A/N: This is my take on the Rival Couples Challenge by Regardless1604/HarvestMoonAddict. The point is to write fifty short chapters based on the given themes, 150 words each, on one canon rival couple of your chocie.

I made the decision to write about Vaughn and Sabrina, perhaps one of the most hated couples in all of Harvest Moon. I think the archive could definitely use more stories about them, and Sabrina deserves a lot less hate. She's such a cute, sweet character.

So, love it or hate it, please tell me what you think!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harvest Moon. The themes for this challenge belong to Regardless1604.

First Impressions

It was a Thursday like any other. Vaughn had just stepped off the ferry to Sunny Island, and was on his way to assist Mirabelle and Julia at the animal shop. He stared at the ground as he walked, hands in his pockets, and did not notice the girl until it was too late.

Books and papers were strewn about as they collided, and in the midst of the mess sat a small girl with raven-black hair. Her eyes widened behind her rounded glasses as Vaughn squinted in her direction, and she quickly stood up and straightened out her sweater.

"Oh-oh my! I'm so sorry!" She hurried to gather up the books she had dropped.

Vaughn simply scowled, pulling his hat down over his face. "Watch where you're going next time, alright?"

The girl nodded, blushing furiously. And as he watched her retreating form, Vaughn's gaze softened, just a bit.