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Shattered Reality Chapter One

                "Write two rolls of parchment about the escapades of Uric the Oddball."

Harry sighed and closed A History of Magic. He really didn't feel like writing a paper on a mad old warlock who wore a dead badger as a toupee. Of course, he'd have to do it eventually, but not tonight.

He stretched and yawned, thinking how tired he was. He looked at his clock, and was fairly surprised to see that it was almost two a.m.

Potions homework always takes forever to do, he thought with a wry smile, and it's very draining.

Everything seemed to drain him, actually. Harry was much more introverted these days, and he was determined to avoid the Dursleys. The Dursleys obviously were ecstatic about this, seeing as they had been trying to permanently lock him in a closet under the stairs his whole life without succeeding.

Harry's mind began to drift toward the subject that filled him with a bitter ache of misery and made him wish even harder for Sirius' name to be cleared: family.

He closed his eyes and remembered the way Mrs. Weasley had embraced him last year. He tried to replace her face with his mother's. He could see her smiling down at him, eyes shining with tears.

Then his father's face filled his mind. He was happy, laughing. He looked exactly like he had in the picture taken on his wedding day.

Harry could feel the prickling sensation returning. It was burning in his throat, in the corners of his eyes.

No, he thought furiously. I will not cry.

He swallowed and rubbed at his eyes, trying to stop the burning. It eventually subsided, and he opened his eyes.

He felt so helpless, unable to prove that Sirius was innocent. If only Dumbledore was Minister of Magic, he thought furiously, none of this would've happened. I would have a family.

And Fudge didn't believe me last year, either. He said I was mad.

Harry felt an inexplicable anger toward Fudge bubbling up in him. He was so stupid, and now, he was going to have the wizarding world torn apart!

But the anger on Fudge's part reversed direction, toward Voldemort. He was the cause of everything. Harry found himself wishing furtively that his parents had killed Voldemort the night they died. But that isn't possible, he thought bitterly, even the Killing Curse didn't work. It just delayed him. Hagrid was right all along; he wasn't dead, just biding his time.

Harry stood up and walked stiffly toward his window. He hung his head out, letting the warm air play through his hair and against his cheeks, letting it blow his wrathful feelings away.

He peered at the night sky, watching a very bright star, shining in the sky. It was the Dog Star; Sirius. Harry smiled. It felt like his godfather was watching his right now, and the star was some strange kind of correspondent. Harry blinked and pulled his head back inside, nearly catching the back of his neck on the window. He was going to write to Sirius.

He sat at his desk, taking the time to pile all of the crumpled parchment on one side, making space.  He pulled out the eagle feather quill Hermione had given him for Christmas and set it to a piece of parchment, trying to decide what to write.


 Everything's fine here. The Dursleys aren't so bad, but that's only because I've been ignoring them lately. I hope your mission for Dumbledore is going well. Be careful that you're not seen. I've been having a few nightmares, but it's just stuff about last year. The old nightmare. I reckon Voldemort has taken a break and decided to wait for me to go back to school. My scar twinges a bit now and then, but it's pretty vague. It must just have something to do with Him being alive. Good luck on your mission.

Your godson,


He read the letter over, decided it was good enough to send without rewriting, and waited for Hedwig to return from hunting.


Harry could feel some kind of weight on his shoulder. A sharp nip on his ear woke him quickly, and he sat up abruptly, causing Hedwig to snap her beak in annoyance and flutter down onto his desk. She held her leg out; there were a few letters tied to it, and a package. Harry noted that three other owls were perched in various areas. He recognized Errol, keeled over on the bed, with a package tied to his legs. Two owls that looked like Hogwarts owls were sitting dignified on the nightstand. One of them, a large, black owl with cool grey eyes, fluttered over to him immediately, offering its envelope in a hurried fashion.

Harry pushed past the owl and went to untie Errol. Immediately after untying the elderly owl's package and setting him in Hedwig's cage, the black owl dived at him, screeching madly. Harry hurriedly took the envelope from the owl, fearing that the Dursleys had heard it and were going to storm into his room. The owl shot through the window once its burden was gone, and vanished into the night. Harry walked back to his desk and curiously ripped the seal of the letter, pulling out a piece of worn parchment. He looked on both sides. It was blank. He rummaged around in the large envelope, then tipped it over and shook it out.

A single, glimmering silver charm fell out. Harry curiously picked it up and studied it. With a muffled cry of dismay he tried to drop the offending thing, carved into the shape of the Dark Mark, but it was too late. He was feeling the familiar tug behind his navel... his finger was glued to the evil charm... the room was dissolving... he was being dragged along with the Dark Mark charm in a vortex of swirling, howling color....

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