"Fred!!" Mrs. Weasley called from downstairs. "If you don't hurry up we're going to miss the train!!" "I'm coming, I'm coming!" Fred combed his hair once more and shook a little cologne on. "There." Rushing down the stairs, he ran passed Ron who was looking really impatient. "Got a hot date or something?" Ron stood, fanning himself from the overdose of fragrance. "Don't put so much cologne on for school, jeez." Ron walked past to the back door and out to the car. Fred did the same.

After getting onto Platform 9 ¾, Fred and George quickly kissed their mother goodbye. "Now you two behave this year!" Mrs. Weasley said sternly. "We will Mum." Fred and George said automatically. "Bye Mum!" They left quickly not wanting to get a lecture and started searching for their friends. "Weasleys! Over here!" Lee Jordan's smiling head popped out of a compartment window. Fred and George quickly made it over to the compartment seeing that all of their friends had already arrived except for. "Where's Angelina?" Fred said almost panicky. Everyone looked at him with an odd expression on their faces. "She should be here in a couple of minutes," said Katie, a look of puzzlement on her face. "Why so worried?" asked Oliver. "You two going out or something?" He said it with a smile on his face. Everyone quickly turned to Fred, whose face was rapidly turning the color of his hair. "No! She's just a friend." He spoke a little nervously. Everyone continued to stare at him. "Anyone up for a game of Exploding Snap?" He asked, trying to change the subject. "I am!" Angelina was standing in the doorway. "Sorry I'm late but my owl started freakin' out as I was about to get onto the platform." Everyone just stared at her, then turned their gaze over to Fred. "What's the matter?" She asked uneasily? "Nothing," said Alicia slowly, a smile curling up her face as she looked between the two. "Nothing at all."