebook so Apparating to them one by one wasn't difficult.

There were five all together and meeting Kingsley and Emelia at the third wasn't a surprise.

"How did you find out about Jersey?" Kingsley grumbled.

"Let's see it's damp, there are cellars, the smell of salt and its not in Britain. We already managed to eliminate other possible places that the orphanage he was dumped at might have transferred him." Ian snarled.

Jayme glared at him before turning her attention to the Ministry Law Enforcement representatives. "My apologies, while he's exercising the skills he learned in Auror training, he still has anger toward the Auror Department. He was given poor information and was sent into a werewolf pack's territory at the full moon. Then when he was proved to be a werewolf, the Head Auror fired him and I threw my robes in his face."

Kingsley frowned, "That wasn't the story I heard. I heard that you two were caught having an affair and were both asked to leave."

Jayme snorted, "We weren't even partners, sure we met for drinks but we weren't even courting at the time. We spent no more time together then we would with you. Now put your pricks back in your trousers and lets work together. There is a small child who is lost, we're both looking for him and he's more important then both of your prides or your foolish prejudices. Neither of us are going to find our pack's missing pup this way."

"Harry Potter is not a werewolf child!" Kingsley snorted.

Jayme snickered, "But his sister is one of our pack's pups and his uncle's Bondmate is our Beta."

"I won't pretend to understand," Emelia sighed, "but Jayme has a point, lets thoroughly check this one out and move on to the next one if he isn't here?"

Jayme chuckled, "Glad to see one of you has sense."

"Hit wizards are generally held to be more sensible and logical then the Auror Corps." Emelia said smugly.

"If you ever become Head Hit Wizard then perhaps, you might be in need of a tracker?" Jayme chuckled.

Arm in arm they left the glaring males and went to search for any sign of Harry.

One more pointed glare and Ian shifted into his wolf form, checking air and ground for the smell of decomposing bodies, Harry's scent or anything that shouldn't be there.

Not long after Ian had decided that this wasn't it, the witches appeared.,

"We searched the building under notice-me-not charms and there is no sigh of Harry or a cellar nursery." Jayme scowled.

"There are still more orphanages to check." Kingsley grumbled.

The four then Apparated to the next place…


There was an Apparition point near the yacht berths at Swanwick thus Lucius, Sancus Andromeda and Dora Apparated to it and then swiftly made their way to The Hecate led by Lucius who knew the way.

For all his sire's Muggle hating nature, it was all a front on Lucius' part having been forced to take the mark against his will.

There was room enough for his crew, Sancus, Andromeda, himself and Dora.

He was going to put Andromeda and Dora in the connecting room to his own and Sancus on the side opposite.

He had little desire to partake of whatever Hart had in mind and he wasn't going to take Dora over there.

Lucius planned to keep them aboard and take only Kingsley with him.

Even if Harry were found, he planned to take down this ring of monsters and rescue as many children as they could. Hopefully, Remus' investigation tagged all the magical children…

With the war 'over' or at least there was a sort of cease-fire with disappearance of the Dark Lord, there would be many children parentless or worse…

The loss of much of the Bones family as well as the McKinnons on the same day, a birthday party for the McKinnon-Bones family's second son was a heinous crime…

Equal to the deaths, well murders of the Prewett twins he went to school with…

He trusted that Aurora would see to it that the magical children were retrieved and he would probably loaned his current residence, the one in London, Number Seven Malloy Place to house them and they would be taught at Number Four under scholarship no matter who became their guardian.

Surely, Ted could help them recover from the abuse they'd suffered…

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