Chapter One

After the Dance

I helped pick up the chairs in the auditorium. Johnny was on the other side. I looked over at him, and he smiled. I did, too. I hurriedly picked up the chairs, and placed them in the chair closet. This was the last day of vacation, and I switched my decision about the Peace Core.

"Hey, you had any fun?" Mom asked, coming towards me with a smile.

"Yeah, I did." I whispered.

"You were great up there." She commented, with a smile.

I smiled, too, and hugged her.

"Thanks, Mom." I whispered.

"Marjorie, I need to speak with you," Dad called, from across the room. Mom smiled, and left me alone to my thoughts. After the room was basically cleaned up, we all headed for our cabins.

"Hey, Baby!" Johnny shouted after me, I was beginning to leave with my family. "Don't be too long, Baby." Dad said. I nodded. I turned to see Johnny running up to me. "You were great up there," He said, smiling and kissing me. I smiled, breaking free of the kiss.

"I've missed you," I whispered.

"I've missed you, too…you were the only person I could think about." Johnny whispered back.

I smiled, and kissed him. I hugged him. "I love you, Johnny." I said. "What?" Johnny asked, taking a step back, he was smiling. "I love you, Johnny." I whispered. He smiled, and kissed me, and when he broke the kiss, leaned against my forehead, and he was smiling.

"I love you, too, Baby." He whispered, playing with my hair.

I smiled, and leaned up against him. The night was hot, signaling a storm coming soon. "I have to go." I whispered. He smiled. "I'll see you in the morning." He said, kissing me on the forehead. I then headed to the cabin. Mom and Dad was sitting at the small coffee table.

They were playing cards. "Who's winning?" I asked, closing the screen door behind me.

"Your father." Mom replied, glumly. I smiled, and hugged both of them. "I'm heading to bed." I announced. "Alright, have a good night, Baby." Mom replied. "Good night, Baby." Dad echoed.

I smiled, and entered my room. Lisa was already sound asleep, and I crawled into my own bed, and fell asleep in minutes.


The next morning, I woke up to things being slammed.

I rose straight from my bed. I looked over to find Lisa out of bed. I got out of bed, and changed quickly. I went into the small living room. They were packing up.

"We are about to go to breakfast, Baby, can you please help." Mom replied. I nodded, and I began to gather my things in Lisa's and my room.

I then, moved into the other room, to help the others.

"Let's go get breakfast." Dad replied. I smiled. We all left the small cabin and headed for the cafeteria.

It took us awhile to order our food. "So, had fun?" Dad asked. "Well, I know I had fun." Mom murmured, watching her food get delivered to her.

"Yeah, I guess so." Lisa replied.

"Yes, I had a good time." I whispered, staring down at my table.

I played with my fingers until my food arrived. I wondered what would become of us, Johnny and me. Would we still be together after all this was through? I just didn't know what to do.