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Chapter 19

It had been about five months since Seth had joined our group and three months since we had done our Theatre In Education performance, so it was, about, February. It was a Saturday, and I was out playing football with the guys. It was fun; we would take it in turns to be ref, so everyone had a chance to play. It was when Seth or Tommy was ref that you noticed that the other would just stare at each other. They needed to be more subtle. We were all going to take a break when Tommy stopped me.

"Evan, I trust you, and I know you can keep a secret, that's why..." Tommy started.

"I know." I told him.

"You do!"

"Yeah. Dude, it's easy to see. You're gay, you like Seth."

"Please, don't tell the others."

"Don't worry Tommy, your secret's safe with me. Now come on."

Tommy smiled and we jogged to where the rest of the guys were.

It took a lot of persuading to get Tommy to tell Seth. It was only after we found Seth's boyfriend had dumped him that Tommy finally had the courage – but we were all really surprised that Seth didn't tell us before about his boyfriend... Tommy did leave it two weeks before he did anything though. I had got a text on March 1st from Tommy saying:

Dude, it worked! It worked!

I couldn't help but smile at my phone. Even Seth texted me telling me about it. Those two were perfect for each other, they really were.