Chapter 2

Samantha get Bullied

Samantha why does it look that bad

Danny yes and I think we should tell your mom

Stephanie dad please don't tell aunt Becky we can handle this trust me

Danny Steph you both can't handle this on your own this is a much bigger problem then you and it needs to be stopped

In the kitchen Becky is the only one in there

Danny hey Becky I have something important to tell you

Stephanie and Samantha run into this kitchen

Steph dad don't tell her

Becky tell me what

Samantha its nothing

Becky why are you wearing sunglasses inside

Samantha because I forgot they were on and I was going to go out into the backyard and play

Becky well your inside now so please take them off

Stephanie wait Sam come with me

Samantha alright

Stephanie ill go get some make up to cover it up

Samantha its to late she just walked in

Becky why were you getting make up for your cousin

Samantha mommy the make up was for this I got beat up in school and I wanted to handle this my self so Steph was going to cover it up

Becky who did this to you

Samantha I can't say she said if I told anyone she would come after me

Becky sweetie she can't hurt you anymore and should know we love you very much and that we will do every thing in our power to protect you from harm

Danny were your family and she can't go around making you afraid that you can't come to us and tell us whats happening

Samantha its just I can't handle getting bet up everyday I can't stand and if she found I don't know what happen it too scary to think about that why I didn't tell plus she could go after Stephanie and Michelle and I don't want them getting bullied so I thought if

Stephanie she went after you could protect us right

Samantha exactly

Becky I know that you think that protecting your cousins is the right think but you should always come to us and then we will make sure she never does this again to anyone.