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Demon's lullaby.

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now to review the last chapter. Tsukune is not more stronger than Moka, more powerful yes, but not stronger his strength is unrestrained and as such can break his bindings but in a battle against them he would lose,badly.

Chapter 2

"Thirsty" The ghoul stated to the robed man his dark crimson eyes switching from the sealer to the young nurse beside him. The life fluid he craved emanating a sweet yet slightly bitter smell. He knew why it appeared bitter as the blood packs where nothing compared to the donors behind him, but he was in control he was not a beast and he refused to act like one. He would be satisfied with the lifeless liquid, for now anyway.

"What have you done with Tsukune" the darker shade of the duet asked. Her eyes glaring at her love interest as though he could be sent to the final circle of hell and he still wouldn't suffer enough,he had expected this. So like with the silver goddess he decided to play with his succubus.

"What you ask I have done nothing with Tsukune-san he stands before you." in a overly theatrical gesture, he pointed to himself and smiled his unique smile. "I am right here Kurumu, and I'm not going anywhere."

The young bluenette seemed to stumble in her resolve at the smile and gave a quick glance at the vampire for reassurance. All it took was a quick nod from the girl and the dam broke the newborn ghoul was swamped by the female members of the news club, tears fell as each of them expressed their relief that he was OK. This was soon broken up as the headmaster cleared his throat gaining their attention.

"As glad I am to see my student healthy and of coarse sane" he spoke his voice once again echoing despite the quiet tone."I would like to enquire as to why you are not a degenerate ghoul as many have been before you when exposed to vampire blood."

The boys happy yet calm expression morphed into a face contorted in sadness. Quickly schooling his features he turned to the assembled girls and told them he needed to speak to the headmaster privately. Many protests where made and even a threat by the resident vampiress but eventually they accepted. The exorcist an the ghoul then relocated to the headmasters office where the boy spoke a single word that gained Mikogami's full attention.


Yes this is a teaser. Why you may ask is cause I'm evil,muhahaha.

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