Wow I am so sorry this has taken so long! Sunday's are the easiest days to write! Welllll... here it is! Hope you enjoy! Let me know if so, or not! Thanks!

I received a text near the end of fourth hour. After lunch, the day had gone by agonizingly slow. It wasn't a number in my contact list, but I had a hunch to who it was. I felt my heart thud loudly as I read the text, asking if I wanted a ride to his house after school. I was a mess of emotions. I quickly replied back and anxiously tapped my foot until the bell rang. It was Friday and people had parties to go to or places to be. No one stops me in the hallway after school anymore. I've mostly been avoided since Jason left us. My friends stopped calling and texting, and I don't even notice them in the hallway anymore – it doesn't bug me. I hastily grab what I need from my locker and try to look calm as I walk out towards his truck. Tynan is already there, leaned against the hood talking to some of the other Goth kids I've seen him with. I slow my pace, and he looks over at me which sends a huge smile across his face again. The other kids leave as I approach the truck and Tynan opens my door for me again. The butterflies start flying around in my stomach again as we pull out of the parking lot and he puts in the purple and pink CD, "Well, get comfortable," he sighs softly, "There's a reason I don't drive a small car to and from school." There's no awkward silence while we drive to his house. I don't have a curfew as long as I let Gran know approximately the time I'll be home. She's pretty relaxed about letting me go out. I was glad I got comfortable, because it took nearly an hour to get to his house. He lived in the' Uppers'. That's what everyone calls the houses that overlook the ocean on the hill side. They're high enough up that they're surrounded by trees. They're also never sold less than 2.5 million dollars.

I thanked my lucky stars that I didn't get nauseas on twisty roads. The road up to his house was packed gravel and I could see the ocean in glimpses through the trees on either side. There were only twenty houses that were built here so far, but they are gorgeous. Tynan's is near the top and has one of the most beautiful views of the Pacific I have ever seen. His house wasn't as large and show-offish as I thought it would have been. I follow him into the house and get the sudden feeling of homey warmness throughout my body. The house is so quiet I feel like my shoes are slapping loudly on the hardwood. Tynan walked passed me and I followed. We went to the kitchen and I felt my mouth wanting to drop open at the luxurious sight of their kitchen. This had to be my dream kitchen. I know, I probably sound like a culinary geek, but hell, it was loaded. Everything was a mirror shiny black: double door refrigerator, stacked wall oven, granite countertops with a flat top stove… and a built in brick pizza oven. Yeah, I was in kitchen heaven.

"Are you hungry for anything?" He was bent over looking in his fridge, and damn did he have a nice ass, "We have pretty much anything," My feet had slowly started to move towards him on the other side of the kitchen unknowingly, "I'm fine with whatever," I was barely two feet away from him when he turned around and looked down at me, holding two sodas. I don't know what expression I must have been making but he set the drinks down on the counter behind me and bumped the fridge closed with his hip. This moment must have gone in slow motion. I felt like my heart was going to thud right out of my chest and melt right into his arms. Tynan's eyes were locked with mine and they were sensually hooded as he leaned his face down to mine, not leaving my face – well they might have but I wouldn't have known. I closed my eyes and leaned into him and our lips met, sending tingles and warmth throughout places I had completely forgotten about. His lips were soft, and my fingers were warm where he wrapped his own around. He pulled away an inch, leaving a tingling sensation on my mouth. He was smiling as his lips pressed down on mine again. I felt my back press up against the counter and Tynan's fingers lightly fluttered up my arms to my neck and face. Everything about this felt so nice. He was gentle and my heart dropped a little when he pulled away again. His eyes took in every inch of my face with his face so close I could taste the sweet mint flavor of his breath. His thumbs were lightly stroking my cheeks as he whispered soft and meaningfully, "You're beautiful Blakely, you know that, right?" With my name on his lips my cheeks flamed bright red and I was suddenly grateful for the dimmed lights in the kitchen. His lips pressed down on mine again before I had even thought of something to reply with, my arms automatically going up and around his neck. All of him was pressed against me at this point and it still wasn't enough. I couldn't remember the last time I had kissed someone like this, with such compassion and feeling – yet I barely knew anything about him. His hands had moved down to my hips just under the hem of my shirt. His fingers felt cold against my quickly warming bare skin. Our lips were moving together, and he would softly drag his tongue across my bottom lip, making my knees want to go weak. I pushed my hands in the back of his hair and took his lower lip into my mouth, gently sucking on it. I don't remember ever doing this with anyone else or where I had learned it, but it did a little something to him. His hands tightened around my hips as he sighed softly. Our foreheads were leaning against each other's and are both breathing a little more than usual. His hands left my hips and I dropped my hands, slipping my index fingers in each of his front pockets.

"I suggest," he started, his voice sexy and deep, "that the next time you do that," he paused again, placing a feather-light kiss against the corner of my mouth and placed his lips by my ear, "you're ready for what comes afterwards." I felt my pulse in every inch of my body.

"Well, who says that I'm not?" I whispered in the same tone into his ear, my lips brushing against it with each word I spoke. I felt my fingers drop out of his pockets as he pushed himself up from the counter and groaned. He took the sodas in one hand and held out his other for me to take. I didn't care where we were going, if I never had to leave this sexy god-like man for the rest of my life… I'd be perfectly happy.

Tynan's room wasn't what I would have expected it to be. Everything was white and grey – with a couple black pieces here and there. We had gone from the kitchen to a small closet-like door, which led to the basement – which turned out to be his part of the house. He had his own small living room, fully equipped with a nice sized flat screen, glass cabinets full with different movies and video games for his X-Box360, Surround Sound, and upholstered black low couch and gaming chairs. The gaming nerd in me ached to sit and play until I needed to get home. But he showed me around the rest of his little flat. There was a small fridge and popcorn maker behind the couch and his own bathroom off to the side. Like the upstairs, this part of the house was pretty open and spacy. A large aquarium-like fish tank took up most of the wall opposite the bathroom, and I went to look at all the different fish swimming around. They were all very colorful and all different sizes. His bedroom was visible from the living room; the only thing separating the two was a grey curtain that had replaced a door that must have once been there. Tynan had let go of my hand when I went to look at the fish and had disappeared into his room. I walked cautiously past the already pulled back curtain into another wide open space that was his bedroom. His closet light was on and I could hear him shuffling around in there. The walls were a light grey, like the rest of his area down here. An overstuffed black recliner was in the corner next to a hip high, at least ten foot wide bookshelf. The room was organized and clean, and unlike mine, all the drawers of his black wooden dresser were shut with no clothes sticking out of them. In the center of his room, his bed sat, low to the ground and piled with black, white, and grey pillows. I couldn't help myself. I slipped off my shoes, ran, jumped, and back flopped on the bed, landing in the pile of pillows. I was laughing out loud and Tynan stuck his head out from the closet, eyebrows raised. He had to have been shirtless. I reached behind my head and threw a pillow in his direction, but he dodged it. I heard him yell a small "missed!" and I yelled back, "Put some clothes on!" I was still giggling when the pillow I had thrown hit me in the face.

"Hey!" the outburst was muffled by the soft down of the pillows and when I flung it off of my face, still smiling and sat up. Tynan was leaned against the doorway of his closet with his arms folded across his shirtless chest smirking. I felt the smile drop slightly from my face as I quickly took him in. He was toned, and his jeans hung just low enough that his sex lines were perfectly defined. His arms were folded, which showed off his biceps and forearms nicely. I fell back down into the pillows which caved in and covered my face – thank the good lord baby Jesus too, because I couldn't have been redder. I felt the left side of the bed shift as another body sat down on it. A pillow or two was pulled off of my head and Tynan was looking down at me, eyes flicking about my face.

"So much for working on our project," I heard myself say out loud. It came out in a whispered tone and it made him smile. His face leaned closer to mine, and I wanted him to kiss me. I closed my eyes and waited for the pressure of his lips on mine, but felt it on my forehead instead. I wasn't disappointed. I loved the sweet gesture. He didn't pull away at first; just lest his lips rest against my skin.

After a bit, Tynan lies down beside me and folds his hands over his stomach and closes his eyes towards the ceiling. We aren't touching, but I'm watching him. He breathes steadily and I watch his face relax as he lies there, not sleeping but relaxing. I reach my hand up and move some hair aside from his eyes and he catches my wrist. He doesn't open his eyes but entwines my fingers in his, kisses the back of my fingers and lays our hands on the bed in the space between us. I can't figure out why I feel so happy and okay with this. I shouldn't feel happy yet, should I? Especially, not with Tynan… I don't know anything about him, but I'm in his house – in his bed with him, holding hands. It's like he can sense me frowning and he turns over so we're facing each other, our faces only two to three inches apart now. He opens his eyes and looks at me with a mix of worry and confusion, "What's wrong?" his lips tilt slightly downward when I don't answer. I just don't know what to say. He lets go of my hand, and my heart aches, "Do you want me to take you home now?" I close my eyes and breathe out, "It's getting late… I just don't want Gran to worry," Why… why did I just say that. I know she wouldn't care, and she wouldn't ask too many questions even if I had decided to spend the night with this boy – she would just want to make sure I was safe and out of harm's way. But he doesn't know that. Without saying much he slides a sweatshirt over his head and hands me my shoes and another jacket, "It's a little cold out at this time of night," I feel like I should reach out to him, pull him back on the bed and cuddle up next to him, our bodies pressed together, and fall asleep.
But I don't.

We walk up the stairs and out the door to his truck. He opens and shuts my door open for me again and I quietly sit and put on my belt. He shuts his door, starts up the truck and puts it on defrost to warm up. We sit in silence for a few seconds.

"Did I do something wrong Blakely?" I whip my eyes towards him but he's staring at the steering wheel, and my heart nearly tears out of my chest from the tone of his voice, "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I wasn't going to do anything – I promise. I knew you weren't ready… I wasn't either, but please, just tell me straight up if I wronged you at any time tonight?" I almost don't even let him get his last words out before I respond, "Tynan, no! You did nothing wrong!" I take his right hand and scoot closer to him on the bench seat. He looks at my mouth, not yet meeting my eyes. I feel my tone get higher as I start to stumble over my words, "I just – I don't know what was wrong with me. I just felt confused… but happy at the same time! I just… I'm sorry, you really didn't do anything wrong, trust me. My mind just goes off on these random rages and how I should be thinking about my brother and how I shouldn't be happy – at least not yet and I'm just so –" I don't get whatever was planning to fly out of my mouth out, because Tynan kisses me. Gentle and surprising at first but then he realizes I'm not going to pull away, so he presses against my lips harder. He wants me I'm guessing as much as I want him because he wraps a hand around the back of my neck and the small of my back as I link my fingers through his soft dark hair.

I start to suck on his lip again and he pulls me onto his lap. My legs are at an awkward angle, so I press him back against the middle of the bench seat and put my legs on either side of him; he moans. He nibbles on my lip and our mouths move in rhythm. My hands slide down his torso and I place them low on his waist under his sweatshirt. I feel him shudder slightly at this and he presses his hands against the pockets of my jeans so our bodies are touching as much that is possible. He moves his hands against my shoulders and pushes off the jacket I had thrown on of his. I slide mine up more on his chest and push off his sweatshirt over his head. His skin was so warm and soft, so I take off my own shirt and press my upper body against his. He groans loudly as I do this and continues to kiss me passionately. I feel his fingers slide under the waist of my jeans and I reach down and unbutton them and then his. I was suddenly thankful I had put on my one cute matching bra and panty set this morning. He starts to pull at my jeans and I move so he can take them all the way off. His are easier and I slide back on his lap as soon as I have them on the floor. We can feel each other through the thinness of the cotton of our undergarments, but I don't plan on going any farther than that. Tynan knows that as well. He moves his lips to my neck and slowly drags his tongue along my jaw line and down to my collar bone. His fingers on in the band of my panties, but don't go any further down – even though I want them to. I kiss the skin right under his ear, as something catches my eye.

Headlights – coming up the drive. My body freezes and Tynan looks at me, "What's going – oh, are you fucking kidding me." I had never heard him cuss like that, but before I know it he pushes me off of him slightly gently… slightly not, turns on the headlights and puts the truck in reverse turning us around. We head for the driveway and the car flashes its bright lights twice and parks next to where we were.

"That was my dad," he tells me while taking a corner a little too fast, still hyped on the adrenaline of almost getting caught.

"Did he see me?" I feel myself sounding alarmed and realize I'm nearly naked and throw on his sweatshirt from the floor. Tynan shakes his head and breathes out, "Do you need to go home now, or can I show you somewhere?" I look over at him and nod still a little shaky, "Okay, sure," He smiles slightly and I move over closer to him on the seat as he takes my hand.