An Angel and a Dragon

by WSJ < p>

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It was because of me, I know, that you believe in justice. Is it because of me that you think all onnas are weak? After all, I was weak enough to get myself killed.

I was the one who introduced you to war, and it was because of our families we were brought together. So tell me, if we'd never met, would you be a warrior now?

If our families hadn't arranged for our marrage, would you have ever gotten involved? Would you have ended up piloting Shenlong, with me looking on, helpless, as you throw yourself farther and farther forward, trying to block out the past?

You always call for justice. Why? Just because I instilled a sence of justice in you in our short time together? Or something else?

I know you call Shenlong 'Nataku', after me. Why? It was an arranged marrage, you never loved me. Or at least, you never said you did. Is that it? Do you seek justice for my death that came before you could say anything?

Ah. I see I am hitting close to the mark. Let me try to hit closer.

Do you call everyone weak, because you yourself were too weak to save me? Do you call all onnas bakas because I was the only one you cared for?

I'm right on target this time, aren't I. It wasn't your fault. No one can stop or change the past, just ask Maxwell. What's done is done. We can sit here forever thinking of what might've been or what could've been done, but in the end it really changes nothing.

Don't blame yourself. Live your life, and know that I'm always with you.

I find you now, sitting alone by my grave, as you do every year on this day. Yet it isn't the day of my death. It's the anneversery of the end of the war. I stand quietly behind you and wait for you to say it, as you do every year.

'You should have lived to see this day, the day your cause was acheived.' you say. 'You should have been alive long enough at least to pilot Nataku beside me. I was too weak to save you then, but I am stronger now.'

You end your yearly speech without once muttering 'baka' or screaming 'injustice' at my death. I'm proud of you. As usual, you place a single white rose, the symbol of forever, onto my grave.

You open your mouth to speak again, and I'm surprised. Usually you get up and leave at this point. A breeze blows through the graveyard and ruffles your white clothing, never even touching my kimono or feathered wings. I lean forward slightly to hear what else you have to say. A single tear slips down your cheek and you don't bother to wipe it away.

"I love you."

I smile saddly as I place my hand on your shoulder, knowing you cannot see or feel it. I love you too Wufei, and I'm forever proud to carry your name, the name of Chang Meiran.

I'll be waiting for you.


Aw... So sweet... This is the first time I've ever tried to write a WufeixMeiran story, and I think it turned out rather well. Reviews please!

God Bless!