All 4 men sat around the conference table, with Garcia's laptop beside Spencer, the unsub's picture facing towards them all.

"All right, now what do we know about our unsub?" Hotch called out, a whiteboard marker in his hand, poised to write.

"His name is Levi Hanger. He's a 35 year old who works as a janitor in an art studio, just off of Lawrence Street."

Hotch quickly scribbled the information onto the white board. "That would explain the hours he's home at. Going back to Alice for a moment, did he have any contact with her father while he was in prison?" he asked, writing Jace's name on the board with a question mark beside him.

Spencer typed something on Garcia's laptop and pulled open his e-mails. "Nothing in his e-mails, and there can't be any text messages, because Jace is in jail. We may have to go down to the jail in Vegas to see of they've has any contact down there."

Morgan tapped his chin with a finger. "He said that he'd had other girls before Alice, maybe they were just practice for the real thing." he threw out the idea cautiously.

"That would make sense." Rossi added in. "If he is doing this job for Jace, that would explain why his initials were written as well as his. Sort of like a symbol that they both own her."

"Hanger is a classic psychopath. Lacks the ability to love, he has no sense of right and wrong, has no shame and lacks remorse and guilt." Hotch spoke as he wrote on the white board.

"We also know his address 5 Saints Crescent his phone number, cell phone number, and his car which is a white, old Honda civic." Reid looked up from the computer as he spoke.

"We need to release this profile, and tomorrow we have to visit Vegas for some answers. After we finish the profile, we need to interview Alice."

All the men nodded and stood to arrange a press conference.

"He what?!" JJ shrieked as she swallowed the last piece of her Aero bar.

Alice's tinkling laughter filled the room. "He tried so hard to jump that fence! I ended up having to help him limp home. I gave him this huge lecture about listening to me, and that's when his mom came into the room. That's a WHOLE other story!" she finished speaking and took a swig of her water.

"I'd never figure Reid for the daring type." Prentiss giggled as she flipped the page in one of her magazines.

"He and I did stuff like that all the time. Believe it or not, there's a lot of stuff you don't know about him. And I didn't know it back then, but now it seems that he was trying to impress me." she smirked and took another chocolate bar from JJ's bag.

The three FBI agents giggled. It turned into full blown laughter just when the door opened. Alice's smile was wide and she turned to see who it was.

Spencer stood in the doorway watching the scene unfold. "Making fun of me aren't we, Albert?" he smirked at the nickname.

"I had nothing better to do, Stella." she glared and threw back his own nickname.

"Stella?" JJ laughed as Penelope and Emily hid their giggled behind their hands.

Spencer blushed as Alice smirked. "Payback's a bitch, Stella."

"So how did these nicknames come about?" Prentiss asked curiously, closing the magazine sitting in her lap.

"Oh that's not important!" Spencer said quickly. Alice laughed and opened her mouth to say something, but he shoved his hands over her lips.

"Oh no, are we doing this again?" JJ groaned and flipped open a magazine.

"Nope! Alice wasn't going to say anything right?" he leaned down and whispered in her ear, "I promise not to call you Albert if you don't tell them." Alice shook Reid's hand off of her face. "You've got yourself a deal Stella."

"Who's this lovely Stella you're talking about, baby cakes?" Derek called from the doorway. The 4 females in the room giggled again as Reid blushed a light pink.

"She's... a close friend you could say." Alice grinned at Morgan. Derek walked closer to bed, a notebook and pen with him.

"Sorry to ruin 'ladies night' but we need to get this interview done." Morgan gave Alice a sympathetic look. Alice nodded and began playing with her fingers. "Is everyone going to be there?"

"Only if you want, sweetness." Derek said soothingly.

Alice nodded and turned to the girls. "I'm sorry, but I don't think I want everyone to hear. I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, Alice. We understand." JJ said, standing up. The three female agents filed out of the door after saying their goodbyes. That left just Morgan and Spencer. Alice quietly turned her head towards Spencer. "I...don't want you here either...I'm sorry. You should go home and get some rest. Please? For me?" she pleaded with him.

Spencer simply nodded and shuffled quietly out the door. Now Morgan stood alone, with Alice getting settled under the blanket on her bed.

"You know, Hotch and Rossi will be there too." It wasn't a question, he was stating a fact that Alice knew couldn't be changed. She nodded and looked back down at the blanket, playing with a loose string.

"Did you talk to him yet?" Derek asked, sitting on the bed beside her.

Alice shook her head. "Not yet. I...I'm scared to...What if...He's disgusted by me? I mean, we had just started dating and I sleep with another guy! Why wouldn't he be disgusted? I'm just a whore." she ranted, her voice raising.

"You are NOT a whore." Derek said sternly. "Did you choose to sleep with that man, if you can even call him that?" he asked.

She shook her head, a tear slipping down her scarred cheek.

"Did you ask him to sleep with you? Did you tell him to hurt you?"

Again, Alice shook her head, another tear making it's way down her face.

"Did you ask him to steal away your innocence? Did you ask him to touch you?" Derek grabbed Alice's hands in his.

A sob caught in her throat as she, once again, shook her head.

"You answered no to every single question. Can't you see that none of this is your fault? You didn't ask for any of this! He took from you some of your most precious gifts. He TOOK them. You didn't give them willingly, Alice. We all know how hard you fought against him. Please believe me when I say this, it's NOT your fault." Derek squeezed her hands tightly.

Alice didn't say anything, nor did she nod. She simply squeezed Derek's hands back as they both turned to face the door as it opened.

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