Treacherous Desires

Chapter 6

"I love you Kathy, why don't you believe me?" Q's voice was getting exasperated. How was it possible that such a puny human could be so immune to his charms? His! Q's! What was up with these humans? And then again it was his Kathy and she was special. The female Q didn't find her special but for him she was. And Junior also adored his Aunt Kathy. Why did she have to be so stubborn?

"Q, I am rather tired. I wish you could stop playing your tricks and cut to the chase," Kathryn was getting impatient too.

"But Kathy dear you are insufferable," Q cried out and snapped his fingers. A flash of light. Kathryn looked around. She had to squint because the sun was so strong. Momentarily a pair of sunglasses appeared out of nowhere on her nose. The greenness of the palms, the yellow, warm sand under her feet, which only now did she realize were bare, all shades of light blue shimmering on the surface of the water that was so pristine she could see all individual pebbles on the sea bottom. She suddenly felt relaxed, almost weightless, her lips stretched in a wide grin that she discovered only now. Warm breeze was messing up her hair but she was not bothered, it was very pleasurable. She wore a red bikini, four shining pins on one of the brassiere cups glimmering in the hot, bright sun. Always the Captain, she thought, a crooked smile crossed her mouth.

"Q!" she searched his silhouette only to find it floating leisurely in the water.

"Kathy, come on in, the water is so marvellously refreshing," he called out to her.

She wavered. She really was not about to join Q in his childish games. Then again she did feel surprisingly light-hearted and the water sure looked inviting. Slowly she approached the edge of the water, small flowing waves already wetting her feet, without having made a conscious decision. She found herself going into the sea, the water felt nicely cool and soft on her skin. She stopped before reaching Q.

"I wish you just let me go home," she said unconvinced.

Q's smile widened.

"I knew you'd love it Kathy, I recreated one of your holodeck programs, I found it rather cheesy at first, but it certainly does appeal to my senses now," Q crooned dabbling in the water.

"I can't believe you spied on me," Kathryn's light tone and happy voice betrayed she was not really bothered by Q's surveillance of her life. She was enjoying herself, for the first time since a long time she felt carefree and full of life.

"You know, other Qs find your mortal existence rather boring and pointless, but I find it riveting. You have to cram so much in such a short time… and you, my dear Kathy are always denying yourself everything, I don't understand that," he approached her, put his big hot hands on her shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes. Her breath caught in her throat, she was speechless for once. She could not believe herself, but the signs were unmistakeable. Her body was reacting to him, and he could sense it too. She felt embarrassed, but she could not stop her heart pounding in her chest like crazy, or her cheeks getting uncomfortably hot. She was attracted to Q! How could that have happened? She was beginning to panic but he did something unexpected. He embraced her in the most tender manner; soft but strong arms held her shivering body close to his muscular body with all the inner poise only an omnipotent being could master at a time like this. He smelled of salt, of sun, of a man. She forgot how much she enjoyed that smell and found it strange that this being could smell just like a human male. To be honest she never really smelled him, and certainly not in that greedy fashion. She realized she was clinging to him, holding onto him for dear life. She felt so secure, so safe. He lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers. She didn't object. He kissed her tenderly, slowly, she reciprocated. Her head was spinning, her legs buckled. He picked her up never breaking the kiss and carried her onto a beach. A huge canopy bed materialized just in time for Q to put Kathryn gently on it. Her body welcomed the weight of his. Suddenly the skimpy bikini was very constricting, she needed to get rid of it. She wanted him so bad. He seemed to anticipate her needs for he immediately ripped off the offending garment and caressed her entire body in a way that made her whimper with pleasure. He was so unbelievably skilled… She decided not to dwell on it right now. Her senses were overwhelmed, he seemed to know exactly what she wanted, what she needed, she didn't have to speak or point, he knew in advance. Normally that might raise her suspicion but any logical thought that could by accident appear in her brain right now would be just left there awkward and embarrassed for it would not be paid any attention to by Kathryn. Suddenly she felt the urge to reciprocate, to touch him also. She glided her palms across his soft dark skin, feeling up his muscles and body hair that tickled her wrists. She kissed his neck, his chest, licked his nipples. He sighed softly, she could feel his fast pulse, she looked into his eyes, the pupils were so dilated she didn't even see the green irises anymore. Their bodies danced together the dance of love, they merged and became one. The sensations filled her body up to the tips of her fingers and toes with hot waves of pleasure. She was groaning, crying out, sighing, panting with abandon, totally uninhibited, forgetting about time, space, herself. She was complete. At that moment she was her past, her future, her every dream united in one heartbeat, one more muscle spasm, one more wave of bliss spreading through her body.

"Sis, wake up already," Phoebe's voice wafted its shrill tones through Kathryn's unconsciousness. She slowly opened her eyes. She didn't know where she was, she looked at her younger sister with uncomprehending expression.

"Katie, what's going on, are you all right?" Phoebe sounded concerned now. " What's the matter?"

"What time is it?" the familiar surroundings of her childhood bedroom's were sinking in, but Kathryn was still confused.

"It's two p.m. Katie, mum's been here checking on you a couple times already. She's worried. Are you ok?" Phoebe asked.

"I'm fine," Kathryn said. But she wasn't. Something, or rather somebody was missing. And this lack was causing her almost physical pain. She was so angry at herself and him. Q! What the hell happened? She sighed and got up, a fake smile on her face meant to calm Phoebe down.