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Beep. Beep. Beep.

My eyes fluttered open to what sounded like a hospital monitor. The room was so bright and unrecognisable. To adjust my vision I had to squint so hard that my eyes were almost closed.

The floor, ceiling and walls were so white they made my vision even more fuzzy. There were two lights hanging from the ceiling and one standing in the far corner. Next to what looked like a bathroom was a dark blue sofa. On the blindingly white wall in front of my bed was a giant plasma screen TV. I don't remember why I was in the hospital; but how on earth could Ray and Carla afford that?! And why would they get me a private room with its own bathroom?

I looked down and saw on my left; wires and tubes coming out of my skin, connected to monitors. On my right I saw something strange...

Some man I didn't know was grasping onto my hand. He had a beautiful head of copper coloured hair. I couldn't recognise him further as his head was lying face down on the mattress by my side. Who was this mystery man? I could tell from his breathing rate, that he slept. I pressed a button on my left side that called a nurse.

She waddled in and grinned and opened her mouth to talk but I lifted my left hand and pointed to the man on my right. Even though I didn't know him, it was incredibly rude to wake someone. I could only see the top of his head, yet he looked so peaceful, as his back rose and fell. She nodded and waddled to my side, checking all of my tubes and wires.

"Who is this man?" I hissed as quietly as I could. He stirred slightly and me and the nurse froze immediately, but luckily he fell asleep again.

"that's Mr. Grey, Mrs. Grey." she frowned in confusion.

"oh my, I must be placed in the wrong room. I'm not 'Mrs' anything. I'm Anastasia Steele. I'm not married!" I chuckled slightly, but stopped as the nurses eyes widened and her mouth formed into a little 'o'.

"I-I-I'll go get your doctor..." and she hurried out the room.

Mr. Grey... Mr. Grey... There are hundreds of people with the last name Grey, but who was he?

I retracted my hand from underneath him very very slowly, but regretted it immediately.

His head popped up and I recognised him now.

Christian Grey...

His grey eyes stared into mine and they were full of fifty emotions. Anger, happiness, sadness, horror; just plain old shock! His slightly open mouth now erupted into a brilliant smile that could make absolutely anyone swoon, regardless of gender.

"Christian Grey!" I gasped and sat up, ignoring the giant shoot of pain in my ribs and stomach. "W-What are you doing here? Are you donating to the hospital?"

He looked unbelievably confused but then his expression softened into a cheeky, seductive grin. His face inched closer and closer to mine, even though I moved back so I was pressed up to the iron bars on the bed "Is that how you want to play is, Mrs Grey...?"

"No! No, I'm not married to ANYONE in the Grey family. I'm Miss Steele, Anastasia Steele." trying to lighten the mood I awkwardly said "have you been smoking some homegrown?"

He gasped and moved back, giving me some space "Are you joking? Please tell me you're joking!"

"I don't know what is happening, Mr Grey, but I rarely joke..."

Then as our eyes locked together, both full of shock horror a tall blonde walked in, wearing a lab cost and scrubs. She was in her 40's or 50's yet she was so beautiful. I was immediately jealous of her, despite the age difference. Christian Grey looked at her with a worried look in his eye which defiantly didn't reassure me any more.

"Doctor!" I called out, inching towards the left side of my bed, away from Mr Grey "Why am I here?" I looked at Mr Grey then hissed "Why is he here?!"

Matching every else's reaction her eyes widened and mouth opened slightly. "Ana..." she whispered and slowly stalks towards me "do you remember me?"

I searched around the room and my eyes locked on the tag on her coat "you're Dr. Trevelyn Grey. Are you related to Christian?" I tried to ask sweetly but my voice was very croaky.

"Yes, I'm his mother. Anastasia, do you remember me personally?"

I racked my brains. Was she a friend of Kate's parents? Or a friend of Carla or Ray? Had she treated me before? I looked at my hands and whispered sadly "No. I don't remember you." then snapping my fingers together and turned toward Christian "Thats right! My friend Kate - Katherine, is interviewing you in a week! You best be ready." I smiled. Why do I feel so comfortable around this man? He's the richest man in Seattle, shouldn't I feel intimidated?

"Ana stop playing games! God I have every mind to take you over my knee right now!" Christian shouted, pointing a long finger towards me. "sorry, mum." he nodded once to his mother.

I shrunk further away from him and whispered "What's happened to me?" then I looked up at the doctor and whispered even quieter "Can I be moved to a different room, please?"

She looked at Christian, as did I, and he nodded sadly. "We'll move you after a brain scan, Miss Steele."

I nodded and looked at Christian as I was rolled out of the hospital room. His face was full of so much pain it made me want to cry.