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Chapter 1

My name is Evan Collins. I'm ten, I have black hair, blue eyes, I'm pale, and skinny I guess. I have always lived in Morganville. I live with my mom Molly, my dad Frank, my older brother Shane (14, but 15 in a couple of months), and my older sister Alyssa (Lyssa, turned 12 two months ago). Shane was a cool older brother; he always stuck up for Lyssa and I. He stuck up for Lyssa mostly, since he knew I could hold my own. Lyssa was the best big sister; she was just awesome. I don't think anyone disliked her. If they did, then they were seriously messed up. I was more of a keep to myself kind of guy, and if you left me alone then I'd leave you alone, you piss me off then I'll punch you.

Today was just like any other day. Go to school, come home, hide out in my room so Frank didn't find me, you know the usual. Frank didn't deserve the title of dad, he was an abusive arsehole. About an hour after school mom and dad had left to go...somewhere, and Shane was looking after Lyssa and I. I was out front kicking a football against the wall; when I was at home the only time I got to be outside was when Frank was out. One kick made the ball fly into the road. Running to get it, I turned my back on the house. Big mistake. The next thing I knew the house was covered with fire. My eyes widened and I dropped the ball. I ran back across the street, and then froze.


I couldn't take my eyes off the burning building. Shane was still in there sleeping on the coach, and Lyssa was upstairs and I don't know what was happening there. I started to run for the front door, but a hand fastened around my wrist. I whipped round to find Michael Glass, Shane's best mate, standing there.

"Shane! Lyssa!" I said panicked, pointing towards the house.

Michael's eyes went wide.

"Stay!" Michael ordered.

I nodded. The time went by too slowly; I didn't think any of them would make it out. But then I saw the front door fly open. Michael was dragging Shane out. Shane was desperately trying to escape Michael's hold to get back get Lyssa. Michael stopped as soon as he was next to me. Right then, the top of the house caved in. The whole house came down.

"NO!" Shane and I screamed.

Michael then had to grab hold of my wrist again to prevent me from going back inside.

"Let go! Let go of me! Maybe there's still time!" I cried out. "LYSSA!"

The fire department arrived and put the fire out. Shane and I had finally stopped trying to get back inside. I don't think either of us realised that we were crying. The firemen carried out a black body bag, big enough to fit a child in. Big enough to fit Lyssa in. Shane yelled out in pain, but I couldn't do anything but stare wide eyed after it. Shane turned to face the house again, not able to keep his eye on the bag, refusing to. Then he lunged. I felt Michael tense, using all his strength to keep Shane where he was.

"You bitch! I'll kill you!" Shane yelled.

His eyes were cold, puffy and red, his expression furious. I followed his gaze. I could see why. Flicking a lighter was Monica Morrell. Anger took over, and I tried my best to slip out of Michael's grip, but he was one step ahead of me.

Soon, Monica disappeared, the fire department disappeared, the crowds we had apparently gathered disappeared, and mom and Frank came towards Michael, Shane and I. Mom hugged me, and tried to hug Shane. But Shane shrugged her off.

After the fire, Frank moved us out of Morganville. When we were out of the town borders we all forgot Morganville. But not mom. Mom remembered. It was because of Lyssa that she remembered. She remembered how she died, then bit by bit she remembered where Lyssa died, the street name the house was on and then she remembered everything. I didn't know what she was going on about really. I mean I knew Lyssa died, but where the hell was Morganville?

It had been a few months since the fire, and one day, again after school, Shane opened the door to the bathroom. He didn't walk in. He just stood there, hand on the handle.

"Shane? You ok?" I asked, taking a step towards him.

"Evan, don't. Go into your room." Shane told me.

I ignored him and kept walking. I stood next to him in the door way, and realised why he didn't want me to come any closer. Our mom was laying the bath...and it was filled with her own blood.

"Mom." I whispered. "Mom."

Shane shut the door, and backed up.

"Damn fucking vamps!" Shane yelled.

There was going to be hell when Frank came home. He would use this as an excuse for him to 'train' Shane and I even more. I had found a safe place in my room, so Frank left me alone and focused on Shane. I had told Shane to find a place to hide countless times, but he refused. I was the only one that hid.

That night I had packed everything I owned – which wasn't much – into a bag. Shane and Frank were fast asleep so I didn't have to worry about waking them up. Frank was also drunk – like he was every day – so he wouldn't be waking up until the afternoon. I snuck into Shane's room. I tried to wake him up, but it was no good. I let out a shaky breath.

"Your brother died as soon as he was born." I whispered. "You've only ever had a sister. When you wake up, you won't have any memories of your brother."

It was amazing what you could do with a story when someone was asleep. I left Shane's room and went into Frank's room.

"Your youngest son, Evan, died as soon as he was born." I whispered. "You've only ever had one son and a daughter. When you wake up, you won't have any memories of Evan."

I backed out of his room, walked to the front door. And left. I would never see them again. And, out of the two, I would only miss my big brother. I sighed, and went somewhere that could take me to safety. The airport.

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