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The Great Hall was decorated so beautifully with fourteen Christmas trees and giant snowmen scattered all around. You could feel the chill as you stepped into the room but you felt warm at the same time. Couples were entering, dressed in their best dress robes, looking spectacular.

Fred was anxiously awaiting Angelina in the common room. He and the rest of the guys were standing around talking nervously. None of them had much to say. Then as if planned, (it probably was) all the girls descended from the staircases at the exact same moment. Bright colors filled the common room. Reds, purples, blues, golds, and so many more could be found floating towards their dates.

Angelina took Fred's breath away. She was wearing a stunning spaghetti- strap silk dress. The cream color of the dress brought out her lovely skin tone and Fred couldn't stop looking at her. Her hair was done up in a curly bun with pieces around her face curled, and hanging out. She, and most of the other girls had put upon themselves a glitter charm, which made your skin have a sparkly tone to it. Angelina looked gorgeous.

She slowly made her way down to where Fred was sitting, Katie and Alicia behind her, both looking pretty but not as wonderful as Angelina.

"So, how do I look?" She asked Fred, who had the same look on his face as when he was under her love potion.

It took him a moment to answer. "You look so beautiful Angelina," he said as big smiles crept up on both their faces. Fred reached behind him and pulled out a bouquet of red roses.

"Oh Fred! Thank you, they're beautiful." He grabbed her hand and together they walked out of the portrait hole.

They reached the Great Hall and were greeted by Peeves who was showering them all with dead, rotting flower petals. Professor McGonagall had just realized why all of the students were coming in with them in their hair and came out to yell at Peeves. Fred thought that it was funny and didn't mind but clearly the girls minded, they were all brushing them out of their pretty hair-dos.

Everyone took their seats as Dumbledore stood up to speak. "Welcome students to the Christmas Ball! I'm so glad that all of you decided to join us here. This should be a fun occasion. I have The Bizarre Brothers here to play for you all and I'm quite looking forward to hearing them play. Now, enjoy!"

The students went crazy at the mention of The Bizarre Brothers and couples all over the hall got up to dance. Fred and Angelina and George and Katie were going crazy, moving everywhere as they danced. As they made their way past the stage, they bumped into tiny Professor Flitwick, who toppled over and into a chair. Luckily for them, he was ok and continued his jig.

The Bizarre Brothers finished the fast song they were playing and moved on to the first slow song of the night. Fred and Angelina turned to each other and got close. Angelina wrapped her sparkly arms around Fred's neck and he did the same around her waist. They held each other tightly, as if not ever wanting to let go.

'Finally! Angelina is now with me. She likes me, not Christopher. I have her here with me, dancing. Yes, she's mine,' Fred thought to himself, hugging his girlfriend even closer. And, out of the corner of his eye he spotted something that would make the rest of his night, even if he were to be put in detention for a month, nothing could spoil what he saw. Christopher was sitting at table in the way back corner, all alone.


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