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Close to Home

Chapter 1


"This is about as likely as hitting a bullet with a smaller bullet, blindfolded while riding a fricking horse Wes. She'll never go for it."

"Try to be a little more pessimistic Blaine, I dare you."

My best friend never really could pass up the opportunity for sarcasm, but now was definitely not the time. I was losing my shit as I pulled the bow tie around my neck, leaving it there to hang uselessly while I dashed across my apartment, collecting the few pieces of sheet music I needed.. Wes just stood there aimlessly, watching with what could only be assumed as an amused expression on his face and leaning against the door frame of my study.

"Blaine will you calm the fuck down before you have a coronary? I am in no mood to explain to the EMS what happened when I have to call and tell them why you dropped dead. I don't like witnesses."

I would have chuckled at the anecdote if I wasn't having a mini freak out at the moment.

"Look, we've had this presentation prepared for months now and the idea has already garnered a lot of talk among lesser crowds. This is just the next logical step Blainers, remember she asked for this meeting, so just stop dashing about like a gay windstorm before you barf. We've got this man."

I was excessively nervous, because maybe, just maybe, this was the beginning of a great career push for us both. Or maybe I was finally setting myself up for the biggest swift kick in the ass that I had been expecting from the Big Apple since I got here just under ten years ago. Fuck ten years of mediocrity and having doors closing in my face really flew by fast.

Since I got here with my best friend whom I loved and loathed at the same time, it had been excessively hard to make names for ourselves as known serious composers and writers. Okay so maybe serious was a lucrative term, we were just getting by and we only had some successes off Broadway, but our original works and spin offs of classics had drawn some attention, not enough to feed us and keep us sated completely, because we both had other part time jobs as well, but enough attention to bring us to where we were today.

Today, being the first official meeting with our potential backer, Ms Santana Lopez, a woman whom made her money by literally using her ex husband's money to fund musicals. She had made herself an empire by backing and also producing some of the more recent Broadway smashes and it literally made my head spin that she was thinking of putting her name behind our works. This was still a big maybe but Wes seemed confident that since she was putting her time into this meeting that we had it in the bag, well at the least the first in many steps anyways. I just couldn't help but worry that if she didn't like our pitch that we would be black listed with her. And a Lopez black listing was never something a 28 year old or his composing partnership needed in New York these days. Not unless you wanted to start a new career or wanted to take the fast track to the bottom of an already very demanding barrel.

So here I was sweating a little, fretting about something that I now couldn't change because we had all of our eggs in one basket, only waiting to hear what she had to say.

"Come on dude. Tie your bow tie, grab your jacket and let's get going. I have the recording Sebastian did for the one track on my tablet and you have everything else. I do the schmoozing, you do the music work. Let's get going because I don't think being late will help our chances in any way."

He gave me a half hug from behind, pecking my cheek quickly, which was odd for my very straight friend, but he was my best hag even if he was a guy.

"This is what we came here to do Blaine. Let's do it."

I patted his shoulder and took a deep breath, looking out my small window from my small two bedroom apartment, hoping beyond hope that this would be the start of a better day and life for my best friend and I.

"Yeah, yeah let's go."

With that I tied my tied without even looking in the mirror, knowing I had perfected the art of tying a bow tie blindfolded years ago and headed out onto the busy streets of New York with my crazy partner in crime, holding onto a hope that it really could get better.


Santana Lopez was everything and nothing like I expected. She was beautiful, well groomed as well with her long black hair giving off an almost silk-like quality to it, and her expensive suit jacket and skirt combo screamed money. What I wasn't expecting was her youth, she was the same age age as me from what I knew of public fact but she had a look that resembled a teenage girl every once in a while when she thought no one was looking. The rest of the time she seemed calculating, not cold but guarded and it was very intimidating.

After her assistant, who's name was Brittany from what I could remember, seated us in the spacious office, Ms. Lopez sat down and raised a quizzical eyebrow at us as if challenging us with our presentation.

Wes, being one for hard ball, laid on the business man mode thick. He was always one for a challenge of any type and thrived when people dared to doubt him and I guess that's why our partnership worked so well. Wes said it was my compassion that made me a successful composer where it was Wes' rationalism that kept me grounded and his way with words lyrically and figuratively that accompanied my music beautifully. Together we were a cohesive unit and Wes was thriving playing his game as I poured over the music, showing her what we had to offer after we had said our piece.

As we played the recording for Ms. Lopez it was the closing lines of our song that seemed to soften and bring out the youthful look on the Latina's face, as she closed her eyes and smiled.

"That last line. One day I will learn to love what I am, not fear where I've been. That's some deep shit guys!"

Okay that really surprised me, I wasn't expecting the minor vulgarity to just slip out of her mouth, and I guess she was counting on that.

"Oh boys, ¡dios mío. You should see your faces."

Wes cracked a smirk but I was still reeling from the last comment.

"You guys wanna drink?" Wes took the bait and stood up with the Latina and walked over to her mini bar. "Single malt okay for you? What about you Bilbo?"

"It's Blaine."

"I know short stuff I'm just pulling your chains. Did you honestly think this was going to be all serious and shit didn't you?'

I looked down at the antique table in front of me and began sorting through the already sorted papers.

"Blaine has a tendency to be slightly naive with certain things Ms. Lopez."

"Please Bruce Lee call me Santana."

"Then call me Wes and we have a deal." Santana and Wes clinked glasses like they were old friends and laughed when I had nothing more to really add to this conversation or in my own defence.

Santana downed the remainder of her short drink and moved to sit beside me now and let Wes take in the rest of her office. It was like Wes was letting me handle it from now on and I didn't know how comfortable I was with that.

"Blaine. Look I know that I come across as a bit of a bitch, and honestly I get that I'm intimidating. I have to be in this business. I don't ask for meetings with just anyone so you can relax. But know that my interest in this project is...genuine. You guys have written some amazing music and it's so original."

I looked over at Wes who was smiling as if we already got the best news.

"You guys did a great revival of Sweeney Todd ya know?" That was one of our more obscure works. I hadn't known she even knew about that.

"You saw that?"

"Yes hobbit, I did. I gotta say that your spin on the production with an all female cast was new, fresh, and creative. Which is why I want to do this musical with you."

"You mean...?"

"Yes I had already decided I wanted to do this with you before you came in the door. It was just fun to watch you two squirm a little under the pressure." She winked and put out her hand.

"So we have a deal?"

Wes and I shook her hand very professionally before hugging each other quickly.

"Oy my virgin eyes. Tone down the gay would ya fellas?"

Wes made a grossed out face in my direction.

"Sorry to disappoint but Blaine has too much penis for my tastes. He's gay, I'm straight."

"Hmm too bad. Would have been a nice show?" Okay was this woman even real? How many personae did she have?

"Look guys I'm gonna get down to brass tacks but I was waiting for a friend of mine to join us before we did that. He's kind of the prefect director in the city for this little project. Everything he touches his magical lady hands to, turns golden, which is why I seem to keep hiring the guy, no matter how bitchy he gets..

No, not him.

"...I mean we've thrown chairs at each other and then go out for drinks later at night. You'd think he was my ex husband or something with the way we acted."

No! It can't be him. I swore I would never work with that piece of sh...

Just then without so much as a knock, the office door swung open a little too fast and harshly, making everyone jump a little except Santana.

"Sorry San that I'm late. I swear I get the same asshole cab driver every time I get in a cab on Lex and...YOU!"

Well that didn't take long. The man's eyes travelled over me quickly before sneering then looking from Wes and then finally back to Santana.

"Him, and his little partner, are you kidding San? You're taking a chance on them?"

"Hey would you mind not talking about us like we aren't here?! And could you turn down the bitch volume, I think they can hear you in Jersey."

Wes laughed under his breath at my outburst because the only person that seemed to get under my skin faster than my brother Cooper was this man, Kurt Hummel, director from hell.

"Oh would you shut up Anderson. You can't honestly believe that Santana here would really be interested in your little sing a long. This is obviously a joke, like your career."

If it wasn't painfully obvious, Kurt and I hated each other. He thought I was a no talent hack who got lucky with my small successes and I thought he was an arrogant unfeeling prick who wouldn't know compassion and real talent if it bit him in his overly fashionable ass. We had a history you could say but that's a story for another day.

"At least I got to where I am by not sleeping my way to the top. Maybe if I sucked a few of my producers off then maybe..."

"Okay okay, little ponies would you please shut the hell up! This is my office, now sit down like good little boys and listen the hell up. Auntie Tana here is in no real mood for cat fights so I will have you declawed if necessary. That goes double for you Kurt so shut your mouth and use your ears."

Wes sat on the couch in between Kurt and I, knowing our history, although brief was not something up for discussion nor would close proximity help. We loathed each other, but I did understand why he would he here. He really was a great director, and as much as I wanted to throw up admitting that to even myself, it was true.

Kurt huffed but remained silent which from what I knew of him was a rarity.

"Alright first things first. Kurt I am doing this musical with or without your help, but I know you love a challenge with a good story line and sorry to say, the fluffy musicals you've done in the last year were great but will never get you the Tony you've been looking for. Secondly I assume from the bitchy outburst that you know Blaine Anderson...

"Naive old maid." Oh fuck off Kurt! Santana just rolled her eyes and looked at Wes.

"and his writing partner Wesley, please call me Wes and not Jackie Chan Montgomery." Kurt and I both chuckled at this but we both soon stopped when we realized that sharing a joke wasn't in the definition of our professional relationship. The hatred from years past was too much.

"They have written a so far unnamed musical about growing up...gay in middle America." There was a short break before she said the word gay and it was almost imperceptible to anyone that wasn't really paying attention. Kurt's reaction was not what I was expecting. There was no bitterness and his scowl that I knew to be permanently etched on his face softened to be more calmed and somehow intrigued.

"It's not so much a coming of age story as it is a discovery piece. The lead leave his home knowing he would never be accepted and takes on a whole new life. The story arc is actually great and identifiable."

Santana looked at Kurt and he only nodded.

"Let me hear the track. You did bring a recorded track with you right?" There seemed to be actual interest behind in condescension.

"Yes princess we did. It's called Headed Home." It was the closest to a sincere exchange in words Hummel and I had shared in nearly three years.

Wes cued up the track and for the second time that afternoon I got to see an almost free expression cross Santana's face. Ironically enough Kurt seemed to be having the same one as Sebastian's tenor voice filled the room. Throughout the verse as the song got more and more emotional I watched Kurt and Santana exchange the odd look which wasn't lost on me but I ignored my gut feeling to say anything.

When the track was done, Kurt didn't say a damn thing. He picked up the plot sheets we had been revising for the better part of a year and began skimming through them in silence. Wes, Santana and I waited on baited breath as Kurt hummed at certain spots before dropping the sheets back on the table.

"So Kurt, what do you think?"

"I think that this is going to be almost impossible to do accurately. I think that you are going to need one hell of a leading man, and more than just this one song to make it a hit."

Wes piped in, "We've written three songs in full, with accompaniment, two more have melodies but no lyrics as of yet."

Kurt continued as if he hadn't heard Wes at all. While I was a little livid by the arrogance Wes just patted my knee and let Kurt continue as if he wasn't fazed.

"I also think that you're nuts San for taking on this project now when you've just finished deciding to take a break from the theatre, and you're crazy to even bring this to me when I have more appealing offers."

Santana just scowled but didn't talk because she knew Kurt wasn't done.

"I'm also going to suggest that we hold auditions for your male lead right away, so we need to organize a time and place for the first round where we are all available to be on the panel."

Kurt got up and grabbed his bag. "Does that mean you'll do it?"

San stood as Kurt went for the door.

"I love ya San but if you're wrong about this, about them, then it's your name in the mud not mine."

Santana hugged Kurt which was somehow reciprocated even if I thought the heartless man wasn't capable of human contact without behaving like a douche.

"Thank you Kurt. I will have Brit and Tina call you with availabilities."

"Don't make me regret this San. Workshop in 4 weeks, we need a leading man before then or this is a no go. Wes, Blaine.." He shook Wes' hand and Wes managed to not look like he'd been burnt before I mock waved in his direction causing him to roll his eyes and leave without another word.

I rested my head on the back of the couch, slumping forward at the whirlwind afternoon we had just had. Not only was I elated that we had gotten the gig, that Ms. Lopez, sorry Santana was backing us and most likely producing, but somewhere in the back of my mind my music and Wes' words had stumped and even impressed Kurt.


Then there was the anger and confusion that bubbled in my chest when I thought about that man, and even though I knew my works would be in good hands, why did it have to be him who was the most sought after director these days. Fate definitely had a sense of painful irony it would seem.

"Well that went well." Wes and Santana laughed a little at my comment and I guess it really must have sounded funny since I was chuckling for a second as well.

"So boys, I guess we have our work cut out for us. Now if you will excuse me I have another meeting in an hour across town which I have to make. Gotta keep the investors informed."

Wes and I looked at each other and swiftly took this as our polite cue to leave. We had work to do too.

"Well thank you for everything Santana. We'll be in touch."

"I'm sure we'll be nice and sick of each other shortly boys. Now get your asses out of my office."

Confused and unbelievably happy, Wes and I left the office of Ms. Santana Lopez completely elated and absolutely terrified, but that soon became less of a worry as we headed out to celebrate the beginning of a probably hectic few months over a drink or four.


Santana stood her office looking out her window for quite a while after Montgomery and Anderson left. She hadn't realized how impacted she had been on the boys idea for a musical until she had heard Headed Home today. She knew what it was like growing up in Middle America and being different from the majority there. She knew that it was hard to be whom you wanted and get out of there in one piece. She also knew that Kurt would identify with the storyline as well, and that reason was second for bringing in her long time friend and directing partner. They could both understand the pain behind the story.

But what was it about this story that made Blaine and Wes want to write it? It had plagued her mind since the idea was brought to her but she was not really any wiser as to their motives for such a heart breaking story.

As she looked out the window still her cell buzzed with an incoming message. Her suspicions about the sender were correct.

You alright San? - Kurt

He was such a bitch but under the layers of designer clothes and icy façade he did have a heart despite people thinking he was the world's only living heart donor.

Yeah, don't get your panties in a twist Hummel. I'm a girl but I'm tougher than your pansy ass so don't worry. - Santana

It may have been harsh but it was how she talked, and Kurt Hummel knew this.

Yeah yeah whatever Satan. Just know I'm around okay? We also may have a hit with this one, despite it being close to home for us both. - Kurt

Close to Home.

Instead of over thinking what he meant by that Santana just responded as per usual.

Yeah here's hoping. Honestly I'm fine lady, just don't disappoint me or I will ends you. -Santana

Whatever you say dear. Love you too x- Kurt

xx, Thanks Kurt – Santana

Santana didn't break out of her thought bubble until a tiny knock and a door opening caused her to jump a little.

"Santana, remember your meeting is in half an hour, did you need anything else from me before I go home?" Brittany was just standing there looking beautiful but always so innocent.

"Yeah I do. Come here." Brittany walked over to Santana and when Santana didn't protest, the blonde wrapped the Latina in her arms from behind and hugged her close.

"Thanks Brit-Brit. I needed that."

"You'll always be my maiden in shining armoires Tana."

"That's armour sweetie."

"That too. You okay?"

"Yeah just nervous about the new musical and if I can handle the emotions."

Brit just nodded seeming to understand everything the woman in her arms was saying even if it was cryptic to her.

"The dolphins don't like each other from what I heard, but the ninja seemed to help keep them calm. Are they going to fight a lot?"

"I think so, but I hope they can get passed it. Or this musical won't even get off the ground."

Brit hugged her lover close, knowing that she needed the hug.

"It will, I believe in you Santana, and the dolphins would never kill one of their own kind."

Santana just hoped that she had done the right thing for her career by bringing in two fairly unknown writers, a controversial script, and the bitch machine she knew as one of her best friends in on the same project. This would either be amazing, or a complete disaster.

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