As recreated by the evil hands of "MY5TCrimson" of

Written by sonicfan7895


I'm not going to lie, this creepy pasta is by far one of the scariest I've ever seen. Just the thought of Sonic being like he has been created by the user above, makes me shit my pants. Even though I don't want to play it, I still look around me and listen very carefully to make sure he isn't around anywhere. I'm dead serious, man! That shit is scary! Anyways, I'm writing this as if it were coming through the characters in the game, other than . So, yeah. Enjoy, and please... I'm begging you! Don't play the game, whatever you do!


The first thing I had seen was I was in an area called "Green Hill", but problem was, I didn't see any sign of hills, or Sonic for that matter. He, sometime ago, told me that Green Hill was the first place he encountered Dr. Robotnik. Anyway, I started running after staring around for a little bit. I kept running, until I saw the tattered and beaten corpses of the woodland creatures that Sonic had set out to save from the clutches of Robotnik. I saw birds torn in half, squirrels hanging from the trees, with their guts acting as a noose, and their eyeballs gouged out. It was a truly horrific sight to see, for any resident of Mobius to see! I kept running, with tears in my eyes, and worry not only for myself, but for any of the other woodland creatures who might've suffered the same fate as the creatures who died. I wonder who could've done this terrible crime spree! I stopped in my tracks, because there was someone standing in my way. To my relief, it was Sonic! I had a smile on my face, and I called him. But he just stood there idly, with his eyes shut and his arms crossed. I started to get closer to him, and called him louder, and closer, and closer. And when I was but mere inches away from my awesome role model, he opened his eyes, and what I saw was the worst thing any fox could ever see; black sclera, and glowing red pupils. I started to cry, because it was so terrifying, and when I opened my eyes a couple of seconds later, I found myself on Angel Island, Knuckles' homeland. I heard a terrifying laugh, and the last place I looked was behind me, and I saw that terrifying Sonic figure. Who or what got into Sonic? I was so scared, I didn't want to get caught by him, and so I started running. I kept running, but no matter what, he kept gaining on me, and when he got me, I started crying for no apparent reason! Then while crying, out of nowhere, the Sonic figure appeared, and lunged at me with full force. I had lost to his so-called "game". The last thing I heard him say was, "YOU'RE TOO SLOW. WANT TO TRY AGAIN?" I saw my body as my soul dragged out of my body; my fur had turned black, my eyes had turned black and red, and they were bleeding. As if coming from two different dimensions, the Sonic figure dragged me to Hell, never to be seen or heard from again. My body belonged to that horrible depiction of Sonic's insane side.


The first thing I heard was Sonic's voice, and this absolutely creepy laugh. He said, "YOU CAN'T RUN." What the hell is he supposed to mean by that? Well, anyway. I found myself in a place Sonic described as the "Scrap Brain" zone, where Sonic defeated that manipulator Robotnik, and dragged him to a brand new area, where he built the Death Egg. Anyway, I thought there was nothing more to do than run. I felt queasy for a little bit, but I pressed on. Pretty soon, the backdrop and the platform beneath me started having splats of blood every which way available. I felt very unnerved, but I pressed further on. I was startled and stopped dead in my tracks, by Sonic, but he was very different. His eyes were black, while his pupils were a glowing red demonic color. His eyes were bleeding, and he had a maniacal grin that stretched all the way up the sides of his face. His teeth were very sharp looking fangs, that terrified me so. He yelled as if trying to scare me, "FOUND YOU!" Within a matter of few seconds, Sonic was gone, but something was pulling me towards something. I sensed the malevolent force of Sonic behind me, and I realized that he's pulling me in! So I started running toward him, with rage and a fist full of hate. The faker suddenly teleported away, and behind me again, so I kept at it him for many, many tries; trying to get answers out of him, but he was just too fast, so I started crying for no apparent reason. Behind me, the Sonic figure had lunged at me. I had lost to his "game". As my soul dragged from my body, I saw him and my body. My eyes had turned black and my pupils had turned red. My body had turned a gray, dull red. My eyes had started bleeding, as well as my dreadlocks. But as if going into another dimension, he dragged my soul to Hell, with me never to be seen or heard from again. The last thing I heard from this Sonic figure was, "SO MANY SOULS TO PLAY WITH, SO LITTLE TIME. WOULD YOU AGREE?"


This area was one to see to believe. It was a castle area to which neither Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or I have ever seen! Haha! Perfect for a new laboratory! Time to see where I can establish! I started running, and there came stairs, that seemed to stretch on forever. Paying attention to what's around me, I saw that the backdrop turned a darker red, and the orange flames turned a very eerie blue, as if there's a paranormal entity controlling everything here. Anyways, I pressed on, my maniacal mind racing with thoughts of new inventions, and ways to destroy Sonic! Haha! Just the thought of destroying Sonic made me forget the staircase that was coming closer. I stopped with the cliché cartoon screech. Now THIS staircase seemed to stretch on for miles. I started running down it, still paying attention to everything around me. I started feeling under the weather, as my gut told me not press on any further. I ignored my gut, and when I reached the bottom of the staircase, this terrifyingly loud and creepy laugh broke out, and the backdrop turned a very dark red. Blood splatters had shown on the wall to my left, and the flames on the torches had turned unnaturally black. I kept running, as I was horrified at what I was seeing. I was stopped dead in my tracks, by my arch-nemesis, Sonic. Except he was absolutely demonic looking. His eyes were a deathly black, while his pupils were the glowing red pupils of a demon. His grin was terrifyingly hyper-realistic, as his fangs (I didn't know hedgehogs could have fangs!) were yellow, and his eyes were bleeding. Yes, I believe you heard me right, bleeding. His smile was absolutely maniacal, and stretched all the way up the sides of his muzzle. The creature lunged at me with full force, and I had lost to one of his "games". As I saw the last of my body, it had turned dull grey, my glasses broken, blood dripping from them, and my perfectly brown mustache had dropped, and turned a light black. But suddenly, as if coming from two dimensions at the exact same time, he dragged my soul, all the way down to the depths of Hell. The last things I heard him say were, "I AM GOD," and "READY FOR ROUND 2?"