John relaxed after getting Dean's call. Bobby was still driving, because he thought John was too emotional. John leaned back against the window and closed his eyes, praying that this would all be over soon and he would have his family all back together. When John's phone rang it startled him. Bobby looked over at him concerned. John looked at the caller ID and answered "Winchester."

"Hey John, its Ellen."

"Ellen what can I do for you?"

"I was talking to Dean earlier and wanted to see if you got Sam back yet."

"Wait talking to Dean, did you call him or did he call you?"

"Dean called me to ask if he could text Jo while he waited for you to get to the Motel. John is there a problem?"

"Knowing Dean, yes. Let me ask one question, does Jo know where Rufus' cabin in Arizona is?"

"Yes we stayed there once. What did she do? Joanna Beth!"

"I think my son got her to give him the directions so he could get to Sam faster and not have to wait on me and Bobby."

"Oh John, I'm sorry hang on and I'll let you know for sure. Joanna Beth Harvelle

get your ass in here now."

"Yes ma'am."

"Why did Dean text you"

"To talk?"

"That's one Joanna. Tell me now!"

"He told me a demon had Sam held captive in Mr. Rufus' Cabin in Arizona and I sent him the directions. Sorry Mr. John." She said towards the phone.

"Sorry John, trust me I'll deal with this."

"Dean can be persuasive don't be too hard on her."

"Okay, good luck getting Sammy back. I hope Dean's okay too."

"Me too so I can kick his ass later!"

"He's just missing Sam and worried don't be too hard on him either. Remember He's helped raise Sam too."

"Yes Ellen, I know thanks."

John and Ellen hung up. John sighed and said a little prayer that this wasn't a trap to get both of his boys. What if Azazel wanted Dean out of the way so John had to focus only on Sam? John couldn't deal with that. It was with shaky hands that John called Dean.

"Johnny, what's going on?" Bobby questioned.

"Dean got the directions to the cabin from Jo. Now, he isn't answering his phone, Dammit Dean!" John yelled trying Dean again.

Bobby started driving a little faster, trying to get to the cabin and both of his nephews. He said a little prayer for it to not be a trap. He doesn't know what he would do if he lost either or both of those boys. He saw the signs for Flagstaff only 20 miles left; let's see what this old truck has in her.


Dean hauled ass to the cabin. He needed to get to his baby brother. Once he got close to the college he noticed that there was a service road in the direction he had needed to go. He drove the ½ mile to reach the end of the road. He parked the Impala and popped the trunk to get out everything he would need to save Sammy. He loaded a shotgun with salt rounds making sure he brought extra rounds just incase. He grabbed the bag that had holy water and medicine for Sammy in it. Dean jumped when his phone started to ring. Oh shit, he looked at the caller ID dad knows. Oh well, he was going to go get Sammy anyway.

Once he loaded everything in a backpack, he ran to the cabin. Once he had it in sight he looked around and didn't see anyone. He opened the door and was caught off guard and was pushed to the ground. When he hit the ground, the shotgun went off. With his heart was racing the only thing Dean could think of was 'sorry dad, I guess you were right it was a trap and I should have listened.'

The shot gun didn't hit anything it just shot into the air. Once Dean calmed a little he realized that there wasn't anybody around. He laughed when a dog started licking his entire face. He was outsmarted but a mutt. Leave it to Sam to run away for 2 weeks and already have a dog.

"Hey boy, how are you? Good boy, where's Sammy? Huh can you tell me where he is."

The dog started barking as if he understood what Dean was saying and lead him to the house. Dean reloaded the missing round before going in cautiously. He hoped that Sammy lay just beyond the doors but didn't give in to the feeling until he saw Sammy with his own eyes. Once inside he could see a bedroom to the right and a hallway to the left. He started with the hallway to make sure no one was hiding ready to jump him once he ran to Sammy. His heart was racing again and it took everything inside of him to follow his dad's procedures and not drop the gun and run to hold his baby brother.

All was clear so he walked towards the bedroom. What he saw once he broached the threshold tore his heart in two. Sam was lying in the bed but had kicked the blanket off in his sleep. Dean had tears instantly falling as he looked at Sammy's bruised and scabbed backside. His blood ran cold with hate for that yellow-eyed bastard and his children. They had whipped his brother so severely that you could see where the belt had broken the skin in several places.

All Dean wanted to do was to grab Sammy and hold him tight, but he lost Sam once and he wasn't going to be caught off guard. He needed to set up some basic protections. He went back to the living room and locked the doors. He salted the doors and windows. He got a bottle of water and the medicine out of his backpack and then headed to his brother. He climbed into the bed and proceeded to try to wake Sam up.

"Sammy, hey buddy, can you wake up for me?"

Sam shrugged Dean off and tried to roll over. He once again was brought back to reality by the sore ass he was sporting. He just laid there and cried. Dean knew it was because of the fever; heat was radiating off from him. Sam looked up into Deans eyes and just let the tears continue to fall.

"Dean, are you really here?"

"Yeah tiger it's me."

Sam scooted over closer to Dean and allowed Dean to shift him onto his chest. After a few minutes he calmed down and started looking around.

"Where is Slater?" he asked.

"Who?" Dean looked confused.

"Your little brother Slater?"

"Sammy, YOU are my little brother."

Sam pushed off of Dean and rolled his face away from him. He wasn't going to fall for that again. It almost broke him last time. Sam was crying brokenheartedly.

"Sammy, you're burning up and things are jumbled up in your head right now. Will you please take this medicine to help bring your fever down?"

"No, go away! You aren't even real! Get the fuck away from me!"

"Whoa Sammy, I'm real alright. Do you know who I am?"

"Yes you're Dean Winchester."

"Okay good, who are you?"

"This is stupid bullshit. I'm Samuel Joseph Winchell. My brother is Danny and he's an asshole. My dad is Don and he fucking hurts me. You're him aren't you? I'm dead because you're my dad right? I just said you fucking hurt me! This is the part where you laugh and tell me what I'm going to get, will make everything else feel like love pats, right?"

"No Sammy, I'm Dean, your big brother. You are not a Winchell but a Winchester."

"No get away from me," Sam pushed Dean with all of the strength he had left. "I believed you last time you were here and look what it got me! Go ahead and look at the stripes that the belt caused all because I wanted you to be my brother. Then you turned into my dad and took a belt to my ass again. I won't go through that again. So just give me the pills that you gave me before school so then pain will go away long enough to sleep."

Dean was pissed at Azazel, that son of a bitch is going to die, but this was about Sammy and he had to focus. He wasn't sure what to do or say to get Sammy to realize that he was his brother but if Sam was willing to take some meds, he just might believe him once the fever dissipated.

"Okay, I'll go get those pills and be right back." Dean announced.

Dean went back into the other room and calmed himself down. He had to help Sammy any way he could. He seriously thought about calling dad for advice but instantly thought against it. He would keep that at the back of his mind for an emergency. He walked back in and offered Sam the medicine and Sammy took it willingly. Dean noticed that he had a little trouble swallowing. He must have a sore throat.

"Sammy, can I get in and hold you until the medicine kicks in or until Slater gets here?"

"Sure as long as you don't try that 'I'm your brother', bullshit okay?

"Okay we have a deal tiger," Dean replied climbing into the bed with his little brother.

He had to refrain from using full strength as he hugged on to Sammy. Dean's tears of relief fell uninhibited. He was so happy to have Sammy back but so sad at what they had done to his baby brother. It hurt that Sam didn't even know who he was. He knows it's because of what he went through and his fever but it doesn't lessen the blow.


"Yeah Sammy?"

"Why did you call me tiger?" Sam asked as he remembered the nickname tiger from somewhere.

"Look we had a deal and I don't want to upset you by saying something to piss you off."

"Just tell me. I know it won't be real but even though I said not to tell me, tell me so I can dream of your family being mine."

"My family is yours Sammy. You are my little brother. Dad pissed you off and you ran away Sammy. Azazel found you and he made you believe you weren't you. But you are Samuel Joseph Winchester. Dad and Uncle Bobby will be here soon."

"Uncle Bobby, does he have a junk yard full of cars?" Sammy asked trying to stay awake

"Yeah Sammy he does. Do you have any other questions you want to ask me that might help you remember?"

"Yes, one is Azazel a demon?"

"Yes and he has 2 kids, Meg and Tom and they were keeping you here. They hurt you and made you think he was your "dad"."

"If you are really my brother, tell me the one thing that I would know only you would say to me."

"I can only think of one thing."

"What's that?"


"Jerk, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry Dean" Sammy broke down and sobbed. He held on to Dean like he was a life preserver. "I'm so sorry Dean. Is Azazel gone? Where's Daddy? Is he mad because I'm a demon's kid too? Does he not want me?"

Dean hugged his little brother back just as tightly and dropped a kiss on the top of his head and said, "Never think that Sam you and Dad fight that's what you do but Dad never stops loving you. We were going nuts looking for you. And you aren't Azazel's kid. That is just brainwashing bullshit. Now I need to call Dad and let him know I'm here. He is going to tear me a new one."

"Why, where does he think you are?"

"Umm, back at the motel room waiting on him and Uncle Bobby. He's called about 5 times already."

"Oh shit, he's going to kick both our asses." Sam said blinking rapidly.

"I think you're safe little buddy because you've had enough. I on the other hand, won't sit for a month. I was promised weekly spankings for a month if I came after you before he got here."

"Why didn't you wait? I'm sorry Dean all of this is my fault!" Sam's tears started again.

"Hey Sammy, I didn't wait because you're my little brother and I love you. I knew you were hurting and I'll be damned if I was going to sit on my butt while you're here alone and sick. Not happening if I can help it."

"Thanks Dean, I love you too. I'm really tired and Dean?"

"Yeah Tiger?"

"If you're gone when I wake up, I want you to know I'm sorry and I love you."

"I'm not going anywhere. I love you too Sammy, sorry I lost you."

"I ran you didn't lose me, my fau…" Sammy fell asleep.

Dean felt Sammy's head and noticed that his fever didn't seem to be dropping. Dean reached for his phone to get the ear blistering over with. He was going to call his dad.


"Dean, where in the hell are you? You'd better have a DAMN good reason for not answering when I called you 5 times!" Dad yelled. He said other things just trying to dissipate his fears. He calmed down enough to finally ask, "Are you and Sammy okay?"

"Yes, we're both okay. We are still at the cabin. I demon proofed it. Sammy's fever's really high and he doesn't believe I'm his brother and you're his dad. I don't know what they did to him. I gave Sam something for his fever and if it isn't down in about 15 minutes, I'm getting him in the tub." Dean took a deep breath and decided it was now or never, he needed to apologize, "Dad, I'm sorry and I know we will have a LONG talk about this later but I had to come. I couldn't sit still knowing that Sam was within minutes of me and not go to him. I won't even fight any punishment you give me. I just hope you find a way to understand and forgive me."

"So, it wasn't a trap?" John can't respond to the rest of Dean's comment without anger so he acts like nothing was said.

Dean is a little upset that his dad doesn't respond to his tirade but answers, "no sir," just the same. "I checked the area for signs. I had salt rounds and holy water and went in cautiously."

"I don't care how the Hell you went in, you were told NOT to go in without ME! I get it Dean, I really do but do you get it from my point of view? My youngest son is kidnapped and being held by a demon. Azazel is also upset that 'we' let Sammy runaway. Now he calls you instead of me, to tell you that Sammy's sick, knowing that you would want to get to Sammy. What if he would have been waiting for you to show up? He already killed your mom; what would have prevented him from killing you so I only had Sam to focus on?"

"I do understand dad." Dean said sadly. "I know this won't make a difference on whatever punishment you decide to give me but I thought about it being a trap and yellow-eyes hurting me. I also figured out Sam's reaction if he did hurt or kill me. Azazel wouldn't have stood a chance of getting Sam to cooperate with him if he hurt me and I think he knew it. Daddy its Sammy, I'm sorry but I had to take the risk and I'll accept my punishments accordingly."

"Okay, let's just agree to drop the subject until later. Check your brother's fever, then explain to me what you meant about him thinking you were lying about being his brother."

"Okay, when I got here asked if it was really me. Then he asked where my little brother Slater was. I guess they made him believe he was Samuel Winchell not Winchester and he had a brother Danny and Dad Don. Dad they hurt him really bad. That bastard whipped him so hard he was bleeding in spots. How could they do that to him?" Dean said, and then he couldn't talk anymore because of the lump in his throat and the tears running down his cheeks.

"Hey sport, calm down a little for me. We are in Flagstaff and will be there in about 10 minutes if not before. What was Sammy's temperature?" John said trying to calm Dean down. He was still angry with him but all of that could wait.

"It's 103 Dad. It hasn't really dropped any."

"Dean Listen, go and run a lukewarm bath. Too hot and it will cause his temperature to go up, too cold and his body will go into shock mode and keep the heat in. Do you think he can sit up enough in the tub?"

"No sir, I think sitting at all is going to be hard. I'll get sweats on and sit in the tub and hold him. Should I leave his t-shirt on? That is all he has on. I guess Sammy never pulled his shorts back up after the whipping he was getting while Azazel was talking to me."

"He was whipping Sammy? When were you going to tell me that? He did that same shit with me." John was yelling.

"Sorry Dad, there was nothing you could about it so I thought I would save you some of the hurt and helpless feelings until we got to him. I didn't mean…"

"It's okay Dean thank you, now go get Sam in the tub. We'll be there shortly."

"Dad, there is a service road to the right of the college take it until you see the Impala, but with the truck you may be able to make it to the cabin. Dad, please hurry and get here. Sam thought you didn't want him anymore because you found out he's got demon blood in him."

"I'm going to enjoy killing that bastard. We're on the way sport, get that fever down."

Dean went to run the bath water. He forgot he didn't have his bag with him so he couldn't get any sweats. He decided to check the dresser, since he knew he was too big to fit into anything of Sammy's. He was in luck; he found a pair of sweats. They must be Rufus' but they'll work for what he needed them for. He changed leaving nothing on but the sweats, gathered his little brother in his arms and carried the frail boy towards the tub. He prayed that this would work. He hugged Sammy tight and kissed the top of his head.

"Dean, you're still here."

"Yep little brother I'm not going anywhere."

"So, you're still my brother and not Slater's."

"I don't know any Slater so I guess I'm all yours. But hey if Slater is a better little brother than you, maybe I should meet him." Dean joked.

"You're such a jerk." Sam slapped at Dean but was too weak to put any force behind it.

"And you little bitch are stuck with me as a big brother forever."

"I can live with that. Don't want to break in another brother. One jerk is enough. Sam stared up at Dean when he stepped into the tub still holding on to him and asked, "Dean what are you doing? I can take a bath by myself."

"I've got you Sammy just let me do this."

Sam was embarrassed when he realized that he wasn't wearing any pants and little bits of memories came back to him. He just kind of went limp and withdrew into him self.

"Hey tiger, its okay stay with me Sammy please. Listen, we need to get your fever down and with you being so weak, I figured that you could sit up easier with my help, that and the fact that I can't bare to let go of you yet. I've never been more scared in my life then when I realized you were gone."

Dean felt Sammy's tears hitting his arms. He felt like such an ass making Sammy cry after everything he's had to endure. He ignored the tears and just wrapped his arms around Sammy and held tight. He rested his chin on Sammy's head after he dropped another kiss on it. No it wasn't normal for Dean to show such affection but he needed it right now and it couldn't hurt Sammy either or at least he didn't think it would.

"Tiger are you okay?"

"No, I feel like a helpless baby. Here I am sitting is a tub with nothing on but a t-shirt being held by my big brother and my ass is on fire, because of a demon decided to use is as a belt holder. I feel like shit and am not really sure right now if you are here or if my Dad, Don, is going to start laughing at me again for being so gullible and take his belt to me some more. I just want to get out of this fucking cabin and go home. Shit we don't even have a home do we" 'Sam burst into tears at the last statement.

"Sammy, I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. You're sick and weak from the fever. Yes, your ass looks like rungs of a ladder but that isn't your fault. Azazel did this to you. Dad and Bobby will be here soon and we will go to the motel until you are better then we are going to Uncle Bobby's. Dad is taking time off and we are going to hang out and the four of us are going to heal as a family. Okay? So I want you to just lean back here are shut up."

"Thanks Dean, I needed that!" Sammy said as he rested his head against Dean's chest. "So Dad is on his way with Uncle Bobby?"

"Yeah kiddo they should be here in any minute."

"How mad are they going to be at me?"

"Sammy, they're going to be so happy to see you that they won't care about the rest of the crap."

Dean grabbed a washcloth and started to wet Sam's face and hair trying to bring down his fever. Sam finally relaxed and allowed Dean to take care of him. He would never admit it but he actually loved the attention, because truth be told, he had missed his brother.

"So are you saying I'm not going to get in trouble for all of this?"

"No, I can't guarantee any of that. I can tell you that when you first left, all I wanted to do was find you and kick your ass. The longer you were gone the less and less I cared about punishing you and the more I cared about finding you safe. Then when I found out Azazel had you, I just wanted you back."

"So you aren't going to spank me for lying to you and running away on your watch"

"No Sammy, I'm not going to spank you. You've had enough. I forgive you but I'm going to ground you for forever. You'll be about um let's see, 35 before I let you go anywhere without me and that's just going to get the mail at the road."

Sammy laughed and it was the best sound Dean's ears have ever heard. He loved his little brother and was happy that he's been found. They just sat there and didn't say anything. Dean kept wetting the washcloth and wiping Sam's forehead. They just enjoyed being together again, nothing else needed to be said and Sammy drifted off to sleep.


Bobby was driving John as fast as he could. They spotted the side road right where Dean said it was. They got to the Impala and John told bobby to drive around it and keep going. Around a couple of more turns they spotted the cabin. The Truck was barely in park when John jumped from it. He had his lock pick out because he wasn't going to knock and have Dean try to answer in case he was still giving Sammy a bath. As John got close to the door he heard Sam and Dean laugh and it was the best noise he had ever heard in his life.

Bobby was right behind John. He smiled at the boys laughing too. He decided to do a perimeter check while John went in to check on his boys. That way they could have a few minutes privacy.

John, knowing that they were okay, still ran in and found his way to the bathroom. He had to see his Sammy for himself. He stood in the doorway and just looked at his two sons with his eyes filling with tears. They were both here and were both safe. Regardless of what they had all endured they were back together again and could work through the rest. John moved just inside the door to allow Bobby room to see the boys for him self. Bobby reached over and squeezed John on the shoulder to show his support.

"Hey dad," Dean whispered a little ashamed of his blatant disobedience.

"Hi Dean," John walked over and ruffled Deans hair and smiled down at his son. He crouched down and asked, "How's his fever?"

"Better from what I can tell. Will you help me get him out?"

"Slide his T-shirt off and hand him to me."

Dean did what John asked and slid Sam's wet t-shirt off and delicately handed Sam to Dad. Bobby had left the room in search of clothes for Sam. John carried his fragile looking son back to the bedroom and dried him off and gasped when he saw the damage that Azazel did to his baby. Bobby got all teary eyed him self. John dressed him in the t-shirt Bobby handed him, toed off his boots and climbed into bed holding on to his son. He just couldn't bear to let him go yet. John had a feeling wither Sammy liked it or not, he was going to be clingy for a while. He sat there and carded his hand through Sam's hair. Sam started to stir.

"Hey tiger," John said. "How're you feeling?"

"Rough sir." Sam stiffened then he buried his face from his dad's sight as Dean entered the room.

"No need to be so formal son." John stated as he reached for Sam's chin to pull his face up. "Sammy, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from any of this."

"Daddy, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." The tears started falling and Sammy was sobbing.

John held on to his son as if his life depended on it. Then rubbed circles on his back and was careful not to let Sam shift and put any unnecessary pressure on his aching backside.

"Listen to me Sam." John raised Sam's eyes back to meet his own. "I'm sorry we fought and that you felt you had to runaway. I don't care what bullshit yellow-eyes told you. You aren't his son in ANY way! You're my and your mom's son. Your family is Dean, Uncle Bobby and me. That's it. And we love you!"

"I love you too dad. I thought you'd hate me for having some of the blood of the thing that killed mom in me. I thought you wouldn't want me any more, that you couldn't stand to even look at me."

"Sammy, listen to me for a second okay?" Bobby asked sitting on the bed rubbing Sam's back. I have a question, how long ago did he supposedly give you the blood?"

"When I was 6 months old." Sam replied quietly "The night he killed my mom."

"Okay, so you've had it almost all of your life so far?"

"Yes sir, I'm no different than what you and my dad hunt! I'm a monster!" Sam's tried to look away but Bobby held him firm and brushed away Sammy's tears.

This broke the hearts of all three of the others in the room. The baby of their family thought of himself as a monster.

"That's not true" was echoed around the room.

"Sam, you're a good kid! You are one of the greatest kids I know. So, if you've had this in you all along, then it's not making you a monster. You're still just Sam to us."

"Don't you see? I yell and fight with dad all the time. I planned all of this, well not the demon part but running away here. Both of those things are evil. I had almost 2 weeks of it just being me and bones. So it's there convincing me to do bad things."

"Sam those are normal growing up things that almost all kids do! Some are just better than others. You're smart and can obviously plan things out. I think we need to use you more when we plan our hunts. What I'm saying is you are not different to any of us now that we know you might have demon blood in you than you were before you ran away and we found out. You're still our Sammy and we all love you the same now as we did then. Nothing has changed and nothing is different. Do you understand that?" Bobby asked.

"Yes sir I think I do Uncle Bobby. It shouldn't make any sense but I see what you are talking about. I'm sorry I worried you too!"

"Trust me when I say we will talk about this later! I won't spank you but there is plenty of Latin to translate and memorize, then lines to write and work to be done at my place. We clear?"

"Yes sir we're clear!" Sam said then looked up at his surrogate uncle and smiled. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Bobby proclaimed as he leaned over and kissed Sam's head. "How about I run back to town and get us some grub? Sammy, do you want anything special to eat?

"I want some soup anything but tomato!" Sammy exclaimed then added a 'Please Uncle Bobby' when his dad cleared his throat.

"You got it tiger. John, are we headed out later or crashing here?"

"Please let's go. Get me out of here please Daddy; I don't want to think about what happened here. "

"Okay we go after we eat. Dean?" Bobby declared.

"Yes sir."

"Work on getting this place cleaned back up. I promised Rufus we would leave it in good condition." Bobby ordered. "Oh, do you need anything from the Impala since I've got to pass her?"

"Yes sir, I'll clean up. No, I don't need anything thank you."

Dean went to find cleaning supplies and then headed to the bathroom to start cleaning in there. Bobby headed to the truck to go get some food and John stayed on the bed holding on to Sammy. Neither one of them said anything just clung to each other and wouldn't let go. After about 10 minutes John felt Sam's breathing even out and looked down, Sammy was asleep. John carded his fingers through Sam's hair and let a few tears fall.

"Mary, I got him back. I promise I'll take better care of them. I'm doing a shitty job so far. You'd be so angry about the choices I've made raising them. I'm so sorry. I swear to you that bastard will die for what he did to you and Sammy. That yellow-eyed son of a bitch had the audacity to claim he Sammy was his as well as ours. Mar, I love you. I'll try to be a better father to our sons." John whispered to his dead wife.

"You're a good dad, strict as hell, but a good dad." Dean whispered from the doorway. "We both understand why you are so hard on us. It's to protect us. We don't like it, but we get it dad." Dean finished by sitting on the other side of Sammy.

"Thanks Dean," Dad rubbed a hand down his cheek. "Don't think that will save you ass though, it won't."

"I didn't expect it to." Dean smiled leaning into Dad hand. "Will Sammy be okay daddy? Do you see what they did to him?"

"Yeah Dean, he'll be okay. We'll make sure of it!"

Dean climbed in next to Sammy. Cleaning abandoned because it took him too far away from Sam. He started the bathroom as Uncle Bobby requested but slowly gravitated to Sam. He just needed the reassurance that Sammy was there with them, that they had found him for real.

Bobby got back to an anxious Bones. He was outside the door to the cabin awaiting Bobby's arrival. He opened the door and noticed it was too quiet. He prayed that nothing or no one got his family when he left. He set the food down on the counter so he had access to his gun. He got it out as he slowly swept the area looking for any signs of danger. He was afraid of what he might find when he looked in the bedroom. He lowered his gun and a smile spread across his gruff face. There lying like an Oreo cookie was John and Dean with Sam sandwiched in between. Bobby went back into the kitchen and put their food in the fridge. He got Bones some food and took his dinner to the couch to eat. He turned on the TV and leaned back to watch something. He put his feet on the coffee table and started eating his burger, thinking that for a brief moment in time all was right in the world, his family was all safe and accounted for. They had a long recovery ahead of them but they could get it done together.

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