Full House

Chapter 1

Danny " Goes down stairs with a glass of cold water in his hand tries to wake up joey " Joey its time to wake up

Joey " still in bed" five more minutes mom

Danny Come on Joey your going to be late for work or do you want me to pour some cold water on your head

Joey You wouldn't I'm going back to sleep

Danny Alright you asked for it "pours it on his head"

Joey - "Jumps out of bed" that was freezing I cant believe you did that

Danny Well it was the pretty funny "laughing" I'm going to go make breakfast

Becky Who is carrying a sleeping Samantha comes downstairs along with Jesse and joey with a towel over his head comes from the basement.

Jesse – Joseph why do you have a towel on your head ?

Joey Danny poured cold water on my head

Jesse way to go Danny " Jesse starts laughing about to fall off his chair"

D.J. Followed by Stephanie and Michelle come down the stairs

D.J.- Why is Samantha sleeping?

"Becky has Samantha lying on her lap sleeping"

Becky She didn't sleep well last night kept having recurring nightmares

Stephanie Oh so is she coming to school then?

Becky Of course she is I'm just going to let here sleep tell breakfast is ready then get her ready for school

"Samantha wakes up and looks around"

Becky Good morning sleepy head

Samantha Huh how did I get down here and why I'm I still in my pajamas

Jesse Comes over and sits down by his wife

Jesse You didn't get much sleep last night so your mom carried you downstairs and let sleep for a bit longer

Becky Yep and its time to get you ready for school

On the way home Samantha gets a black and blue eye and Stephanie is walking right by her side.

Danny- Stephanie what happened to Samantha's eye

Stephanie- Ah nothing dad