A Forgotten Place

The night was nearly pitch black when Kikyo walked into the cave. The cave where she had once cared for the bandit Onigumo. She didn't know why she was here, her mind was a bit fuzzy. "Why am I here?" she asked herself in a low whisper, as she moved deeper into the dark cave. Despite the darkness she was able to know when she was standing at the spot where the bandit had laid. She began to lower her body down on to the significant spot, slowly moving herself to the ground until she was lying completely down, her eyes closing slightly.

Why was she here? Kikyo asked herself, this should be a forgotten place. Almost naturally memories of Onigumo began to return to her, memories that right now flashed through her mind in several blinding lights that almost lite through the darkness of the cave. As these memories returned she felt something begin to reach into her robes.

Someone was here with her! She immediately tried to get up from the ground but something pinned her down, something very strong. "Let me go!" Kikyo shouted out to the unknown enemy. Soon the woman realized she was being disrobed, not just by one hand alone but soon it was by many. This had to be some kind of demon because the "hands" were in fact tentacles as she soon recognized. Their touch was so rough as two of the tentacles began to encircle her breasts, causing her to scream. "Please stop!" she begged.

The beastly arms would soon violate her completely as one tentacle forced itself between her thighs. The Priestess screamed out in pain as blood trickled down her thighs. "No more! Please!" She screamed out. The rough tentacle moved deeper inside her,making the woman's screams even louder. Her eyes shut tightly, tears falling out.

"Kikyo are your dreams really that horrifying" The sound of Naraku's voice caused her eyes to shot open.

The priestess looked over and saw the demon watching her, she was not in the cave she was here in Naraku's castle. Naked and bruised her hands and feet chained. Kikyo didn't know how long she had been his prisoner, but it seemed like forever. "Naraku it was truly horrible" she said in a low voice. "...I felt the pain"

"Let it go Kikyo it was just a dream" With that Naraku leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek, causing her to wince.

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