Be careful what you wish for Sam Winchester!

"Samuel Joseph Winchester, get your ass in here." Those were the words that were echoing in his head as he leaned against the car window headed anywhere but there. There was Galveston Texas. One of ten most haunted cities in America and where his dad had gotten wind of yet another hunt. His dad Jonathan Eric Winchester was a hunter. He hunted the supernatural. Things like werewolves, vampires, spirits, demons, and other creatures people often think are myths. Sam's mother was killed by a demon when he was 6 months old. She was hung on the ceiling of his nursery and then it caught on fire. Sam was scooped out of his crib and given to his big brother Dean Eric Winchester, 4, to carry to safety. His dad was now hell bent on killing the demon that killed his mom.

Sam hated the supernatural more than anything! All he wanted was a normal life. He wanted to live in one place and go to one school. He wanted friends that he could grow up with and he wanted to go to sleepovers and birthday parties. The "apple pie" life as his brother called it.

But what he got was life in motel after motel. And he got to go to so many schools that he barely learned the teacher's names let alone made any friends before dad said things like, "Pack it up boys we leave in an hour." Hell, he wasn't allowed many toys or books. They each got a duffle bag that held their clothes and personal items. When they were younger they shared a box for other things like games and toys. He also got training with weapons, like guns, bow and arrows, knives, and even hand to hand combat. He had miles to run, sit-ups to do and it was all timed. He needed to improve with lessons or he had to keep it up until he reached his dad's goals. To his dad, all of this took priority over his education. It didn't matter that Sam liked school or that he was good at it. If training was scheduled, training would get done or punishment would be handed out then training would still get done. When it came to the supernatural Sam was getting more and more rebellious towards his father's orders and training. Dean tried to make training fun, but when it came down to it, it was done one way or another. Dad and Dean would see to it.

Sam had run away before but never got too far before he was picked up by dad. He was then lectured, spanked, grounded and given extra training and chores. All of the things Sam hated the most. The three things his dad demanded were respect, honesty and obedience without question. He was to be addressed as sir and the boys did not question his rules. If he told him or Dean to do something they had better do it immediately or their asses would suffer the consequences. Depending on the infraction, this could be a few well-placed swats, a get your attention spanking or a full out bare-assed whipping. The first 2 were given over your clothes with dad's big calloused hand. The last type could be given with the hand, hair brush, paddle, belt, switch, or whatever else dad thought was appropriate. What he used depended on how bad dad felt the infraction was. The last time Sam ran away, he managed to elude his dad and Dean for 3 days. Sam had gotten his first taste of dad's paddle that day. That straightened Sam up. For 1 ½ years he didn't even think of running away. But here lately Sam had been itchy. Some bug has crawled up his back and he was angry at the world. Right now he hated his dad and all that he stood for and he let him know it.

Sam closed his eyes put his cheek against the cold window and remembered last night and this morning…

I know this chapter is short. I promise they all won't be. This is my first fiction. I have written one poem but this is my first story, so please leave comments. Thank you again to TRUMAN'S SHELL for taking time out of her very busy life to beta for me. :)